Beard And Mustache Grooming Tips

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Beard grooming tipsIf you have ever grown a beard or mustache or considering growing facial hair, then our beard grooming guide with useful beard and mustache grooming tips will help you keep or grow that full beard, goatee, mustache and stubble, creating the style you like while still maintaining a highly groomed appearance.

Basic Beard Grooming

Because every person’s beard is individual, it would be impossible to go into beard grooming tips and tricks for every type of beard imaginable, so this guide is going to discuss the basics of the three major types of beards which are the full beard, the goatee, and the stubble.

It All Starts With Stubble!

No matter what type of beard you grow, it is going to start out as stubble. Stubble is important whether it comes at the start of your beard growing or whether the stubble look is the one you are looking to maintain.

How you care for your beard during the stubble phase will have a lot to do with how your beard shapes up in the end.

It is during the stubble phase that you want to begin keeping those whiskers soft and clean as well as make sure you keep the skin under your facial hair healthy.

There are special beard shampoos and conditioners that are specially designed for softening up the facial hair and making it more manageable while at the same time helping you to keep the underneath skin from drying out and becoming itchy and irritated.

Here are some tips on growing and maintaining your stubble:

  • Before beginning to grow your facial hair, decide on what beard style you want and what style is best suited to the shape of your face.
  • Keep the areas where you don’t need or want facial hair clear of hair during the growing process.
  • Make sure that you keep your stubble clean at all times. If you like the more grungy look, there are products that will achieve that without allowing your stubble to go without being washed.

How To Grow and Groom a Goatee

There are several different types of bearded looks that fall under the heading of a goatee. Be sure to read the article on how to choose the best beard for your facial shape prior to deciding if a goatee is the right look for you.

In most, not all cases, you are going to have to grow out the hair on the lower half of your face prior to getting the goatee styled properly.

Unless you know you are only going to have a thin chin strip, start by growing a short, but reasonable length beard on the lower half of your face.

It is best to initially grow the beard slightly longer than you are going to want the goatee once it is styled.

  • Make sure that during the growing process, you keep your beard clean and well conditioned, and the skin under the beard healthy.
  • Keep the rest of your face cleanly shaved to help you look better and to keep your goatee from becoming completely unmanageable during the growing out process.
  • Once you have grown out your facial hair enough to be styled, it is best to have the first styling done by a professional to ensure that your goatee is even and is perfectly styled the way you want it. Once it is styled, maintaining it is fairly easy.
  • Make sure that you have the right tools on hand to ensure that you can check and maintain your goatee. If not properly maintained, it doesn’t take long for a goatee to become wild looking, and leave you looking less well groomed.

Tips To Keep The Long Beard Groomed

Growing a beard doesn’t mean that you should have the look of a man who has been lost in the wilds for years.

In fact, a full beard on some men can look incredibly sexy and masculine if properly maintained. Here are a few tips that will help you to grow and groom a full beard to give you the look of a real gentleman:

Before you begin growing your full beard, make sure that your skin is healthy. If you have a tendency towards dry skin, treat that before you begin the beard growing process.

  • Keep your beard clean and soft during the beard growing process. While it is never too late to soften up a scratchy beard, starting off right makes it more comfortable for you and those who get close to you.
  • During the growing out process, you aren’t going to do a lot of shaping your beard. However, you are going to want to keep the beard combed, so it looks neater, and you might also want to use a barber comb and scissors to keep those wild hairs that spring away from your beard under control.
  • Keep the areas where your beard isn’t supposed to be, free from facial hair growth even while growing out your beard.
  • Once your beard has reached a reasonable length, have it styled professionally the first time it is styled. Doing so may cost a little bit of money, but can save you a lot of frustration and prevent you from making a serious mistake that may have you shaving off your beard and starting all over.
  • Once your beard has been styled, maintain that well-groomed appearance by keeping your beard clean, soft and manageable. Comb it every day, keep it trimmed into shape and be sure to use your barber comb and scissors to keep those off stray hairs under control.

In conclusion, following some beard and mustache grooming tips can make your beard growing experience a lot easier and more successful.

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