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Foil electric razors are becoming more and more popular for people who must shave more than once a day, have sensitive skin, or very fine hair.

This razors helps protect the skin from blade irritation because it consists of a piece perforated of metal between your skin and the razors blades.

With so many people having sensitive skin, we are happy to write this review to help you find the best foil electric razor.

Braun Series 7 790cc- 4 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc- 4 Electric Foil Shaver

The Braun Series 7 790cc electric foil shaver is a modern looking razor with an elegant and clean design both for the razor and the charge station.

Features of this device include:

  • Active lift trimmer lifts flat hair making it easy to clean.
  • OptiFoil is a thin foil strip that cuts hair to 0.05cc.
  • 100% water proof.
  • Sonic technology increases power.
  • Contoured to travel over facial curves.
  • Designed to perform up to 7 years.
  • Comes with a handy travel case.

What Users Like

The 790cc is an extremely popular shaver with plenty of reviews across the Internet and there are lots of features users really like about it including:

Close Shave: Foil razors are not known to cut as close as wet razors or even rotary electric razors, but users feel that this shaver does give them an exceptionally close shave.

Good for Removing Neck Hairs: Unlike many of today’s shavers, this one cuts very well to shave neck hair really close.

Good Battery Life: The battery life is really long lasting.

Great Cleaning System: Users really like the combination of cleaning and charging station.

Panasonic Arc 4 Electric Razor (ES8243A)

Panasonic Arc 3 Electric Razor (ES8243A)

The Panasonic Arc 3 Electric shaver has a nice modern design with its blue and silver coloring, giving it a nice masculine look.

This foil electric shaver has several features that are extremely handy and include:

  • Uses Nanotech blades.
  • Arc Foil conforms to your facial contours.
  • Flexible pivoting head.
  • 100% water proof.
  • 10 Stage LCD screen.
  • Pop up trimmer.
  • Charge indicator not only shows when it is time to recharge the shaver but it also gives you reminders for cleaning and replacement remedies.
  • Comes with a universal voltage adapter so this shaver can be used anywhere.

What Users Like

The Panasonic Arc 3 is an extremely popular electric foil shaver and it is easy to see why.

This shaver has several advantages users review about such as:

Easy to Hold: It is really easy to hold making for a more comfortable shave.

Gives You a Close Smooth Shave: Although it does not shave you as close as a razor, it does give you a rather nice shave.

Works Equally Well for Both Wet and Dry Shaving: Users find that it works equally well for both wet and dry shaving.

Recharges Quickly: It recharges fairly quickly so it is ready when you are ready to shave.

Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and Dry Shaver

Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and Dry Shaver

The Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and dry shaver is a foil shaver designed for both wet and dry shaving.

The aqua/blue and black color combo gives this device a masculine look. It´s not overly modern looking when you compare it with some of the other shavers I have reviewed in this article.

It is also the official electric shaver of the NFL. Let’s see some of its features:

  • Triple action cutting system.
  • Micro comb technology feeds more hair into the cutting part of the device for a better shave.
  • Sensafoil minimizes rash and irritation while giving you a close shave.

What Users Like

The Braun Series 3 3040 is not the most popular product in this review. However, people who purchased it did experience some pros including:

Feels comfortable in your hands: Users really like the feel they get when they hold it.

Close Shave: It gives them a close enough shave to keep them looking well groomed.

Captures Hair Well: The Micro Comb technology does capture the hair well and makes it stand up so more hair gets cut.

Works Great for Dry Shaving: It works exceptionally well for people who prefer dry shaving.

Braun Series 9 9090cc Shaver

Braun Series 9 9090cc Shaver

The Braun Series 9 9090 shaver looks elegant and extremely masculine with its silver/gray and black color combo as well as its high tech charging and cleaning station.

Let’s have a look at some nice features:

  • SyncroSonic Technology with 4 specialized cutting elements.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lithium Ion battery.
  • 50 minutes of use.
  • Cleaning and charging station.

What Users Like

This is a fairly popular shaver, but users mention several things they like most about it such as:

Less irritation: They get less irritation using this shaver than with other shavers they have used.

Easy to Clean: It is easy to clean and the cleaning and charging station does a great job.

Great for Sensitive Skin: It is great for people with more sensitive skin.

Braun Series 7 760cc -6 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7 760cc -6 Electric Foil Shaver

The Braun Series 7 760cc-6 foil shaver is a slick looking black shaver with silver accents and an attractive and functional alcohol based cleaning and charging station.

These are some of its most important features:

  • Handy clean and Charge Station.
  • Intelligent Sonic Technology increasing the power of the shaver for tougher areas.
  • Active lift features raise up flat hairs so that the shaver can cut them off.
  • OptiFoil cuts at 0.05mm.
  • Flexible cutting elements help you get a closer shave.
  • LCD display.

What Users Like

This is a popular shaver among users who are looking for a foil electric shaver. Let’s see what their feedback is.

Easy to grip: Since it is easy to grip, people find their hand gets less tired when shaving coarser hair.

Close Shave: They get a nice close shave when using it.

Good for Dry Shaving: Users who like to dry shave state that it works great for shaving with foam or lotions.

Makes Shaving Faster: People discover that they can finish the chore of shaving faster.

To conclude, if you are looking for a highly functional foil electric shaver, one of these shavers should get the job done beautifully.

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