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Being well groomed is more than just daily bathing and keeping your head and facial hair looking neat and tidy. It is also keeping the hair and the rest of your body cleanly and neatly shaved.

But let’s face it, there are some places on a man’s body that are more difficult to keep well shaved than others. For that reason, finding the right best body groomer for men is a quest that they don’t want to give up on.

What to Look For In A Body Groomer

There are some specific features that men need in a body groomer, and these features include:

  • The ability to reach all areas that need grooming, including chest, back and manly parts.
  • A groomer that doesn’t nick or pull hair especially on those areas where the skin is more sensitive and thinner.
  • A groomer that shaves close on the first pass, resulting in fewer ingrown hairs and less irritation.

Based on these criteria, here is a look at some of the best body groomers we could find.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver comes with 2 shock absorbing flex heads, a power hinge and an extreme reach handle. This mangroomer pro follows the contours of your back easily.

Users really like it for shaving their back hair because the extended length handle makes it possible for them to do so without asking for any help.

You do need to keep in mind, though, that this grooming tool is designed as a back groomer and may not work well for those more sensitive areas of the man’s body.  Read The Full Review

Remington PG 6250 Wettech Head, Beard and Body Grooming Kit

Remington Products PG 6250 Beard and Body Grooming Kit

The Remington PG 6250 Wettech, Head, beard, and body grooming kit is designed to meet all of a man’s hair grooming needs.

This battery operated groomer is designed for both wet and dry shaving. It comes with 5 snap on combs and stainless steel blades. The body groomer head works exceptionally well.

This groomer is hand held and while the shorter handle gives you more control when cleaning up around the more sensitive areas of your body, it also means that you may need assistance when using this groomer for keeping your back shaved as cleanly as you would like.  Read The Full Review

Philips Norelco BG 2040/34 Body Groom 7100

Philips Norelco BG 2040/34 Body Groom

The Philips Norelco BG 2040 is another body groomer designed to trim all parts of the body.

In fact, this groomer both trims and shaves so that you trim up those sideburns to keep them neat and tidy, and still be able to shave close enough on other areas of your body to leave you feeling absolutely smooth.

It also has a pivoting head to follow the contours of your body.

Users feel that it shaves well on sensitive areas which makes customers very comfortable using it. However, it may be difficult to use when shaving your back. Read The Full Review

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-in-1 Men's Body Groomer

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer is a slim and easy to maneuver trimmer.

The body groomer comes with 1 trimmer, 1 Proglider power cartridges, 3 combs, 1 battery and an organizer.

Consumers find this body groomer easy to grip which makes them feel more comfortable when shaving those more sensitive areas of the body. Its holder is stylish and looks nice on most sink cabinets. Read The Full Review


Philips Norelco BG 2028/42 Bodygroom 3100

Philips Norelco BG 2028/42 Bodygroom 3100

The Philips Norelco BG 2028/42 Body groom 3100 comes with rounded trimming combs, which is helpful during trimming.

This groomer is designed to capture long and short hairs in a single stroke. It has a cordless rechargeable power system, so it only runs by body power.

Customers find that the cradle for this groomer works exceptionally well, and gives nice shave cleaning up body hair without nicking or pulling. Read The Full Review

Men’s Wet/Dry Groomer Trimmer With 19 Adjustment Settings by Panasonic

Men's Wet/Dry Groomer Trimmer by Panasonic

The Panasonic Men’s Wet and Dry Groomer trimmer is designed to be an all in one groomer, for hair, beard and body.

It has a unique water drainage system that allows this tool to be completely submerged and then be drained to keep it functioning. It also comes with a rubber grip handle that allows you to keep a firm hold, which is essential when shaving those sensitive areas.

Consumers like the fact that this groomer is lightweight, quiet, easy to grip and works well.    Read The Full Review

Philips Norelco BG2038/41 Bodygroom 5100

Philips Norelco BG2038/41 Bodygroom

The Philips Norelco BG2038/41 bodygroom 5100 is designed for grooming the entire body. This trimmer comes with 3 combs for various trimming lengths. It also comes with an extra long back handle attachment so that you shave you back easily without you needing assistance.

Users state that this trimmer has a good battery life, and gives them a close shave without irritating their skin or causing ingrown hairs or shaving bumps. They also like the fact that the blades on this groomer are self sharpening and does not require maintenance. Read The Full Review

ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst

ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer with Power Burst

The ManGroomer Ultimate Pro body groomer and trimmer with power burst is designed to shave every part of the body. This is a double sided trimmer with a foil blade that cuts both long and short hair. The flex neck on this groomer follows the body’s contours and offers users the option of either wet or dry shaving.

Several users were actually surprised at the power this trimmer had, and others felt it gave them a close shave.

The Mangroomer also offers a great customer service which really is impressive in this day and age. Read The Full Review

Bakblades Big Mouth Do-it- Yourself Back Hair Shaver

Bakblades Big Mouth Do-it- Yourself Back Hair Shaver

At first glance the Bakblades Big Mouth back hair shaver looks like an accessory to vacuum cleaner with its wide flat head, but don’t let this shavers rather unusual appearance fool you, it is actually a well designed shaver to help those who are looking to shave their back.

The safety blade reduces the risks of nicks and cuts and allows you to reach those hard to reach areas. Most users feel that this shaver works well especially for cutting that back hair and they also state that this shaver cuts the hair extremely fast. Read The Full Review

Remington Products PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Remington Products PG6025 All-in-1 Grooming Kit

The Remington Products PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit has 3 attachment heads and 3 combs so that you can trim hair of different heights. This kit comes with self sharpening blades and all the attachments are washable.

The trimmer is pretty powerful and users find that this trimmer is easy to use and good for trimming beards. It also comes with foil and nose attachments. Consumers like the fact that this grooming kit comes with a storage pouch that makes this kit easy to take along when traveling. Read The Full Review

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