Beard and Mustache Competitions: When Things Get Really Hairy

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Since the beginning of time, the male of the species has found ways to compete with one another, seeking and finding new ways to show off their masculinity and display their male dominance.

No doubt the cavemen proved their manliness by indulging in a little dinosaur baiting, or seeing who clubs the other over the head with a big stick.

From ancient chariot racing to wood chopping competitions or those panty raids of the 50’s, men have continued to seek ways to display their manliness in feats of skill, danger or just awesomeness.

However, no competition to express a man’s masculinity has ever held quite the same interest or amusement such as Beard and Mustache competitions.

The Competition Begins

While men taking great pride in the growing of facial hair since the beginning of the time, the actual world began taking part in organized beard and Mustache competitions a relatively short time ago, in 1990 in Germany.

The second competition was held in Germany again 5 years later and from there the World Beard and Mustache competition was held at various countries and cities around the world every two years until 2013.

This year will be the first time a world Beard and Mustache Competition will be held yearly, and will take place in Portland on October 25th 2014.


What the Competition is All About

The Beard and Mustache competitions are not just about who can grow the longest or thickest mustache or beard, but they are also about styling that lengthy facial hair.

While visitors to these competitions can expect to see many long flowing beards as well as fu manchu, Muskateer, and handlebar mustaches, they can also expect to see some really artistic stylings that defy imagination and even gravity.

There will be beards and mustaches styled into all kinds of interesting twists and turns, pretzel looking shapes and even spear points as well.

There are beards that are styled straight out from the chin, styles that remind one of an octupus tentacles, and even a style or two that may look like hairy snakes slithering out of the side of the men’s faces.

The men who compete in Beard and Mustache competitions have a great deal of pride in those facial whiskers. They spend a lot of time inventing new and interesting beard and mustache styles as well as a good deal of money on beard and mustache wax.

Also, these competitions are fun for both of those who compete and those who come to watch the competition and cheer for their favorite whisker styles.

Competitors often become friends and look forward to seeing one another from one competition to the other.

Sometimes, they share beard and mustache care advice, but once the actual competition begins, it is every man for himself as he pits his whiskered face against his competitor’s in the hairest competition known to man.

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