Best Cold Pressed Castor Oil Review

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Probably one of the best kept secrets in the skin and hair industry is the benefits that cold pressed castor oil can provide for a much lower price than a lot of the skin care products that are manufactured today.

This article is designed to give you helpful information on this subject and review some options for the best cold pressed castor oil on the market today.

What is Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

Castor oil is made by crushing castor beans to separate the bean’s oil from the bean itself. There are two ways of extracting this oil. First, by attaching a heater to the presser, which results in the extraction of a larger amount of oil from each bean. However, when you use heat to the oil extraction process, the heat reduces much of the nutrient value of the oil.
Second, in the cold pressed process, no heat is added resulting in less oil, but keeping the vast majority of the nutrient and anti-oxidant value of each drop of oil.

Where Can You Purchase Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

Cold pressed castor oil is not difficult to find and to purchase as it is sold in a large number of different places. You can find it in many health stores, pharmacies, online as well as being able to purchase “food grade” castor oil in many grocery stores.

Do keep in mind though, that while you can use food grade castor oil for skin and hair care if you plan on taking castor oil internally, it must be food grade.

For taking castor oil internally, there are a lot of precaution tips you have to be aware of. Also, it is prohibited to be taken internally by pregnant women or women who want to conceive.

Still, in this article we will only talk about cold pressed castor oil that is used for beauty purposes which is a really worthwhile natural treatment for skin and hair.

What Is Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

If you are looking for the best cold pressed castor oil, then you may want to consider paying a little extra and buy organic cold pressed castor oil. Organic castor oil comes from castor beans that have been grown in soil that has been free of chemical fertilizers and insecticides for a set number of years, and that are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides or with GMO.

Organic cold pressed castor oil is absolutely chemical free, which means that you can use this oil without putting any toxins in your hair or on your skin.

What Can Cold Pressed Castor Oil Be Used For?

When used topically, cold pressed castor oil is used to smooth and soften skin, reduce skin inflammation, skin irritation, treating warts, yeast and fungal infections. It is also beneficial for eyelash and eyebrow growth as well as strengthening the hair.

For me, one of the greatest skin benefits I was surprised to discover without having the slightest idea that I would experience was the elimination of forehead fine lines and making my skin feel more moisturized and elastic.

So, if you are looking for a very good quality cold pressed castor oil for use as a topical solution, then the following brands are surely worth considering.

Well Reviewed Brands of Best Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Heritage Store Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil

Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil

Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil comes in a 16 ounce glass bottle and is free of solvents and chemicals.

Users who have tried it state that it eases their eczema breakouts, fades age spots, helps them to grow eyebrows and eyelashes, soothes acne and razor bumps, and even helps to relieve sore muscles.

This oil is thick and a bit sticky (this is the case with the castor oil I am using, too, but this is a typical feature of good quality castor oil.)

Still, people say that they don’t mind at all due to the rich amount of benefits this product has for their skin and hair.

Foxbrim Pure Organic Castor Oil

Pure Organic Castor Oil by Foxbrim

Foxbrim castor oil is a nutrient rich beauty oil that can be used on hair, skin and nails. It is certified organic and 100% hexane free. It has multiple benefits such as promoting the production of collagen and elastin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, healing scars, repairing split ends, promoting hair growth and moisturizing brittle and dry nails.

The product is followed by a full money back guarantee.

People are very pleased with the skin and hair benefits they enjoy by using this oil. They feel it hydrates their skin effectively, heals scars and works excellent for hair beauty purposes.

Men use castor oil in their beards as a natural alternative to other chemically based beard products.

Beauty Aura 100% Pure Castor Oil

Beauty Aura Pure Castor Oil Cold Pressed

The Beauty Aura Cold Pressed Castor Oil is hexane free, chemical free, and has no synthetic ingredients.

People use this both by itself and mixed with other oils and moisturizers.

They find that it gives them healthier hair while relieving itchy scalp, and feel it works well for a lip balm as well as treats chapped skin on heels, elbows and knees.

It can easily be mixed with other oils, and can be used to treat acne and razor burn and bumps.

Cammile Q Organic Cold Processed 100% Pure Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil by Cammile Organic

The Cammile Q Organic Castor Oil comes in a one ounce dark brown glass bottle that helps to keep the oil fresh longer and is followed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The one ounce size is a bit small for many uses but users do like this product and say that it is perfect for taming frizzy hair, promoting hair growth and treating a dry scalp.

They also report that it helps to make those elbows smooth and soft.

Castor Oil Pure Cold Pressed Virgin by Dr. Adorable

Castor Oil Pure Organic Cold Pressed Virgin by Dr.Adorable

There is very little known about the company, but this Dr. Adorable castor oil takes very good reviews for dehydrated skin and the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.

The oil is contained in a BPA free 8 ounce plastic bottle which is large enough to be used for a number of treatments.

Users review that this product keeps their hair soft and shinning. It reduces acne breakouts and helps to grow eyebrows and eyelashes. They like that this oil penetrates their skin deeply.

If you are looking for a beneficial and effective skin and hair care product that is relatively inexpensive and can save a lot of room in your medicine cabinet, then one of our best organic cold pressed castor oil options are well worth considering.

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