5 Shaving Tips For Men With Sensitive Skin

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young man shaving his beard off with an electric razorWouldn’t it be great if we could complete every shave without developing cuts, bumps and irritated skin? Sadly, this is rarely the case, and matters are made worse if we are in a hurry or have sensitive skin.

Now it is widely agreed that using electric razors minimizes the risks of cuts and irritation, but one does need to be extra careful when it comes to sensitive skin.

This is especially vital since shaving is rarely a one-off task, and treating sensitive skin after every shave is an arduous task to say the least.

This does not mean, however, that you are dissuaded from shaving completely, because, as we shall see, by following a few shaving tips, even daily shaving of sensitive skin can become a simple and enjoyable task.

Don’t apply too much pressure

One of the first shaving tips that anyone will give you is to press your skin against the electric razor to make sure the hairs enter the mesh well. However, the reverse applies if you have sensitive skin, since sensitive skin tends to get irritated easily and extreme proximity of the blades to the skin is therefore not advisable.

Change blades more frequently

Perhaps the costliest amongst shaving tips for electric (or for that matter any) razors, change of blades is advisable because it ensures that the blade being used is always sharp. As it is well known, blunt blades need more attempts to cut through the same hair growth so more pressure and perseverance is needed to achieve a good shave.

This not only takes up more time, but by running the blades across the same area again and again, tends to irritate the skin a lot.

Stay away from toiletries that contain alcohol

Another of the standard shaving tips is not to use alcohol based shaving gels since these tend to dry out the skin. However, one of the main characteristics of most cases of sensitive skin is extreme dryness and flakiness.

Alcohol will only trigger an adverse reaction by depriving the skin of even more moisture. Hence, when you begin shaving, the skin is already moisture starved and will tend to develop red rashes and/or flaking more rapidly. Hence, before using any personal care product on sensitive skin, ensure that it is not alcohol based, or contains other derivatives of alcohol.

Use aftershave liberally

If your skin is sensitive, aftershave is a bare necessity since it adds moisture to the skin. Apply a thick coat of a milky aftershave, till you have a white mask-like appearance. Most types of sensitive skin will devour the moisture on offer, so this mask will not be an inconvenience for long.

The sun is NOT your friend

Though not strictly related to shaving itself, the chances of getting an irritation free shave depend on the care the skin gets in the hours after you have shaved, since the skin is still recuperating from the effects of the shave.

For instance, if you are heading outdoors for any length of time, it may be advisable to apply a respectable coat of sunscreen with appropriate SPF. This can replace your normal post-aftershave skin product in most cases.

As the above shaving tips show, there is nothing very complex about shaving sensitive skin using electric razors.

Of course, the above steps do not preclude your normal skincare routine, but as it is evident, you may have to make some adjustments to cater to the fact that a certain region of your sensitive skin is being shaved regularly and therefore needs more attention than other areas.

Once you do so, though, shaving will become a simple and short affair, allowing you to say goodbye to shaving fears once and for all.

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