8 Weird Ways To Lose Weight

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weight-lossLosing weight is not one of the easiest things to achieve and, for me, it has to do a lot with motivation, determination and self discipline.

Of course, there are always different factors that affect each person´s plan to lose weight and these factors have to do with physical condition, personal habits and even psychological triggers.

For example, it is widely known how much our psychological state affects what and how we eat either positively or negatively. So, a good way to be able to lose weight is try not to eat because you want to change your mood or because your mood has changed.

That way, you will realize that you need to eat because your body and brain need all those necessary nutrients to keep them going and stay healthy and not just because food feels good.
Of course, there will always be times that we as humans are going to eat specific foods just for pleasure but when what we consume is not healthy, it is more than what we need and that becomes part of our daily eating routine, then we will obviously put on weight and harm our health eventually.

Even if we think that losing weight obviously needs more than just a few weight loss tips, here we have some weird ways that can help you control your appetite, eat less and lose weight.

Keep a Cooler Room Temperature

Keeping the temperature in your house a bit cool will help your body burn more calories so thatits normal temperature stays intact. The same reason lies under the habit of drinking cold water before working out.

On second thought, having a cooler atmosphere may result in you moving more in the house so that you can raise your body temperature and this moving will also lead to burning more calories.

Smell an Apple or Banana

When you smell some foods including bananas and apples, your appetite can be minimized.

The sense of smell can highly affect your appetite, that is why people that are exposed to various odors in their working environment, for example cooks, don’t feel like eating when they work.

You might have noticed yourself, too that when you spend a lot of time cooking, your appetite minimizes.

Eat With Your left Hand if You Are Right Handed And Vice Versa.

If you are willing to torture yourself a little in exchange of a few less kilos, you can try eating with your left hand if you are right handed and with your right if you are left handed.

If you find this attempt a bit silly in the first place, keep in mind that its real purpose is to make you eat more slowly and therefore consume less calories.

Eating with chopsticks if you have never been able to master this way of eating may also provide you with the same results.

Relieve Stress

Stress is a powerful trigger of putting on weight. When we are stressed, we often look for quick ways to relieve stress and eating is one of the most convenient and easy ones.

To be able to control your stress better, start exercising but choose an activity or a sport you really enjoy. Yoga, running, swimming and dancing are great ways to keep your mind relaxed and your calories burning.

Also, whenever you feel stressed and you have that urge to eat, try to do something that will keep your mind busy like calling your best friend, go outside and have a quick walk or something else that will make you forget about food.

Some people start cleaning their house, others go for a walk. Whatever can prevent you from eating impulsively will be of a great help to you in this case.

Have a Snack in the Afternoon Instead of Morning

It is better for our silhouette to have a small snack in the afternoon after lunch than have it a few hours after breakfast.

Will Light Products Help You Lose Weight?

When light products were first introduced to the market, everybody went wild buying them because they thought that these products could help them lose weight. I even remember myself as a teenager eating more of that light yellow cheese because I thought that I wouldn’t put on weight.

What happens when we are consuming light productsis that we can actually eat more because we feel less restricted and this can result in actually loading our bodies with more calories.

Do Some Exercise in The Morning

You might have noticed yourself that when you exercise in the morning, you become more active and have less cravings for food.

According to experts, this minimized appetite will last only until your body obtains its normal temperature after exercising.

Consume Protein to Lose Weight

An effective way to feel full without eating a lot is by consuming more protein foods. It is a well known fact that protein needs more time to be absorbed compared to the carbohydrates.

That means that you won´t feel any hunger for a longer period of time and this prevents you from succumbing into different food cravings.

In conclusion, these were some uncommon ways to control your appetite, consume less calories and eventually reduce weight, so even if you don’t follow them, they will surely give you an idea of how to be a bit more conscious of what can add fat to your body.

They may also suggest that thinking outside the box can often prove to be a lot more useful than what you would have ever expected.

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