7 Best Ways To Shape Your Beard

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How to shape your beard

If you get up in the morning with the perfect beard, I congratulate you because you are one hell of a lucky guy. But if you are growing facial hair which looks a bit crazy and you do not know how to keep it groomed,

I will give you some techniques to shape and groom wild or semi-wild beards using your beard brush or beard comb.

Dry beard + oil + your hands: This is a quick solution for those who have short beards and are usually in a hurry. Put a few drops of oil in your hands, massage your face to apply the oil well all over the hair and finish using the tips of the fingers to reposition all the rebellious hair downwards.

Semi-dry beard + balm + fine comb: For an intermediate beard that has a lot of volume on the sides, there is also a solution. After washing your beard and removing excess water with a towel, use a fine beard comb (which stretches the hair better) to gently detangle those stubborn hairs and work progressively towards the root. Once you have it all loose and knotless, you can apply the beard balm and finish combing the entire beard to the position you like and wait for it to dry.

Wet beard​ + softener + wide comb: This technique is good for longer beards that have a tendency to dry and become wild and angry after washing. Inside the shower and with a wet beard, apply a generous amount of hair softener and use a wide-tooth comb (a thin one could traumatize that wet hair) by gently unravelling the beast before rinsing. Remove the moisture with a towel and let it air dry.

Dry beard + balm + skeleton brush: If you want to show off a super-voluminous beard, the skeleton brush will be your best ally. These brushes are great for opening and separating the hair well from your beard before trimming. Apply a small amount of balm and work the brush from the inside out to lift the hair in order to give volume.

Dry beard + oil + brush: For a medium/long beard to look more compact, you can brush the hairs downwards towards the chin. Apply your beard oil all over the beard and use the beard brush thoroughly.

Wet beard + balm + hands: If you want to emphasize the curl more in a long beard, apply your balm on the wet beard and squeeze all that hair with your hands from bottom to the top closing and opening the fist with the hair inside while it is drying.

Wet beard + oil + brush + drier: To have a super smooth beard, you have to use a hair dryer and a brush. After washing your beard, remove the moisture and apply your oil. Hold the dryer in one hand and brush with the other, making downward movements until it is 100% dry. Just make sure the dryer is not on full heat as that will damage the hair and the skin under it.

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