Reviews Of Best Shaving Kits For A Perfect Gift

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People who are new to wet shaving with a safety razor often find that buying a shaving kit saves them money in the long run while giving them most, or all the supplies they need to get started.

Shaving kits also make great gifts for men on your holiday or birthday shopping list. So, here is a look at some of the shaving kits that users feel they make for the best shaving kit, to give as a gift, or buy for yourself.

Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

The Parker 96R safety razor shave kit is a three piece set that is sure to get many people who are switching to wet shaving off to a good start. This kit contains:

  • Parker 96R safety razor with butterfly opening.
  • Deluxe pure badger hair brush with an attractive black and chrome handle.
  • Chrome stand for both the razor and the brush.
  • Kit comes with 5 Shark razor blades.

This is a nice looking shaving set that would look good sitting on any bathroom cabinet. The razor and brush holder allows your shaving brush to properly dry.

User Reviews

Users give this Parker shave set good overall ratings and reviews. There were a couple of users who stated they did not like the angle of the razor’s head. However, majority of users were pleased with it and found the following features beneficial:

  • Sturdy Stand- People really felt that the stand of this set was well made and that it should last the average user for many years to come.
  • Brush is Good- While not a high end brush, they do feel that this brush is good and holds lather extremely well.
  • Looks Great- Users like the looks of this set, finding it to have an elegant appearance.

Merkur Razor Shaving Gift Set

Merkur Razor Shaving Gift Set

The Merkur Razor shaving set is a 5 piece shaving set that has the following features:

  • Comes with a Merkur safety razor, bowl, shaving soap, badger brush, and Brush and razor stand.
  • All pieces are chrome plated.
  • The set comes with blades.

This Merkur razor shaving set comes with everything beginners need to complete their first wet shave using a safety razor. This is an attractive and shinning set that should look good in just about any bathroom.

User Reviews

Ratings and reviews for this shaving kit are exceptionally good with most users really enjoying it. Benefits they find include:

  • Overall Look- Men feel that this is an overall attractive set and are pleased with both its look and function.
  • Razor- Most people find the razor to be of a high quality and are glad that this razor came with this set.
  • Brush- The brush was adequate, providing good lather.
  • Bowl- The majority liked the matching bowl although a few felt it was too small for the size of their hands.
  • Soap- Several users used shaving gels and foams rather than the soap.
  • Stand- Most men liked the brush stand and felt it did everything it was supposed to do.

5 Piece Col. Conk Chrome Shaving Men’s Grooming Set

5 Piece Col. Conk Chrome Shaving Men's Grooming Set

The Colonel Conk Chrome shaving set is another 5 piece shaving set that has everything the beginner will need to start his wet shaving experience. Features include:

  • Merkur 180 slim hand safety razor with bar guard.
  • Pure badger brush with chrome handle.
  • Chrome brush and razor stand and matching chrome bowl.
  • 2.25 ounce bar of Col. Ichabod Conk soap.
  • Comes with one razor blade.

This is another nice set that will make a great gift for anyone who enjoys wet shaving with a safety razor. Merkur is considered to be one of the better safety razors and Colonel Conk shave soaps are extremely popular, so there are definitely some quality products in this gift set.

User Reviews

Users ratings and reviews are extremely high with most users really feeling like this set is of an excellent value. Here is what they think about it:

  • Razor- Excellent well designed and made razor.
  • Brush- While not the best, still a good brush that holds a good amount of lather.
  • Stand- Nice looking stand, and the brush and razor fits into it perfectly.
  • Dish- Works well to create lather and looks handsome with the rest of the set.
  • Soap- Nice smell and lather.

There were a few people who did feel that the brush could be better, but even those were quite content considering how good a value this gift set is.

Simply Beautiful Shaving Gift Set With Merkur Razor, Stand, Brush and Omega Soap

Simply Beautiful Shaving Gift Set

Merkur Razors are considered to be some of the best razors on the planet, and this beautiful elegant shaving kit contains a long handled Merkur razor and much more.

Features of this set include:

  • Comes in a beautiful gift box.
  • Contains a Merkur classic long handle safety razor, 100% pure badger brush with chrome handle, and chrome razor stand as well as Omega shaving soap.

This Merkur shaving gift set, is great for those people who are looking to start on their experience of wet shaving. The set is affordable enough to feel comfortable buying this on a budget, yet quite sophisticated to feel that you have a high quality product.

This Merkur razor gift set will also make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys wet shaving.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this grooming set are quite positive with most users finding it worth buying. The major complaint seems to be that several consumers who received the set thought it does not come in a stunning a gift box.

However, users did like the set itself and found many benefits to owning it such as:

Overall Quality: Men like the sturdy stand, the great quality Merkur razor as well as the badger hair brush, and feel that the quality of these three items really makes this set special.

Perfect as A Gift: Many of the people who purchased this shaving set, gave it as a gift to their husband, boyfriend, fiance, or father and stated that it really makes a wonderful gift, and that the person who received it was thrilled with it.

Four Piece Shaving Set With Mach 3” razor and Badger Brush with bowl and Matching Stand

Four Piece Shaving Set

This shaving set features a Mach 3” razor and is elegant and sophisticated looking.

Features of this set are:

  • Mach 3” Razor and Badger brush with bowl and matching stand
  • 5 1/2” x 51/4” x 4”
  • Blade not included

This shaving set is extremely sophisticated and will look nice on any bathroom cabinet. It also makes a perfect gift for someone you care about as well as yourself.

The shaving bowl does have a tendency to rust, so you may want to dry it after each use to prolong the life of this set.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews and ratings are good. While some users feel that this set rusts a bit easily, the majority of them do like this set and think that the overall quality is good.

Benefits include:

Nicely Weighted Razor: Men feel that this razor has a nice weight, helping it to just glide across the skin.

Looks Impressive: This set looks extremely impressive to look at.

Shaving gift sets are great for those who want to switch from cartridge razors to Double edge safety razors to get everything they need in one place and for a reasonable price.

They are equally great to give as a gift for special occasions like birthdays, Xmas etc.

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