Best Rechargeable Flashlights Review

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Instead of spending money and time buying new batteries all the time and not knowing what to do with them if there is not a recycling unit close to your house, rechargeable flashlights offer you a great alternative.

So, here is a look at some of the best rechargeable flashlights on the market today.

Outlite A 100 High Powered Handheld Flashlight

Outlite A 100 High Powered Handheld Flashlight1

Made from a combination of metal and plastic, this very popular Outlite handheld flashlight uses either a rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion battery (that comes with the flashlight) or a 3 piece AAA battery which is not included.

This 5.4 inches long flashlight has 5 brightness modes including a SOS signal mode. It also has an adjustable light focus and can withstand temperatures from freezing to boiling.

There are certain features that users love about this product:

  • Gives off a very bright light.
  • Compact and solid.
  • See very far at night and zoom in using the focus beam.
  • Durable product.

Energizer Weatheready LED Lights

Energizer Weatheready LED Lights

This Energizer Weatheready LED flashlight is a plug in rechargeable flashlight. It automatically lights up if there is a power failure so you won't have to search in the dark for a flashlight.

Its retractable prongs offer a good grip while its NiMH battery and LED bulbs do not need to be replaced. This product has a compact and slim design, and provides users with 3.5 hours of light between charging.

Let´s see how users review this item:

  • It might not be the brightest rechargeable flashlight, but gives off enough light in the case of an outage.
  • There is a lot of battery life.
  • The plug folds out of the way when you need to use the flashlight.
  • There is back up light feature that lightens the room in the event of a power cut.
  • Waterproof feature makes it great for outdoor activities.
  • It has a handy folding hook.
  • Very durable overall.

CVLIFE 800 Lumen XML T6 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

CVLIFE 800 Lumen XML T6 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

This CVLIFE 800 rechargeable torch comes with a18650 lithium ion battery and 2 chargers, 1 wall charger and 1 car charger which is very handy.

Only 6.69 inches long, it is made from aluminum alloy and is lightweight and waterproof. It also comes with a protective board that prevents overcharging and has 5 function modes, 3 brightness levels as well as an SOS function.

Are there only positive things mentioned in users´ reviews about this product or negative as well?

Let´s take a look!

  • Very bright and lightweight rechargeable torch.
  • Well designed and sturdy.
  • The adjustable light angle is very useful.
  • The mode buttons are not separate from the on/off button which is a minor functionality problem.

Samic Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Samic Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Samic rechargeable LED flashlight is ultra bright as well as long distance and has a USB hub, 2-in-1 charging cables and 5 light modes. Made from aluminum alloy, it is compact, lightweight and water resistant.

It is 6.65 inches long and comes with a handy carrying case allowing you to keep the flashlight and all the accessories together. A 30 day money-back guarantee is offered as well as 3 months period to replace defective units.

Here´s some features users really like about this product:

  • Clean light and good throw.
  • Solidly built with a flawless finish.
  • High power that is long lasting.
  • Lights up areas that are close as well as long distances.
  • Very durable.
  • Well made and functional.

Streamlight 74751 Strion LED High Lumen Rechargeable Professional Flashlight

Streamlight 74751 Strion LED High Lumen Rechargeable Professional Flashlight

This Streamlight rechargeable flashlight is rechargeable up to 1000 times and it only takes 3 hours to recharge. It is made of durable anodized aluminum and has a knurled body which gives it a good grip.

It also operates on 120 volt/12 volt DC charge. Its deep dish parabolic reflector gives off a beam that is concentrated and wide.

Lots of professionals use this model for their work and find it extremely useful.

Let´s see why.

  • It is an extremely bright and compact rechargeable flashlight.
  • Excellent quality product.
  • Doesn´t take up much space.
  • Great charging station.
  • Used successfully as a vehicle spotlight.
  • According to few comments, the lithium battery of this Strion does not seem to be as suitable for heavy service as he NiMH battery, but nonetheless it is great for security or police use.

TAC10 Gear CREE XML-T6 Water Resistant LED Flashlight

TAC10 Gear CREE XML-T6 Water Resistant LED Flashlight

This TAC10 is a flashlight kit that comes with a flashlight holster, 2 extended life chargeable Lithium Ion batteries, a dual battery charger, a steel belt clip and a users´ guide.

The flashlight itself features a zoom focus as well as an adjustable lens and it has 5 lighting modes. It also comes with a 1 year TAC10 Gear warranty.

Although there are some users who have found that this flashlight is not as bright as it claims to be and others who say that the product´s durability is questionable, there were other product features that people found quite positive and include:

  • Gives off smooth but consistent clear color light.
  • Convenient small size.
  • Good for the price.

GT Road 2pk/4pk Solar LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight

GT Road 2pk-4pk Solar LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight

This GT Road camping flashlight is a multifunctional product since it can be both used as a camping lantern and a handheld flashlight.It gives users up to 12 hours of use per charge and can be charged either by solar energy or a DC plug.

It is compact and portable, and comes with a 30 day money back warranty.

User reviews about this product include the following:

  • Gives off a strong light that lasts for a long time. Nevertheless, not every user found that the light was strong enough.
  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Great for camping.
  • Handy 2 in 1 feature.

Anker Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight

Anker Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight

This Anker Bolder LC90 is a water resistant, pocket size flashlight that offers 5 lighting modes. It uses a 18650 Lithium Ion battery and gives users 6 hours of use per charge.

In addition, it is pocket size, has an aluminum body and charges using a micro USB cable. It also comes with a 18 month warranty.

Let´s have a look at some of the product features people talk about:

  • Very bright flashlight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a zoom function that is handy.
  • A bit heavy for a belt holder.
  • The USB recharging feature is very useful.

Soonfire Rechargeable Flashlight

Soonfire Rechargeable Flashlight

The Soonfire rechargeable flashlight is water resistant and has an anodized finish which is non-abrasive and shock-proof.

It can be recharged by a USB cable and has adjustable flashlight brightness with a red/green battery indicator light.

These are some of the things users mention about this product:

  • Very bright and compact.
  • Comes with a clip and a pouch to keep it in.
  • Reviews vary as to the durability of the flashlight.
  • Waterproof but a bit heavy according to few comments.

LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight (2 pack)

LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight (2 pack)

With this LuxPower Tactical flashlight, you actually get two flashlights for the price of one in case you want to give one away as a gift or keep it handy in case you want to replace the first one.

These two products have super bright multiple light modes and an adjustable focus.

They are water and shock resistant and can be powered by a 18650 rechargeable lithium ion battery or 3AAA batteries.

In addition, a 1 year warranty is offered.

Let´s see which of its features users like the most:

  • Very bright and compact.
  • Nice cheap flashlight.
  • Gives off clear light.
  • Great bargain to get two of those.

Best OO7 XML T6 LED Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

Best OO7 XML T6 LED Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

This adjustable focus flashlight is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery or 3AAA batteries and comes with a case, a battery charger and an AAA battery holder.

It offers 5 lighting modes and has zoom function and a skid proof design. It is also water resistant and comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty.There are things that buyers like about this product and others that they don´t.

What they like includes:

  • Cheap price.
  • Decent value for the price.
  • Different batteries can be used.
  • Compact and small.Nevertheless, some users have stated that it is not as bright as advertised.

L.E Rechargeable Camping Lantern and Water Resistant Flashlight

L.E Rechargeable Camping Lantern and Water Resistant Flashlight

This L.E flashlight / camping lantern has 2 brightness levels and 2 side lights, a white light on the left and a red light on the right.

It comes with a rechargeable power pack charged by a USB port and there is a 4 LED light power indicator that allows you to keep track of the amount of juice still in the battery. It also comes with a large handle and an adjustable length shoulder strap.

Advantages users have talked about this product include:

  • Not heavy.
  • Lightens up a tent or a room sufficiently.
  • Bright spotlight.
  • Easy to recharge.

BYB LED Flashlight

BYB LED Flashlight

This BYB LED Flashlight has 5 light modes and is water resistant. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, it uses a18650 rechargeable battery with overcharge/discharge protection.

In addition, it is only 4.2 inches long and is perfect for carrying in your pocket.

According to the users´ reviews, this is not only a very cheap flashlight but it also delivers to its promises which include:

  • Good for many uses.
  • Bright light and decent battery.
  • Sturdily made.
  • Durable metal construction.
  • What users didn´t like about this product though is that it doesn´t focus and the battery charger is a bit flimsy and charges only one battery at a time.

TorchStar Telescoping Rechargeable LED Flashlight

TorchStar Telescoping Rechargeable LED Flashlight

This telescoping rechargeable flashlight uses a USB power supply and a car charger. It comes with a magnetic base and a hanging hook, and is made of plastic and rubber.

There are certain features that users like about this flashlight and include:

  • Good work light with bright and wide beam.
  • Lightweight, small and bright.
  • Quite strong base magnets.
  • Handy rotating hook and base.
  • There is only one brightness level which nonetheless users find very useful.

Rechargeable LED Working Lantern Searchlight Tactical Flashlight by Cshid world

Rechargeable LED Working Lantern Searchlight Tactical Flashlight by Cshid world

This rechargeable tactical flashlight offers users up to 8 or 10 hours of working time to light their way.

It is water resistant and skid proof. Made or aircraft aluminum, it uses 3-18650 Lithium ion batteries.

In addition, it comes with a wall charger and a USB cable. It has a red indicator light that shows when the flashlight is charging and this light turns yellow when the battery is completely charged.

Let´s see what users mostly like about this product:

  • Good size and weight.
  • Really bright.
  • Holds charge very well.
  • Good quality flashlight.

LED Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery by RemLite

LED Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery by RemLite

This RemLite LED flashlight is a USB car flashlight. It has 5 light modes and usesa 18650 lithium ion battery. It comes with a plastic bike mount and an instruction guide.

Users tend to recommend this product more for home or camping use rather than work and although there are few complaints relating to its quality and durability, there are also some features users like such as:

  • Solid built.
  • Good for the car or in case of emergency.
  • Lightweight and bright.
  • Good for the price.

LED Flashlight by Roman Jobs

LED Flashlight by Roman Jobs

This LED flashlight has an ultra bright light and offers zoom focus. It is waterproof and comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger so that you never have to be without light.

It also comes with a case and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Users find certain things about their purchase that they don´t like such as the poor quality of the batteries, charger, belt clip and the case.

Things that they like include:

  • Small flashlight.
  • Easy to zoom.

LE Rechargeable handheld Flashlight

LE Rechargeable handheld Flashlight

This rechargeable handheld flashlight by Lighting Ever uses a super bright X lamp and offers 5 light modes.

It also has a rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery or it can use 3AAA batteries. It has an adjustable beam focus and is water and skid proof.

Apart from the fact that it doesn´t have a separate mode control which makes it dysfunctional and partly annoying.

Features that users mostly like about this product are:

  • Bright enough for most types of jobs.
  • Great product for the price.
  • Good focus for narrow and wide beams.

Revtronic F30B LED Flashlight

Revtronic F30B LED Flashlight

This Revtronic F30B flashlight is made from aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish. It has multiple lights modes and is impact resistant.

In addition, it is corrosion proof and uses a 18650 rechargeable battery. It comes with a carrying strap, spare 0-rings and a 12 month warranty.

Users positively review this model and more specifically, these are few of the things they like:

  • Compact, small and very bright.
  • One battery to charge.
  • Does not get hot.
  • Good and clear focus.
  • Perfect for the car.

Supernova Guardian 1300XL Professional Series Ultra Bright Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight

This Supernova Guardian flashlight has 5 operating modes, a remote pressure switch and 2 rechargeable Lithium 18650 batteries with a charger.

Made of brushed aircraft aluminum with a waterproof casing, this product is perfect for multiple uses.

Users like the following things about their purchase:

  • Well made and very bright flashlight.
  • Fully equipped.
  • Comes with both regular and rechargeable batteries.
  • Very sturdy.

All in all, if you are looking for a good rechargeable flashlight, one of the best rechargeable flashlights in this review should meet your needs.

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