Benefits Of 3 Day Apple Diet

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apple-diet-benefitsIf you are looking to kick start a weight loss plan, improve your digestion, or looking for a way to do a natural colon cleanse then the 3 Day apple diet may be for you.

The 3 day apple diet is referred to as a half fast diet. That is because the diet centers around one particular food apples.

Dieters eat nothing but apples for three solid days.

However, the good news is that you won’t go hungry on the 3 day apple diet plan because you can consume as much of this fruit as you want each day, so you are not left feeling hungry.

What Exactly Does the 3 Day Apple Diet Consist of?

This diet is extremely easy and simple, because the only thing you eat during this three day period is apples.
Of course you can enjoy a variety of different types of apples, and you can add more variety by sprinkling your apples with cinnamon, or other spices, but you still only eat apples, and nothing else.

Obviously, you want to keep hydrated during your diet so you are allowed to drink tea, coffee, and water.
One of the things that makes this diet a good choice, is the fact that apples contain a massive amount of nutrients.

Apples contain proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

While the apple diet won’t give you all the vitamins and minerals you need, it will give you more than most fad diets, while being exceptionally low in calories.

Is the 3 Day Apple Diet a Fad Diet?

The fact is, that the 3 day apple diet is a fad diet. However, unlike many fad diets that require you to follow a limited diet for weeks or months in order to shed pounds, the apple diet only requires you to eat apples for 3 days.

The 3 day apple diet plan has the following benefits.

  • The 3 day apple diet is a good way to prepare your body for long term weight loss. By starting a health weight loss plan with a 3 day apple detox diet, you can detox your body, and prepare it for the reduction of calories with feeling that relentless hunger that you normally have at the start of a diet. The diet clears out your system, and helps prepare it for healthier eating over the long term.
  • This diet can jump start your weight loss. There is nothing worse than starting a weight loss diet and not losing a single pound during the first three days or a week. However, this often happens because, your body has a difficult time adjusting to the shock of changing your eating habits. However, on the 3 day apple weight loss plan, most people lose up to 5 pounds in three days, allowing them to feel success and motivating them to continue on with their weight loss.
  • This diet not only removes toxins and helps you to burn calories, but also can improve your metabolism making it possible for your body to burn more calories and also aids digestion.

Possible Risks Associated with this Diet

While the 3 day apple diet is suitable for most people, this type of diet may not be right for people with certain medical conditions so please check with your doctor before starting this diet or any other.

In addition this diet could have other possible side effects which may be short term but you should be aware of.

Diarrhea: Apples are rich in soluble fiber which may increase bowel movements. Some dieters do experience diarrhea especially during the first day of this diet. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it is cleansing your body, however you should be prepared for it, and not start the diet on a work day or a day when you have a lot to do.

Dizziness: When embarking on this diet, some people try to cut down too much on calories by limiting the number of apples they eat. Reducing your calories by too much can result in you feeling weak and experiencing bouts of dizziness. If this occurs, quit the diet immediately, or increase the number of apples so that you feel sufficiently full.

After the Diet Ends

Once the 3 day apple diet ends, you need to continue to eat healthy. You should have a healthy eating plan in place. If you go back to your old eating habits, you will gain back any weight you have lost and the diet will not do much good.

In fact, the best way to continue on your road to weight loss after the 3 day apple diet is to switch over to the 3 apple a day diet.

On this diet, you follow a nutritious and low calorie weight loss program, but eat one apple before each of your main meals. This is an excellent way to continue your weight loss efforts as the pectin (found in the skin of in apples) in apples acts a natural fat blocker.

Eating an apple prior to each meal will also help you to feel fuller, thus reducing your calorie intake.

Used properly, the 3 day apple diet can help to improve your health.

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