Arko Shaving Soap Review

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If you have recently converted to using a Double Edge razor so that you can save money over those expensive shaving cartridges, then chances are that you are not looking to invest in those high priced designer shave soaps in order to lubricate your facial hair and get a close shave.

If you are one of those men who want to look well groomed while saving money, then Arko shaving soap may well be the shave soap for you.

Arko Shaving Soap

Features of this soap include:

  • Lathers into a thick lather quickly and easily.
  • Gives a close shave.
  • Leaves skin smooth.
  • Comes in a 90 gram plastic shaving container perfect for traveling.
  • Long lasting scent.


Arko shave soap contains the following ingredients: Potassium Tallowate,Stearic Acid,Potassium Cocoate,Aqua,Sodium Palm Kernelate,Glycerin,Parfum,Paraffinum Luquidum,Titainum Dioxide,Tetrasodium EDTA,Etidronic Acid,Disodium Distrybiphenyl Disulfonate

About the Scent

As with most scented products on the market today, men either really like or really hate the scent of this shave soap. Its scent has been described as everything from “That old time barber shop” scent to a soapy lemony scent.

Regardless of how the scent is described, most users do state that it is quite strong and suggest that when you purchase this container of soap, you should leave the lid off for a few hours to allow some of the smell to dissipate, especially if you don’t care for the scent. If you leave it open for a while, you will find that the scent becomes less strong.

What is Appealing About this Shaving Soap

The most appealing thing about this product is the price. While there are other shaving soaps on the market that work just as well for helping to lubricate and give you a close shave, most of them cost quite a bit more than this particular soap.

This makes it a good choice for the budget conscious shaver who cares more about getting a close shave than using those expensive name brands of shave soaps or creams. We also like the fact that this soap does not contain parabens.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this Arko Shaving Soap are very good with most users finding the following benefits when using this soap:

Thick Lather: Most men really like the fact that they can create a thick cushioning lather.

Lubricates Well: They also feel that it lubricates their face well allowing the razor to glide across the skin while giving them a close shave.

Great for Travel: Its container is small enough to make it an excellent size for keeping in your travel shaving kit.

Also Comes in a Stick Form

Several users mentioned that they use this Arko shaving soap in container when traveling, but prefer using the soap stick at home. The Arko shaving soap stick is the same product only in stick form.

While Arko shaving Soap is not the absolutely best or most expensive shave soap on the market, it is a great lathering shave soap at a very attractive price and certainly an excellent choice for those on a budget or those who want to save their hard earned money for something they won’t be washing down the sink.

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