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Whether you have decided to try out wet shaving using a safety razor, looking for a gift for someone who wet shaves, or simply want to set yourself with all the items you need to get that perfect wet shave, finding the best shaving mug and brush set can help you get the items you need usually at a more attractive price than buying each item separately.

So, here is a look at some affordable shaving mug and brush sets that you might be interested in:

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set (Soap, bowl and brush)

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

The Van Der Hagen company is a company that makes shaving tools and specializes in shave soaps that meet the needs of that wet shaving man. The company offers a variety of money saving shave kits and two of their most popular kits have made our list.

The first is the inexpensive Van Der Hagen Premium shave set that consists of a shaving soap, bowl and brush and is the perfect price for those who want to try wet shaving to see if it is something they want to continue.

Features of this kit include:

  • Hypo-allergenic shave soap, which contains 40% humectants, moisturizes to help soften even the toughest beards.
  • Ceramic bowl makes lathering easy and holds the shave soap in place.
  • Shave brush 100% boars bristle.

This extremely inexpensive shave set is perfect for those just starting to wet shave with safety or straight razors as it is a simple way to get some of the equipment all in one go and at an extremely affordable price, allowing them to get their feet wet, or in this case their face wet without breaking the bank.

Users Take

With close to 1000 reviews scattered across the internet for this kit, it is clear to see that it is extremely popular. Overall users give it good reviews, finding that this kit may not contain either the top of line brush or bowl, but it is no less serviceable and they certainly get their monies worth.

Here is what users have to say about this kit:

  • Nice Kit- Most of the users feel that this is a nice kit and of an excellent overall value. While many feel that the brush is not quite up to par, the soap and the bowl alone make this kit an excellent choice.
  • Great Soap- Although a few users stated that the soap did not lather as much as they would like, most people felt that it did create a nice thick lather and also had a nice light scent that they enjoy.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set

Van Der Hagen Men's Luxury Shave Set

Another popular Van Der Hagen shave set is the Van Der Hagen Men’s luxury shave set. While still extremely affordable, this set is a bit more pricey than the premium shave set reviewed above and includes:

  • 100% badger brush.
  • Monogrammed Apothecary mug.
  • Hypo allergenic shave soap.
  • Combination brush and stand.

This is a nice looking shave set that includes everything but the razor and blades, and so it would make a perfect starter kit as well as a nice inexpensive gift. The shaving mug that comes with this set looks especially nice and Van Der Hagen is known for its wonderful shaving soaps.

User Reviews

There are close to 800 reviews on the internet for this luxury shave set and most of the reviews are excellent. Here is what users have to say about the different items featured in this kit:

  • Soap- The majority of men state that this soap creates a nice lather and has a wonderful smell. They feel that including it in this set adds value to the set overall.
  • Shaving Mug- People like the shaving mug that comes with this set and find it to be durable. They feel the handle on the mug makes creating lather and then lathering up easier and they worry less about dropping the mug.
  • Brush stand- Although the brush stand is not the prettiest stand in the world, users think it is extremely sturdy and has even a place to hold a razor as well as a brush.
  • Brush- Most men find the shaving brush to be mediocre. It is good enough to last for a few months, but won’t last them for years.

Considering the price of this shaving kit, most users feel that they got an excellent deal when purchasing. They feel that most of the items are good quality and will last them for several months or even a few years of daily shaving.

Omega 46065 Shaving Set with Brush Holder and Soap in Bowl

Omega 46065 Shaving Set with Brush Holder and Soap in Bowl

The Omega 46065 Shaving set with brush holder and soap in bowl makes for a nice starter set for wet shaving and a fine gift. This inexpensive shaving set has the following features:

  • Includes Omega boar brush, shaving soap in a bowl, and stand.
  • Made in Italy.

The Omega 46065 is definitely designed for those people who are simply trying out wet shaving to see if they like it, as the set is not made to last for a prolonged length of time. Both the soap dish and the brush stand are plastic and the brush while mediocre is not the highest quality. Still, for this price it is quite a value.

Users Review

Users give this shaving set good reviews overall and feel that it is worth the price. Here is what they think about it:

  • Soap- The soap itself seems to get mediocre reviews. While some men like it and state it lathers well, others feel it creates a weak lather. They do say that it has a nice scent, though.
  • Brush- Users state that while the brush is not of the line, it is reasonably good and works well.
  • Soap Bowl and Stand- While the soap bowl and stand don’t take up much space, and some men were thrilled to have a stand included in the set, they wished that some other material other than plastic should have been used to give this set a bit more class.

Overall, people agree that this shaving set makes a great starter set, but also feel that if you are going to wet shave for any length of time, you should invest in a better kit.

In conclusion, users think that shaving kits are a great idea and they tend to like these three kits both for their function and their price..

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