12 Best Gym Duffle Bags For Men and Women

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A duffle bag is an extremely versatile bag which can be used for carrying gym clothing, clothes for overnight stays and many other things.

The most suitable duffle bag for each individual is the duffle bag that is the right size and quality to meet your various needs.

So, here is a look at the 12 best gym duffle bags for men and women.

Adidas Team Speed Medium Duffle Bag

Adidas Team Speed Medium Duffle Bag

The Adidas Team Speed Medium Duffle Bag is made of 100% polyester and lining. It has a zipper closure and measures 12” X 24” with a 28” shoulder drop.

There are two side and front pockets on the outside of the bag as well as a small pocket on the inside of the bag. It comes in 10 different colors.

Ratings for this duffle bag are extremely good and users find it is great for taking to the gym for those workouts. It is made from heavy duty fabric and is quite durable.

The side pockets are of a nice size and handy. The bag’s interior has plenty of room and people really love the mesh pocket for holding shoes. The wire joints make the bag all the stronger.

I would just point out that the zippers would need a little careful handling because rough usage might break it. People who are planning on traveling with this bag should note that it is too large for a plane carry on. However, most people don’t purchase it for air travel.

Adidas Team Speed Small Duffle

Adidas Team Speed Small Duffle

The Adidas Team Speed Small Duffle Bag comes in 14 different colors and is made from 100% polyester.

It measures 21” X 11” X 11” and has a roomy main compartment with a smaller interior zipper pocket.

One side of the duffle has a ventilated pocket while the other end has a mesh drop pocket.

The exterior front pocket has a key fob for keeping your key safe and easy to reach, and the water resistant bottom protects your possessions from the wet ground or a wet floor.

This Adidas small duffle has a padded mesh shoulder pad and carry handles.

Users feel that this bag is actually between a small and a medium duffle bag and doesn’t take a lot of space in your locker. You will like the ventilated compartment and find this product to be well designed and excellently crafted. It also has lots of pockets to keep your things separated.

Under Armour UA Undeniable Storm MD Duffle Bag

Under Armour UA Undeniable Storm MD Duffle Bag

The Under Armour UA Undeniable Storm MD Duffle is a soft bottomed duffle bag that measures 12” X 17” and has a 24” shoulder drop.

It is made of 100% polyester and has a polyester lining and a zipper closure.

This bag has a UA storm gear DWR finish which repels water and features 4 exterior pockets including two mesh end pockets one of which expands to hold shoes or dirty clothes.

It has both a padded heat gear shoulder strap and top grab handle, giving you versatility in carrying it.

Ratings couldn’t get much better with the vast majority of its owners stating that this is an extremely well made duffle bag and that it holds a lot.

It has plenty of pockets to help you keep organized and everyone likes the ventilated end pockets. People say it is extremely durable and should last a long time.

Dalix 14 Inch Small Duffle Bag

Dalix 14 Inch Small Duffle Bag

Not everyone needs a large spacious duffle bag to meet their needs, so this Dalix 14 inch small duffle bag can be perfect for those people looking for a smaller duffle bag for their use.

This product is made of 600D polyester with a top Velcro handle.

It is a great bag for carrying a single workout outfit or a few toiletries to the gym and will also serve as a carry on for those who want a small bag when flying.

It measures 14” X 8 1/2” X 81/2” and features a single interior compartment and a top removable Velcro handle.

Ratings are quite good with some lower ratings being due to this duffle´s small size, which is somewhat unfair, as potential users need to read the product dimensions prior to purchasing.

Users who wanted a small duffle have only good things to say about it, stating that the nice small size makes it easy to carry and there is enough space for one change of clothes and a pair of shoes.

OGIO Crunch Duffle Bag

OGIO Crunch Duffle Bag

The OGIO Crunch Duffle Bag comes in four handsome colors: black, red, royal and green. It is made of nylon and measures 22” X 13.5” X10”.

It has a U shaped opening, a ventilated shoe pocket on one side, another special pocket, and a headphone port.

It also has an adjustable padded shoulder strap, a molded interlocking handle as well as a front zipper pocket.

This OGIO Duffle Bag gets very good reviews with most users finding it to be of a good quality with plenty of pockets.

They like the double zippers on all the openings and the fact that it has plenty of pockets to keep your smaller items separated from clothes and larger items.

The padded shoulder strap is very comfortable and it can also be removed for those wanting to carry the duffle in their hand.

Users mention that the bag is more spacious that it first appears and it fits well into lockers. They have also commented positively on its high quality stitching.

Nike Brasilia 6 Duffle Bag

Nike Brasilia 6 Duffle Bag

The Nike Brasilia 6 Duffle Bag is a large size duffle bag measuring 24.5” X 12” X 13”. It is made of polyester and has a removable adjustable shoulder strap, a handy exterior pocket on each side, a front zip pocket as well as soft bottom.

Users like this Nike duffle bag and find it to be lightweight with lots of space in the main compartment (one reviewer stated that it even held a week’s worth of clothes for his son.)

The exterior pockets are quite handy and useful for a number of different items and uses.

There were few reviews from people reporting that the material of the bag feels somewhat flimsy and a couple of others that had problems with the zipper.

It is hard to know why those people had problems with the zippers and others did not but if you do go for it, I can only suggest to use it with care.

Overall, while this is an ideal bag for use at the gym, it makes a great bag for the weekend traveler as well.

The Puma Men’s Teamsport Formation 20” Duffle Bag

Puma Men's Teamsport Formation 20” Duffle Bag

Made of 400d polyester with 600d TPE material, the Puma Men’s Teamsport Formation 20” Duffle Bag features a zipper closure, side pocket, ventilated shoe pocket, top carry handle with Velcro closure and a removable padded strap.

It also has a small pouch size interior pocket inside the main section of the duffle for storing smaller items.

Users feel that this Puma duffle is spacious, extremely well made and very versatile. They also like its removable padded shoulder strap.

While some people like its compact size and design, few others find the bag to be too small to meet their needs.

Runnetz Extra Large Chevron Gym Bag

Runnetz Extra Large Chevron Gym Bag

For those needing more room, the Runnetz Extra Large Chevron Gym bag is worth considering. Measuring 30” X 14” X 12”. this polyester gym bag has an adjustable and detachable padded shoulder strap and dual handles for carrying.

It has a ventilated pocket to minimize odors and two end pockets one of which is expandable.

This bag comes in several colors and even a couple of zigzag type patterns. It is also designed to be easy to wipe off, making it simple to keep clean.

Users state that this Runnetz extra large duffle is great for the gym or for travel holding everything you need. The vented pocket is especially handy for damp towels or damp and smelly clothes.

People like the spacious inside compartment and say that the exterior pockets help them keep everything neatly organized. While most of them think that the bag is well made, a few experienced weak inseams.

Overall, this is a stylish, lightweight and nice looking gym bag.

Adidas Women’s Diablo Small Duffle

Adidas Women's Diablo Small Duffle

Made just for women, the Adidas Women’s Diablo small duffle bag is 100% 600d polyester fabric and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Measuring only 18.5” X 11” X 10”, this duffle comes in several different colors and patterns, all of which will appeal to women’s taste.

It is designed to match Adidas footwear and apparel colors so the dress can be coordinated and chic even at the gym.

Users find this bag to be cute, trendy and ideal for storing in a locker or as a carry on a plane.

However, a lot of them don’t like the fact that it has no pockets in which to organize various items or to separate damp towels from the rest of their clothing.

In addition, while most people say that this is a solid bag made of great materials, there are few others who are not totally happy about its durability.

NorthStar Sports 1050 HD Tuff Diamond Ripstop Gear/Duffle Bag

NorthStar Sports Tuff Diamond Ripstop Gear/Duffle Bag

The Northstar 1050 HD Gear/Duffle bag measures 12” X 24” and is made of 100% nylon.

It has all the stress points double reinforced and has a full wrap of HD webbing to add strength and durability to it. It has a 2 way zipper closure and a cross body strap as well as web bolstered top handles.

The inside of the bag is Dura coated to protect your possessions. It comes in 3 colors, midnight black, slate gray and Pacific blue.

Users really like this bag finding it to be more spacious than it looks and yet small enough to fit into overhead compartments when you are traveling. The straps wrap around the bottom of the bag giving it even more strength. The zippers are also good and strong.

Overall, people say that it is an excellent value, extremely durable and capable of handling heavy loads.

Runetz Large Athletic Sport Shoulder Bag for Men & Women

Runetz Large Athletic Sport Shoulder Bag for Men & Women

The Runetz Large Gym Bag measures 20” X 10” X 10.5” and has an adjustable and detachable padded shoulder strap as well as dual handles.

It also has multiple zip pockets with mesh pockets on the two ends of the bag, one of these pockets expands to hold shoes or dirty clothing. The bag is made of polyester and comes in a number of exciting colors.

Users give this bag extremely good ratings and state it has lots of space. They are pleased with the fact that it has several pockets to help them stay organized and keep dirty clothing away from clean.

The shoulder pad is very comfortable and you have the option to detach it and carry it by its double handles. This product is not only good for those who work out at the gym, but also for overnight or weekend trips.

The zippers slide easily and are quite sturdy. If you want a larger gym bag, then the Runetz Extra large Gym Bag mentioned earlier in this review may be a better choice.

Everest Luggage Sporty Gear Bag

Everest Luggage Sporty Gear Bag

The Everest Luggage Sporty Gear Bag is made of 600d polyester and measures 10” X 20”. It has a zippered clamshell opening, dual zipper mesh side pockets, a zipper front pocket and a padded shoulder strap.

It also comes in a number of attractive colors including black, red and royal blue.

Reviews are above average with users finding this to be a nice compact bag that fits well into lockers. The material is of good quality and the stitching is high quality. However, I did come across a handful of comments saying that the zippers need to be stronger.

Still, users have stated that this little duffle holds more than expected and can be used as carry on luggage as well as a bag for the gym.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a nice looking good quality duffle bag to take to the gym, our selection of the best gym duffle bags for men and women should help to make your choice a little easier.

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