Best Trimmers For Stubble Based On Consumer Reviews

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Let’s face it, that short growth of stubble gives most men that masculine, slightly bad boy appearance that most women love.

But getting and keeping the perfect stubble is more than just simply not shaving for a day or two.

Wearing the perfect stubble takes some great grooming as well as good grooming products whether you are trying to achieve that 5 o’clock shadow look all day long, or that two or three day beard growth. Men whose stubble commands positive attention, do so by finding the right tool to help them maintain that “just so” growth day in and day out.

So with that in mind, here is a look at the three best trimmers for stubble.

Conair I-Stubble GMT 900 Facial Trimmer


Conair I Stubble GMT900

Conair is so sure that I-Stubble Facial trimmer is the ideal trimmer for maintaining that perfect rough and rugged look that they actually put stubble in the name of this trimmer.

Whether it is the name of this trimmer or the actual function of this tool that makes the I-Stubble trimmer so popular among consumers it is hard to tell but once most men try it, they like it enough to give it good ratings.

Here are some of the features of this trimmer and what actually users like and dislike about its features.

Electronic Motorized Length Control

Conair iStubble beard trimmerSince many consumers purchased this trimmer for the sole purpose of maintaining a stubble look, they were bound to comment on the motorized length control which you can set from 4mm to 5mm. You can even flip back the clipper head for a closer shave.

Most of the consumers felt that this I-Stubble did indeed achieve to maintain the stubble look they wanted. They also felt that the choice of different lengths helped them keep their 5 o’clock shadow or their two or three day beard growth look neat and tidy.

A few users didn’t feel that there was any noticeable difference in the stubble length at the lower settings, which only makes sense since initially, facial hair doesn’t grow from stubble to a beard over night.

Floating Contour Head

Again most purchasers of the Conair I-Stubble GMT900 like the contoured head on this trimmer though a majority of users felt the head was too wide to get under their nose as close as they would like.

Dual Battery System

The dual battery system helps prolong the battery life of this device, however users seem somewhat divided on whether the dual battery helps to hold a charge longer. While some users report that the trimmer only needs to be charged once a week or less, others feel that after a few uses, it doesn’t hold a charge for more than few minutes.

Overall, while users really feel this Conair I-Stubble trimmer and that it sells for a good price, very few users are not happy with the batteries overall performance.

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Mustache and Beard Trimmer

Remington MB4040 beard trimmer

The Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s rechargeable Mustache and Beard trimmer is another  grooming tool that is popular with men looking to maintain that perfect stubble look.

This trimmer does get good reviews with most men finding it the ideal one for maintaining stubble or longer beards. However, some users don’t find this trimmer as good at maintaining shorter beards.

Here is a look at the features that help to keep that stubble looking great.

9 Length Settings

The Lithium MB4049 comes with a rotary dial that allows you to adjust the trimmer to 9 different length settings that run from 1.5mm to 18 mm. It also comes with 3 different attachment heads for beard, goatee and stubble. The stubble head is designed with finely pitched teeth to give you a much closer trim than the other two heads.

If you do use the trimmer directly on your skin without the guard, i would advice you to be extra careful as the blades are quite sharp and you can nick you skin especially under the neck area.

While many users feel that the stubble head does maintain the ideal stubble look, other users feel that this trimmer really doesn’t get close enough if you are looking to maintain a 5 o’clock shadow instead of a two or three day growth.

Titanium Coated Blades

Users do like the titanium coated blades and most state that the blades on this trimmer work exceptionally well at cutting off unwanted hair. They also like the fact that these blades are both self-sharpening and never need oiling.

Lithium Ion Battery

Most users are really pleased because this trimmer comes equipped with a lithium ion battery. They also say that it runs for several sessions on a single charge. ( Still, a few users don’t feel this battery is everything it claims to be.) Best of all, if your battery does run out, you can use it with the charger cord and just keep on going.

Overall, users find the Remington-MB4040 great for stubble and trimming longer beards. Yet, they think that it is lacking the right length settings for some shorter beard styles which shouldn’t be an issue if you are buying this trimmer to maintain that rough and rugged, but not quite full bearded look.

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40S Hair and Body Trimmer

Panasonic MIlano beard trimmer

Another trimmer that seems to be popular among those men who sport the stubble look is the Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB-40S Hair and Body Trimmer.

There are several features that consumers like about this trimmer and here is how they feel about some of the more important features.

19 Different Length Settings

The Panasonic GB40 comes with 19 different length settings that allow you to choose beard length from 1mm to 10 mm which most users find extremely handy as it allows them to maintain their beard length from short stubble to that longer full beard and anything in between.

They find extremely easy to change lengths, but users seem  somewhat divided as to how much of an even trim they can get with the GB-40 S. It does appear however, that those who are using this trimmer like a shaver are less satisfied with the evenness of the shave than those who use this solely for trimming purposes.

However, it should be noted that this device is a trimmer and not meant to be for shaving.

Wet/Dry Shaving Feature

The Wet/Dry shaving feature of this trimmer allows you to use this trimmer both in and out of the shower as it is fully immersible in water. Many users really like this feature as it saves them time cleaning up since the clipped off hairs go right down the drain and not on the bathroom floor or into the sink. ( useful feature to keep the marriage healthy )

Battery Run Time

If there is anything that users find lacking in this trimmer is the battery and charger. While the charger does have an indicator light which tells you that the battery is being charged, it doesn’t tell you when the charge is completed.

This frustrates many users as overcharging the trimmer’s battery can shorten the battery life considerably and indeed several users find that after a few months, this trimmer doesn’t hold anywhere near the 50 minute run time per 15 hour charge that it is supposed to.

Overall, while users like the convenience and the trim they get with the Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40 S Hair and Body trimmer, they do feel that the battery and charging system could be improved.

While all three of these trimmers are great for maintaining that stubble look, not every trimmer is right for every individual and only you can determine which of these trimmers are right for your specific look and lifestyle.

I hope the above guide will help you to arrive at a decision. Over the years, I have maintained from stubble to goatee to full beard, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer and clear any of your doubts.

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