Best Open Comb Safety Razor Review

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Open comb safety razorThe open comb safety razor was introduced and designed by King Gillette in the early 20th century.

The need for such a razor was felt at that time because the knights had large mustaches and thick sideburns.

With this type of razor, they could see better when the razor was close to the hair so the outlining was easier.

It was also needed because everyone in those days used straight razors and it´s never easy to shave with a straight razor when you are in a hurry.

What is an Open Comb Safety Razor?

An open comb razor is a lot more aggressive razor. The reason is that the blade is more exposed to the skin in comparison to the usual safety razor. The base of the open comb has spaced out teeth and the more the gap between the teeth is, the more aggressive the shaving experience becomes.

Shaving with this type of razor is a lot faster and it gets really close to the skin. These days an open comb razor is preferred by people with coarse hair and not so sensitive skin. I would not recommend newbies to use this razor or even those that have thinner skin as it can cause irritation to the skin.

Open comb safety razors are designed for experienced wet shavers who want a close shave and need to have more of the blade exposed to the skin.

For those of you who want to take your shaving to the next level, finding the best open comb safety razor can give you the kind of shave you have been dreaming of.

So, here is a look at some of the available open comb safety razors you can purchase or check out.

Merkur 1904 Open Comb Classic Safety Razor Review

Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor Open

Merkur razors are considered to be some of the best razors on the market today, so it really should be no surprise to find that this company makes open comb razors that consumers really like.

Features of the Merkur 1904 classic safety razor include:

  • DE razor with open design perfect for men with thicker beards.
  • Replica of 1904 Gillette safety razor.
  • Easy blade replacement.
  • Chrome finish.
  • Made in Germany.

Based on the old Gillette safety razor that your great grandfather once used, this razor will bring that old time shaving experience in the best possible way.

It’s a little bit like stepping back in time and connecting with your ancestors in a tradition almost as old as time.

What the Reviews Say

Overall, ratings and reviews for the Merkur 1904 open comb razor get exceptionally good.
Features men like about this razor include:

Short Handle: Many users really like its short handle as they state that the shorter handle makes it easier to control the amount of pressure they put on the razor when shaving, thus avoiding nicks and cuts.

Easy to Maintain: It is easy to maintain and keep it looking and functioning good for years.

Good Quality: Most men also find that the quality of material and workmanship used in making this shaving tool are excellent, providing them with a razor that should stand the test of time.

Merkur Short Handle Safety Razor with Comb Guard Review

The Merkur Short Handle Safety razor with comb guard is a razor with a short thin handle that gives a less aggressive shave than most open comb designs.

Features of this razor include:

  • 3” etched designed handle.
  • Chrome finish.
  • 3 piece assembly.
  • Comb guard with teeth.

This is an excellent open comb razor for those who are transitioning from a closed comb to an open comb razor.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for the Merkur safety razor with comb guard are exceptionally good although a few users state that the chrome finish tends to wear off or oxidize. Users also state that the comb part bends if the razor is dropped.

However, most men have had no problems with this razor and they have experienced the following benefits:

Well Made: It is well made and the handle is comfortable for people with smaller hands as it is both short and thin.

Well Balanced: It is well balanced, allowing users to let the razor do the work rather than having to apply pressure and resulting in a good close shave with fewer nicks and cuts.

Parker 26C Open Comb Razor Review

Parker 26C Black Handle 3 Piece Open Comb Razor

The Parker razor company is a well known shaving manufacturer whose products have improved over recent years making better and better shaving products.

The Parker 26C Black Handle 3 piece open comb double razor is a good quality razor that sells for a reasonable price.

Features of this razor include:

  • Gives an extremely close shave.
  • Solid brass frame and black textured handle.
  • 4” long handle.
  • 3.3 weight.
  • Comes with 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades.

This is an attractive looking razor that will look good in any shaving kit. The textured handle makes it easy to keep a grip when shaving even when your hands are wet.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews and ratings for the Parker 26C are excellent with most consumers who have purchased this razor finding that it meets their needs well.

Features that users like include:

Smooth Shave: People find that this tool gives them a smooth shave with little or no irritation.

Solid Construction: The Parker 26C has also been found to be a well constructed razor that should be good for year after year of daily use.

Muhle R41 Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor Review (Chrome Plated Metal)

Muhle R41 Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

In the Twist Open Razor Muhle R41, the classic head of the R41 has been improved with a new two-piece system.

The comb is attached to the handle and the cap is unscrewed with comfortable thread in the bottom of the handle (two-piece system).

I like the changes made and this has resulted in an accurate and safer razor. It has also minimized contact with the blade, which reduces the risk of cuts.

It has a matte chrome finish handle which is beautifully engraved with a pattern of barley.

Apart from looking very elegant, the grip has been improved, preventing any slippage. Overall, the razor looks superb and well designed with high quality materials.
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Parker 24 C Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Parker 24 C Three Piece Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

The Parker 24C three piece open comb double edge safety razor is designed for those users who like the build and the shave that an open comb designed razor gives them.

Features of this razor include:

  • Shaves close.
  • Solid brass frame with chrome plating.
  • 4” long textured handle for a better grip when shaving.
  • 3.3 ounce weight.

The Parker 24C Three Piece Open comb DE razor is a fine example of how Parker has improved the design and the manufacturing of their razors over the years. Some users feel this razor can easily compete with big name razor brands such as Merkur and Edwin Jagger.

Although it is an open comb razor which is generally not recommended for the beginners but in this case this particular razor is quite forgiving and appropriate even for the beginners as long as they are a bit cautious in the beginning until they get the hang of it.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this razor are exceptionally good with most consumers who have purchased this razor finding it does give them a close shave and offers the following other benefits as well.

Good Balance and Weight: Users find that this razor has both the perfect balance and weight to allow the razor to glide across their skin without the need to apply excess pressure while shaving. It feels solid in the hand without feeling heavy or bulky.

Easy to Grip: There is nothing worse than shaving with a sharp bladed razor only to have the razor slip and slide in wet hands. With the Parker 24C users stated they didn’t have to worry as the textured handle made it easy to keep a good grip on the razor when shaving.

Easy to Clean: Users also state that the open comb design of this razor makes it easy to clean after you are done shaving.

Good price: Lot of the users have commented that the price is very good when you see the quality of the razor and a great shaving experience it gives.

In conclusion, the above are some of the best open comb safety razors. Hope you find what you are looking for in this review. I would highly recommend an open comb razor for that quality shave.

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