Best Horse Hair Shaving Brush Reviews

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Many men enjoy shaving brushes made of badger or boar’s hair, but don’t like the fact that the animals are killed simply so that they can have a great shaving experience.

The good news is that Horse hair shaving brushes can give you the same great luxurious lather without harming the animal.

Legend has it that the titans of Roman mythology and Celtic gods used the mane of these animals to make the strings of their bows. The mane is the hair that grows from the top of the neck of a horse.

Horsehair regardless of its quality is very strong. The brushes made of horse hair are known to last a long time even with a rough use while shaving. An additional quality of horse hair is that, in spite of the strength of hair, it tends to be very soft at the tips.

As mentioned above, another very important thing to remember is that the animal is not sacrificed for the hair and does not suffer anything at all (unlike Boar or Badger hair brushes.) The horse hair used in manufacturing is taken after a normal process of grooming of the horse.

From my personal experience, the smell of horse hair is the only downside. In the beginning, the smell is too strong and I managed to reduce the smell by washing it with a strong smelling shampoo and letting it dry before using it.

All of the horse hair shaving brushes in this review are manufactured by the Vie-Long company who has been making shaving and make up brushes since the 1940s and is one of the few companies who had the forethought to make shaving brushes from horse hair.

Here are my reviews of some of the best horse hair shaving brushes available.

Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush Review

Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

The Vie-Long Horse Hair shaving brush with the red acrylic handle is a handsome looking shaving brush with the following features:

  • Made of premium horse hair.
  • Red acrylic handle.
  • Manufactured in Spain.

Many people who try this tool do so because they feel better knowing that they can purchase a quality wet shaving brush without any harm to an animal.

However, they are often surprised by just how well made these brushes are and how well they work and hold up for those daily wet shaves.

What the Reviews Say

User ratings and reviews for the 12705 horse hair brush by Vie-Long are exceptionally good with men finding a lot about this brush that they really enjoy including:

Works Well With Hard Soap: Consumers are really impressed at how well it works when creating a nice thick shaving lather using hard soap.

Not Much Shedding: It is also noted that it does not shed much hair, making it possible to use this product for several years with proper care.

Better than Badger?: Some users actually think that this horse hair brush may actually be better than badger.

Like both boar and badger bristle brushes, horse hair brushes can come with a funky smell, and may need to be cleaned and soaked before using.

Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse Hair Shaving Brush Review

Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse Hair Shaving Brush

The Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse Hair Shaving brush with the metal and wooden handle is perfect for those men who want to put together a great looking and functional top of the line shaving kit.

Features of this brush include:

  • Professional horse hair bristles, extra long bristles.
  • Metal and wood handle.
  • Manufactured in Spain.

This brush offers a metal and wooden handle that feels substantial when holding it, while the extra long bristles make using this brush with a shaving mug convenient and easy.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews are good, with most users being impressed with just how well this brush works for lathering up before a wet shave.

Features consumers really like include:

Nice Weight to Handle: Several users really like its weight as it feels solid when holding it.

Dries Well: Men also like the fact that when it is stored correctly, it dries incredibly well and the bristles retain their shape.

Vie-Long 13061 Horse Hair Shaving Brush Review

Vie-Long 13061 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

The Vie-Long 1306 Horse Hair Shaving Brush is an attractive shaving brush with the following features:

  • Genuine soft horse hair.
  • Marbled Lucite handle.
  • 23mm knot.
  • Made in Spain.

The handsome marbled Lucite handle gives this shaving brush a rather elegant and modern look while still providing the same great lathering ability of the other horse hair shaving brushes.

What the Reviews Say

There are only a few reviews for this shaving tool, but the few reviews that are available are quite good. Users feel that this brush has an extremely nice loft, it is small as well as compact and creates a decent lather.

If you like the way animal hair shaving brushes create lather and enhance your shave, but you are reluctant to use any product that is detrimental to the animal itself, then one of these horse hair brushes may be worth giving a try.

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