Best Snow Brushes For Cars

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Snow removal from automobiles is the removing of snow after a snowfall to make travel faster and more secure. One of the most required tools for clearing or removing snow from vehicles is the Snow Brush.

A snow brush is a brush for dislodging accumulated snow. It is a handheld tool used for removing frost, ice, and snow from windows mostly on automobiles. It is made from different materials and often placed inside a glove-like enclosure to keep the user’s hand warm and dry when using the brush. To improve the ice clearance on the car with curved glasses, more complex designs are usually recommended.

Below are the best snow brushes for cars we have selected to review.

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip

Hopkins 532 Mallory Snow Brush

Hopkins 532 Mallory Snow Brush is a durable, lightweight and high-quality brush with various colors and economical prices available. It is about 26 inches long and comfortable to use with its curved handle, comfort foam grip and unbreakable scraper blade.

This solid tool whose grip is one of its best features is quite sturdy and uses materials that leave you feeling like they will last several winters. It also allows you to crunch away all ice without damaging the brush. The bristles do not fall out.

In addition, it has a perfect length, good functionality and does not leave scratches. The scraper and brush are located on the opposing ends of the tool. This provides a brush-only end that allows you to easily get in and around narrow areas like around your wipers.

Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52” Super Extender Snow Broom

Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52” Super Extender Snow Broom

You can broom your way down the steps, rails of stairs and roof of the car with this Super Extender which is a heavy-duty broom for snow clearing.

It has a steel extender handle with soft cushion grip to reach across the roof from the sides of the car. There is also a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the desired length with a simple twist giving a smooth work.

This great tool has wide blades meant for convenient clearing of frost with fewer strokes and less effort. It is ideal for trucks, vans as well as SUVs and it can push the deepest and wettest snow from the vehicle with hard grip and pole style which varies slightly at the handle.

Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

This Snow Joe Snow Broom can remove the snow piled on the roof, hood, trunk or windshield of your vehicle. In addition, the built-in ice scraper quickly pushes and clears away the ice build-up on the windshield with ease.

It has a non-abrasive foam head about 18 inches wide which pushes huge and wet snow off your automobile without damaging its paint or glass windshield. This tool is durable and works efficiently by sweeping snow off the vehicle without harming its paint, trim or glass surfaces.

It comes fitted with a telescoping pole which can extend from 30 to 49 inches to provide maximum reach with minimal strain and is easy to handle. It can be stored neatly inside the trunk of your car so it is ready for use whenever you have a need for it. Finally, this snow broom has a great reach and can clear large areas and large amounts of snow quickly.

SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool with 27” to 46” Compact Telescoping Handle

SnoBrum Snow Removal Tool

This SnoBrum Snow Removal Tool offers a quick way to sweep snow off the vehicles, swings, pool or hot tub cover without scratching or harming the finish. It is made of high-grade durable foam measuring 17 X 6 inches with non-abrasive, freeze resistance, center load stress, durable and cross-linked polyethylene.

The high impact plastic face plate is supported to distribute the weight load, making it effective on heavy wet snow. This product is ideal for sport utility vehicles and minivans where reaching across the width of the windshield with a snow brush is often challenging.

This tool is not only safe for the paint, but it is very fast for clearing large areas of snow. The telescope poles on it enable users to extend its length, making the tallest of vehicles less frustrating to clear after a snowstorm.

Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp Deluxe 26” Snow Brush with Foam Grip

Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp Snow Brush

Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp Snow Brush is recognized for its quality, durability and lightweight solutions. It has a 26-inch-long handle with a foam grip for maximum comfort and comes in two colors, red and blue.

The high impact plastic face plate is supported to distribute the weight load making it quite useful on heavy wet snow while the flagged bristle is effective and its rugged nature makes work faster on the windshield. This tool works well for light and fluffy snow removal and it can be switched with the ice scraper when in use.

The pole length is modest enough to reach across the windshield on average size cars and it can be stored neatly in a car. This tool is perfect for any car but is most appropriate for average size cars. If used for large cars, you will have to walk round the side of the vehicle to clear the windshield. Overall, this snow brush is a great value for the price.

In conclusion, finding the best snow brush for your car is essential to keeping it protected from snow and ice buildup.

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