Best Folding Combs For Men Reviews

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Part of maintaining a well groomed appearance is having the right pocket comb to keep you looking neat and tidy throughout the course of the day despite your activities.

Oftentimes this means having to comb and neaten your hair two or three times during your workday.

Having a quality folding comb that fits neatly in your pocket and is always handy for men for those quick tidying sessions can help you maintain your well groomed appearance.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choices of folding combs on the market. Still, we did find a few that you might be interested in.

Kent 20T Folding Comb

Kent 20T Folding Comb

The Kent 20T folding comb is a handmade comb of undisputed quality that is extremely popular.

Features of this comb include:

  • Can be purchased separately or in a set of 4 combs.
  • Medium size teeth to go smoothly through your hair.
  • Fits easily into your back pocket.
  • It has a clip that hooks on your pocket to help keep the comb from getting lost.

This is a tortoiseshell comb, so men don’t have to worry that it will look girly when you bring it out of your pocket to use. It is actually a nice looking masculine comb that looks more expensive than it actually is.

What the Reviews Say

The reviews are extremely good. Most users find this comb to be:

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to fit into a back pocket or shirt pocket.
  • Well constructed.

They also like its clip that safely keeps the comb in their pocket until they are ready to use it.

Switchblade Comb

Switchblade Comb

Although the Switchblade comb is meant to be a novelty comb, it is actually extremely functional as well as fun to own.

Some of its features are:

  • Comb is 9” long when open, 5” closed.
  • Opens with a push of a button.
  • Locking switch.

This is not a comb you want to send your tween or teen to school with, but it may be perfect for adults to use since it has small teeth making it perfect not only to keep short hair neat, but for combing that mustache and beard as well.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews are actually very positive, with most users really liking it and finding it a great conversational piece. Users find that this comb:

  • Is of a good quality.
  • Works well on mustaches and sideburns as well as short hair.
  • Makes a great stocking stuffer for those who like unusual gifts.

Swissco Tortoise Folding Comb

Swissco Tortoise Folding Comb

The Swissco Tortoise Folding comb is another well made folding comb with the following features:

  • Each comb is hand shaped and polished.
  • Made in India.

This Swissco comb is also a tortoiseshell comb that folds and the teeth fit into a type of case that actually protects them from breaking. This comb appears to be well made and quite durable.

What the Reviews Say

Ratings and reviews for the Swissco Tortoise folding comb are exceptionally good with most people who have purchased this comb really enjoying it.

Here is what users like about it:

  • Comb glides through hair easily.
  • Works great on head, beard and mustache.
  • Good quality.
  • Perfect for any man on the go.

While a folding comb might not always be necessary in order for a man to be well groomed, it certainly is a practical and useful grooming tool to carry with you.

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