Bakblade’s Big Mouth Do-it-Yourself Back Hair Shaver Review

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The Bakblade’s Big Mouth Do-it-yourself Shaver is a manual, not power shaver. It is also a back shaver rather than an entire body groomer. Features of the Bakblade’s Big Mouth Shaver includes:

Bakblade's Big Mouth Do-it-Yourself Back Hair Shaver

  • Safety blade design reduces the risks of nicks and cuts when shaving.
  • Wide 4” blade for faster shaving.
  • Shaver allows for full extendable reach, enabling you to reach the most difficult areas of the back without help.
  • Replacement blades are sold separately.

Shaver’s Design

This Shaver has a rather unique design as it more closely resembles a floor attachment to a vacuum cleaner than an actual shaver. Its wide head covers a larger area than standard razors and the safety blade is designed to result in less nicks and cuts than other shavers as well.

Shaving Quality

Because this product is basically an over sized razor, it provides users with an incredibly close and high quality shave. The large 4” head also allows for faster shaving, and the extendable handle helps to ensure that you don’t miss a single spot on your back.

Extension Handle

The extension handle on the Big Mouth Back Hair Shaver is necessary for helping this tool meet its purpose for shaving the back. The handle is sturdy and allows you to increase your normal reach by several inches.


Although it is made of plastic, it is surprisingly durable and is sure to last for several years with proper care. In addition, its blade is replaceable.

What Do The Customers Say?

Reviews and ratings for the Bakblade’s Big Mouth Do-it-yourself Back Hair Shaver couldn’t be much better. Most people who purchased it feel that it keeps the hair off their back better than any other back trimmer they have ever tried.

Here is an overall view of what customers have to say about this shaving tool:

Works Great: There is something to be said for this simple shaver. There is no battery to go dead or lengthy charging time that leaves you waiting. Users find that it shaves that back hair down to the skin and does it so simply and easily.

Prevents Nicks and Cuts: Its design actually allows for a close and safe shave without any nicks or cuts.

Saves Embarrassment: One of the biggest benefits people feel that they get from its use is the fact that it actually saves them embarrassment of having to ask their significant other to shave their back for them. The extendable handle is what makes this shaver ideal for the back.

Along with shaving their back, men use it to shave their chest and even their private parts.

While the BakBlade’s Big Mouth Do-it-Yourself Back Hair Shaver may be a simply designed shaver, most users feel that this simple design is perfect for shaving the back and some other areas as well.

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