Beard Care: A Guide For Dummies

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Beard careMany men decide to grow beards, mainly due to the recent trend or in a lot of cases just because of personal preference.

Having had a beard for most of my life, I must say that I am very pleased to see this trend growing.

Still, lots of people don´t realize that wearing a beard involves effort, time and great care.

In the next few lines, I will explain the basics and general guidelines for a perfect beard.

The 3 Basics of Beard Care

Having, and most importantly, maintaining a beard is not a simple matter. Lots of people go through all sorts of issues during the process of growing a beard. I have already written an article on problems while growing a beard and how to overcome them.

For the purposes of this article, I am assuming that you already have a beard so we will talk about its maintenance and grooming.

There are 3 steps that we must include in our daily routine: hygiene, hydration and styling.


It seems like a no-brainer but I guarantee that it’s not. Just as we wash our faces, hands and other parts of our body daily, the beard must also be washed every day.

Beards get affected by all sorts of deteriorating factors such as environmental pollution, diet and other lifestyle choices. Sometimes and even if you don’t realize it, food remnants apart from dirtying the beard can also deteriorate the quality of your facial hair. In addition, the skin under the hair accumulates impurities as well.

That is why a daily hygiene routine for your beard and the skin under it is extremely important. You can easily find beard shampoos or soaps which are specifically formulated for this purpose. In my case, I always prefer to apply natural products without any harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin.

The effectiveness of the soap is best when the pores are open so the ideal time is in the shower under the hot water.

While I am in the shower and once I have washed my head and body, I apply the soap to my beard and mustache and massage it energetically. This generates a lot of foam which helps to remove impurities both from the hair and the skin.

Massage it for a couple of minutes (depending on the thickness of your beard) and then rinse with plenty of water.


As I have mentioned on many occasions, the beard tends to dry the skin under it, which can cause scaling and itching. And not only that, the beard hair can also suffer from dryness, so it needs constant hydration.

In another article on Beard oil I have explained what it is and how to apply it. I strongly recommend good quality beard oils for hydration, and depending on your beard, you may have to use this product more than once a day in the beginning.

There are other products which can be used for hydration if you are not so keen on using oil. Beard balms can also work well. The texture of the balm is more like a wax and is applied by rubbing a small amount in the palm of your hands and distributing it throughout the beard.

There are balms made with essential oils like bergamot, lavender and peppermint which have a very fresh, masculine and natural aroma. I also use balm with added ginseng extract to stimulate the growth of facial hair.

Once I get out of the shower, I dry my beard with a smaller face towel. To dry your beard, simply press the hair just a little to release the excess water but do not rub it since you can damage the hair that way. Then, with the dryer I give a blow of cold air but I don’t fully dry it.

Now the beard is ready for you to apply a little balm or beard oil in order to hydrate it well.

If you want to use beard oil, put a few drops in the palm of your hands and rub as well as massage the entire beard to moisturize and strengthen the facial hair.

You can also apply both, first the balm, and once you see that the beard and the skin have absorbed it, you can apply beard oil next.

Remember that all the beard soaps are usually astringent, which means that they usually leave the hair rough and dry, so it is necessary to hydrate the hair to the maximum after washing your beard.

The good thing about the balm is that it hydrates a lot and smells wonderful. You just need to make sure to get a balm that has a light hold, so it allows combing and styling the beard easily.

I highly recommend using oil or balm to give your beard a real treat and have that perfectly groomed look.


Giving shape and style to our beard is not as easy as we think. Although we may want to do everything ourselves, in my opinion and at least in the first stage, the help of a barber is really necessary.

In order to tame and shape the beard according to your type of face, the hands of a professional go a long way.

The styling of a beard involves trimming, shaving and shaping. Initially, your barber will shape it all for you and then you can gradually and carefully continue doing it yourself at home.

Another important thing to remember while shaving is to avoid shaving very close to your chin as it can give you the look of having a double chin. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to shave your beard in the neck in the form of an inverted bow.

It is always best to trim your beard gradually to avoid over cutting and it is always easier to cut down otherwise you may have to wait another couple of weeks so it grows again.

If you are thinking of having a long and thick beard, it is important to shape your sideburns and the chin area. So, make sure your beard is thicker in your jaw and chin than it is in the area which is close to your ears.

I use two brushes for styling, one with spikes to unravel the knots and the second one is a special beard brush for stretching the hair.

Finally, I hope that the above beard care guide tips will help you to maintain your beard in a perfect shape as well as have healthy hair and skin.

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