7 Best Hair Growth Vitamins For Men and Women

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There are various causes of hair loss running the gambit from serious illnesses to genetics, from stress to the use of certain medications.

More recently, experts have suggested that improper diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies may actually result in either temporary or permanent hair loss and that taking vitamins to help overcome these deficiencies may help prevent further hair loss and actually help you to grow more and healthier hair.

So, which vitamins are considered to be related to healthy hair growth?

For starters, the B complex vitamins, especially biotin and folic acid, but ensuring that all your B complex vitamin daily allowances are met will go a long way in preventing diet associated hair loss.

Another vitamin that has been associated with healthier hair growth is vitamin D. Vitamin D  helps the body absorb the mineral zinc (also linked to hair growth) better which prevents hair loss.

Keep in mind that the best way to determine if a vitamin deficiency causes your hair loss is to have your doctor do some tests and check on your vitamins levels.

If a vitamin deficiency is the cause or a contributing factor to your hair loss problem, correcting that deficiency could result in new hair growth.

Here is a look at the best hair growth vitamins for men and women.

Natrol Biotin 10,000mcg Maximum Strength Dietary Supplement

Natrol Biotin 10,000mcg Maximum Strength Vitamins

Manufactured in the USA, this 100 count bottle of Natrol Biotin (10,000mcg) is designed to help those suffering from a Biotin deficiency to get the amount of this vitamin that they need.

Biotin is one of the vitamins associated with hair growth and therefore it is an excellent choice for those people looking for a vitamin supplement that can help them to slow down their current hair loss and begin growing new hair.

Reviews for the Natrol Biotin are exceptionally good with the vast majority of users finding that these vitamins are helpful in preventing further hair loss and, in some cases, helping to grow their hair.

People reported that after taking them for 2 to 3 months, they began to notice a difference in the length of their hair as well as thickness. Some of them also saw new hair growth.

In many cases, they noticed healthier and growing nails before they began noticing the hair growth benefits. As a side benefit, some said that their skin looked healthier as well.

Overall, keep in mind that it takes some time before you start to see results which makes sense because it will take your body some time before it gets enough vitamins to overcome any vitamin deficiency.

Sports Research Biotin

Sports Research 5000mcg Per Veggie Softgel with Coconut Oil

The Sports Research 5000mcg per veggie liquid softgel capsules are enhanced with coconut oil which helps in the better absorption of the vitamins.

Other ingredients include: modified cornstarch, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, carrageenan, purified water, extra virgin coconut oil and yellow beeswax.

Manufactured in the USA, these Biotin soft gels come with a 100% money back guarantee.

It should be noted here that Carrageenan, one of the ingredients in this supplement, has been linked to causing body inflammation and can also cause problems with insulin levels, making these vitamins unhealthy for diabetics.

Directions for use suggest you take one tablet twice a day.

Ratings for these Sports Research Veggie Soft Gels are very good with most users stating that these vitamins are easy to swallow and that, within a week or two, they experience a decrease in the amount of hair they are losing. However, it does take a couple of months to see new hair growth.

The signs people get and realize that these vitamins are working is first that their hair looks more shinny and then that their eyebrows and hair begin to thicken. Lastly, they notice new hair growth. They also find that their nails become stronger.

Naturenetics HairAnew Unique Hair Formula

Naturenetics HairAnew Unique Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin

Made in the USA, Naturenetics HairAnew vitamins come in a 60 capsule supply and each capsule contains 11 active ingredients.

Some of the ingredients include: Vitamins C and E, Niacin, Vitamin B6, 5000mcg of Biotin, Pantothnetic Acid, Zinc, Kelp and Ginkgo Biloba,.

It is suggested that users should take two capsules daily.

Ratings for these Naturenetics vitamins for hair growth are exceptionally good with most people saying that taking these vitamins does slow their hair loss, and eventually helps with hair and eyelash growth.

They report that their hair grows both thicker and faster, adding that it is less likely to break and it feels healthier.

Some users mention that once they quit taking the vitamins, they begin losing their hair again.

Zenwise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+DHT Blocker

Zenwise Labs Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements 5000mcg of Biotin and DHT Blocker

The Zenwise Labs Vitamin Supplements with DHT Blocker is free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and comes with a 100% guarantee.

It contains 27 top quality ingredients including 5000mcg of Biotin and is allergen friendly since it does not contain gluten or traces of soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish or eggs.

Users give these natural hair growth supplement very positive reviews feeling that the DHT blocker was quite helpful in reducing hair loss.

While not every user noted new hair growth (some did), most did notice that their hair grew thicker, healthier, and longer much faster than when they did not take these vitamins.

Some men mentioned that the hair all over their body grew much faster, too.

Earth Cures Biotin Optimal Health Formula

Earth Cures 5-in-1 10,000mcg Biotin

The Earth Cures Biotin Vegetable Capsules come in 90 day supply. They are quite small and easy to swallow and since you only need to take one a day, they will last you for at least 90 days.

Ratings for the Earth Cures Biotin Supplement are excellent.

Users are actually astonished of how quickly they start to see improvements in their hair beginning with less hair loss.

They state that their hair began growing faster and stronger, but they need to take the vitamins for an extended period of time in order to actually see new hair growth.

In particular, men notice that their facial hair (beards and mustaches) grow thicker and faster. This Biotin formula also helps re-grow hair lost due to some medications or medical conditions.

Pure DasGro Hair Formula All Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

Pure DasGro Hair Formula All Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

The Pure DasGro Hair Formula is made in the USA and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

This dietary supplement for hair includes Vitamins A, C, E B1, B2, Niacinamide, B6, Folic Acid, Biotin (4000mcg) Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Zinc, Copper and more.

The suggested dosage is 2 tablets daily taken with food.

Reviews for these DasGro Hair vitamins are above average with several users reporting that they saw a difference in the condition of their hair shortly after they had started taking them.

One of the first results people get is the added shine. After a few weeks, (the amount of time depends on the individual) users experienced less hair loss, followed by their hair growing thicker and longer. Then, some of them also noticed new hair growth.

However, a few users found that these vitamins did nothing to help their hair grow, which is not unexpected, as vitamins aren’t going to treat every cause of hair loss.

Incite Nutrition Biotin Hair and Nail Food Supplement

Incite Nutrition Biotin 10,000mcg Hair and Nail Food Supplement

This huge bottle of Incite Nutrition Biotin Hair and Nail Food Supplement contains 200 biotin (10,000mcg) capsules, a full 6 month supply, that comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

According to the manufacturers, these Biotin capsules will improve your skin, strengthen hair and nails as well as help reduce hair loss.

Ratings are excellent with most users who tried this supplement feeling that they saw some positive results.

While most of them did state that it took a while to actually see results, they reported that they noticed less hair loss and said that not only did their hair, eyebrows, and eye lashes grow faster and thicker but also their nails grew longer and stronger.

However, it should be noted that few people experienced acne breakouts which they thought were linked to this supplement consumption.

While vitamins for hair loss won’t work the same for everyone, they do have benefits for a large number of people who suffer from hair loss or thin and thinning hair.

If you are experiencing hair loss, or if your hair seems less healthy than you would like, trying one of these hair growth vitamins for men and women may help prevent more hair loss and even result in new and thicker hair.

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