Answers To Common Questions About Men’s Hair Loss

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Prevent hair lossMen’s hair loss is a subject that any man would have tried to find answers to some simple questions or ways to deal and prevent it.

Because it is true that just like women who are a bit sensitive with aging signs, men can tend to be equally sensitive with the state of their hair health.

So, we have selected some common questions men ask about their hair loss, providing answers that will help you understand more about the causes of men’s hair loss or periodical hair loss, hair friendly dietary habits you can adopt to boost hair health from the inside and other ways to deal with hair loss.

Just keep in mind that a good way to deal with hair loss is to act fast.

First, let’s have a look at some facts that relate to the life of our hair. I don’t remember where I recently read that a man has on average of 150.000 hairs. Ok, stop now..don’t start counting your hairs to affirm the truth of this statement and remember that on a daily basis a man can lose around 50 to 100 hairs.

So, even if you see a few ‘dead’ hair here and there, don’t jump to the conclusion that you are suffering from hair loss. This is a natural loss which has to do with the hair’s life circle since the hair goes through different life stages.

More specifically, there are three stages in the life of a hair. The first stage is the one during which the hair grows, with this phase lasting for four years. The second stage lasts for about 2-3 weeks and it has to do with the hair’s preparation to fall. The third stage is the actual falling period which lasts in between 1-3 months.

Of course, the scull’s hairs do not go through the same phase all together so that a certain balance is preserved. Under normal conditions, the 90% of man’s hair go through the first phase while the 10% the third phase.

A man faces an actual hair loss when different factors affect the life circle of the hair so that each phase does not last as long as it should. The result is that the hair fall a lot quicker than it is possible for those hairs to be replaced with new ones.

Now that we have understood a bit more about the hair’s life circle, let’s see some frequently asked questions about men’s hair loss:

Why Do I periodically lose hair?

Very often, a light or even more intense hair loss can appear. This does not cause permanent loss of the hair and can be overcome in time and with the right hair treatment.

There are a lot of reasons which affect hair health and lead to a periodical hair loss. Let’s have a look at the main ones:

Seasonal hair loss: There is no way you may not have noticed that your hair falls more during Autumn and Spring. The hair renewal becomes more intense during certain periods of time like these specific seasons and that results in your hair falling more during these periods.

Stress: I really don’t know if there is any health condition which does not seem more or less to be affected by stress and hair health is no exception, you may know that from you and even from the people of your circle.

Stress is one of the most important causes of periodical hair loss which can be really ruthless.

Bad diet: A diet which lacks all the necessary nutrients or is based on a rich quantity of inappropriate and unhealthy foods can surely be a reason for that periodical hair loss. Strict weight loss diets can also be responsible if they exclude whole groups of foods from your everyday dietary plan.

What foods are good for hair loss?

The main body of the hair mainly comprises of protein while its roots from amino acids. So, all you need to do is boost your diet with foods that are rich in proteins such as chicken, fish, legumes and cheese.

To be sure that you are taking a sufficient amount of amino acids through your diet, you can consume yoghurt, whole grain cereals, red meat, nuts and eggs.

What Can I do When I have A Permanent Hair loss?

Androgenetic alopecia is said to be the main reason of permanent hair loss. The common symptom is losing hair from the forehead, hair temples and top of the skull while the sides and the back area of your hair stays intact.

The male hormones are responsible for this condition and especially testosterone. These hormones cause a gradual atrophy of the hair follicle that protects the root of the hair.

If you notice that your hair loss is going on for more that 2-3 months, it is better to contact your dermatologist.

What Quick Measures can I take if I have an intense hair loss for more than 2 weeks?

  • Use a quality shampoo for re-growing hair and a special hair treatment. You can also think about taking a hair loss supplement. All these products contain ingredients that strengthen the hair root and prolong its life. A lot of those products like hair thickening shampoos for men add volume to the hair and make it look fuller and healthier.
  • Boost your diet with foods that are rich in proteins and amino acids.
  • Massage your hair while washing or at any other time of the day. A few circular movements can boost blood’s circulation.

Can my hat or helmet cause hair loss?

The answer is negative. Hats and helmets don’t negatively affect the health of the hair. On the contrary, they can protect it from the Sun.

Do oiliness and dandruff cause hair loss?

Oiliness and dandruff appear because of certain conditions on the hair while hair loss causes lie on the hair roots and their follicles.

Can often hair shaving stop hair loss?

These solutions might help hair look stronger or healthier but they can definitely not stop hair loss because the problem here lies in the root of the hair while a hair cut will only strengthen the upper part of the hair.

Can Often Hair Washing Increase Hair Loss?

On the contrary, washing can remove hair impurities and therefore improve hair health although too often hair washing may not be the healthiest thing you can do for your hair.

Still, it depends on each person’s hair condition and of course the number of styling products he uses. When these types of products are being used, there is an obvious need for more often washing.

So, if you choose to often wash your hair, pick up a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and is also appropriate for daily use.

Do Styling Hair Products cause hair loss?

A lot of people may wonder about this but the truth is that today’s formulas are so advanced that they do not pause any risk. Still, it is always good for your general hair health to check the ingredients of those products and go for quality hair product options.

Also, when you use styling products, beware to wash your hair more often than you would do if you were not using any of those so that you can remove the residues of those products.

In conclusion, with our answers on some of the most common questions about men’s hair loss, we hope that we have helped you understand and learn a bit more about this subject. And remember, prevention is always better, so whatever you can do to boost your hair’s health, do it now!

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