All You Need To Know About Body Skin Moisturizing

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You may think that body skin moisturizing is much simpler and less demanding than face moisturizing. This can be partly true because the face is more vulnerable to aging and threatening environmental conditions but that doesn’t mean hat the body skin doesn’t have its own needs regarding anti aging, moisturizing and nourishment.

The body skin can also be affected by the different weather conditions, so here we are going to talk about some things about body moisturizing that will help you keep your skin better moisturized and protected against aging and other deteriorating factors.

Why to Take Care of Your Body Skin

One reason that we often don’t take such good care of our body skin compared to the face is that most parts of our body are covered during winter months and we tend to neglect its needs.

But especially in winter, the skin can become extremely dry and itchy, so it needs special care with a good moisturizing body lotion that will keep it more supple hydrated and healthy.

During the summer, the skin can also suffer from high temperatures, unrestricted sun exposure, sea salt or chlorine from swimming in the pools. All these can affect the skin immensely and lead to dryness and even dehydration.

That’s when effective body skin moisturizing is very much needed to repair and moisturize the skin as well as protect it against future damage.

Body Skin vs Face Skin

If we exclude the decollete area and the neck, the body skin is thicker than the face skin. Another difference is the reduced production of sebum due to the smaller amount of sebaceous glands existing in the body compared to the face.

Therefore, the main problem of the body skin is the extreme dryness. For this purpose, there are specialized body skin care products that have soothing, repairing, nourishing and moisturizing properties.

That way, we can deal with different body skin problems such as itchiness, dryness, rough skin and even skin peeling.

What to Look for in Moisturizing Product for the Body Skin

The majority of body creams have a thicker texture. According to the seasonal needs of our skin like rich moisturizing during the summer and nourishment as well as body skin hydration during the winter, we need to pick up the right body products.

When what we need is plain moisturization, we go for products that are water based such as body lotions, creams or emulsifiers.

If we suffer from extreme body skin dryness, then we need to look for products in the form of oils which contain fatty acids that deeply nourish the skin or body butters that contain ingredients which moisturize the skin, keeping it supple and preventing loss of moisture.

Products that come in the form of body butters, rich creams or a nourishing body skin oils contain different ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, lanoline and various natural oils such as avocado oil, castor oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and others.

The moisturizing lotions and emulsifiers mainly contain hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, vitamin E, aloe vera and glycerine.

How to Take Care of the Body Skin during Summer

During summer months, the rich nourishing cream you are using during winter can only be good if you swim a lot either in the sea or pool, so you can selectively use it especially after your shower.

Nevertheless, during those very hot days, it is better to use moisturizing lotions or gels that absorb quickly and do not leave oily residues on the skin.

The ideal way to keep your body skin perfectly moisturized is to exfoliate first so that the dead skin cells are removed and your moisturizing product absorbs better into your skin and becomes more effective.

Good exfoliating products for the body are the ones that contain AHA acids such as glycolic and lactic acid which exfoliate effectively but without causing skin dryness.

All in all, knowing how to take care of your body skin during the different seasons is essential if you want to maintain a healthy, vibrant and properly moisturized skin.

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