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Beard brushes are great tools for grooming your beard, helping to remove those beard knots and spreading beard balms and oils evenly throughout your beard to help keep it manageable and healthy.

Finding the best beard brush to meet your needs is a matter of finding the right brush that will penetrate your beard without scratching the skin under it.

So, here is a look at some of the best beard brushes:

Beard Oil Brush by CanYouHandlebar

Beard Oil Brush by Can You Handlebar

The CanYouHandlebar beard oil brush is made of natural soft horsehair with a round wooden handle. This brush is designed to spread beard oils evenly throughout your beard supplying nutrients to your entire beard.

To apply the oil, you just put some to the center of the brush and work it into your beard by simply brushing it.

You can clean the brush by simply washing it with a mild soap and water and air drying it.

Users really like this product stating that it fits well in the hand and helps to remove knots and smooth the beard. They also say that it distributes oil evenly throughout the beard.

Some people mention that this beard brush works better for shorter beards than for long dense beards. If you have a thicker coarser beard, it is better to have a brush with firm bristles so it penetrates deep enough to spread oils or balms completely throughout your beard.

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush

Zeus Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush for Men

The Zeus 100% boar bristle pocket beard brush for men is an extremely small brush measuring 3.25” X 1.25” X 1.125.” It is oval in shape and is made in Germany.

Some people are surprised by the small size of this brush despite the dimensions being given, however, it seems to get very good reviews despite its incredibly small size.

In fact, some men find its small size perfect for touch ups and for travel. When you get the brush, you may find that the bristles are quite stiff, but they do soften somewhat with age.

It also comes with a small carry case to help keep it clean.

The brush is very well made and it distributes oil or beard balm throughout the beard evenly. Users feel that it keeps their beard well groomed and shining.

Its firmness helps to exfoliate the skin under the beard, helping to remove dead skin cells and keep the beard healthy.

Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush

Brush Strokes Firm Military Style Boar Bristle Brush

The Brush Stokes firm military style boar bristle brush has a natural wood body that penetrates hair with ease. Although this is billed as boar bristle brush and does contain boar bristles among its bristles, it also contains plastic bristles.

This beard grooming tool is solidly constructed and is quite stiff. It is a nice size to fit the hand measuring about 4.5” X 2” and is rectangle in shape with rounded ends.

There are mixed comments from users, some saying that the bristles are too stiff, others feeling they are too soft, but the majority thinks that they are suitable for its purpose.

Not only does this brush tame the straggling beard hairs and leave the beard soft and shining but it also removes knots and is great at spreading beard oils or balms throughout the beard.

Users feel that either by itself or in conjunction with a beard comb, this brush helps them keep their beard neat, tidy and well groomed.

The Beardman Best Beard & Hair Brush

The Beardsman Best Beard and Hair Brush for Men

The Beardman beard and hair brush features a Beachwood handle and 100% boar bristles. This brush actually contains all boar bristles.

It is rectangle in shape with rounded ends and designed to groom both dry and wet beards so it can be used both in and out of the shower. It fits well in the palm and feels comfortable against the skin.

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee, making its purchase risk free, and with a handsome cotton bag perfect for keeping the brush free of dust and for traveling.

Users state that when they first start to use this brush, it takes a few days to spread beard oils or balm evenly but after a little use, it does a good job of spreading.

In addition, they say that it works out all sorts of tangles in the beard itself.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company 100% Pure Black Boar Hair Natural Bristle Military Brush

Rocky Mountain Pure Black Boar Hair Natural Bristle Military Brush

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company brush is a rectangular shaped brush with rounded ends.

This 100% black boar hair brush has a wood handle made of poached wood with a shiny brushed black finish and the Rocky Mountain Barber Company logo on the top.

It contains 100% pure black boar hair natural bristles. The company promises that this item contains no synthetic or plastic bristles.

Users find it to be well made and quite sturdy. It fits into the hand nicely and works well to distribute beard balm and oil evenly throughout the beard.

The contoured bristles actually follow your beard very well and the brush feels comfortable and soothing on their chin. They also like the fact that it is manly looking and won’t cause them embarrassment when used in public.

The brush will lose a few bristles when it´s new, but most users report that the loss of bristles is minimal and does not affect the function or usefulness of this brush.

In conclusion, a well made beard brush is the perfect tool for those who grow beards and want to maintain a well groomed and healthy beard. Our top selection of some of the best beard brushes available will help you find the one that suits your grooming needs.

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