Blade Buddy Razor Blade Sharpener Review For Men And Women

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Whether you use a Double Edge safety razor, or those razors with built in blades, keeping those blades sharp for longer can save you money.

The Blade Buddy Razor Sharpener for Men and Women can help prolong the life of your razor blade saving you money and helping to save the environment.

Features of the Blade Buddy

Blade Buddy Razor Blade Sharpener

The Blade Buddy works best when used on new blades after the first use. This handy sharpener, keeps the edge of the blade straighter and slows it from dulling. Let’s see what else it does.

  • Keeps razor blades sharp for months.
  • Protects skin from nicks and cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs.
  • Works with all blades including disposables.
  • Helps reduce environmental waste.

It is not meant to be used on already dull blades, but even for those, it has shown some improvement for some users.

How Does It Work?

As we all know, every time we shave, the thin edge at the end of the blade bends a little. This damage can be more or less depending on how dense your beard is.

Blade buddy has been designed with very fine grooves surface, so when you pass your used blade up this device a few times, it will sharpen your blade by straightening and treating the damaged ends. This will result in getting the sharpness back in your blade.

What Do The Customers Say

Reviews for Blade Buddy Razor Blade Sharpener are quite good, with most users finding that this handy little razor sharpener extends the life of their blades from a few uses to several uses, depending on how often you shave and how thick that facial hair is.

While some users reported only getting fewer shaves from a blade, others have reported getting 50 or so extra shaves when using the blade buddy.

Users do state that you get the best results when you follow the directions for using the Blade Buddy exactly.

While the Blade Buddy is supposed to sharpen all types of blades for all types of razors, the difference in how long the life of the blade can be prolonged may be due in part to the type of razor or blade that is being sharpened.


The Blade Buddy would make a perfect stocking stuffing or a small gift to anyone who uses a DE razor or cartridge and it is something you might want to include in your own shaving kit.

The amount of money you will save on purchasing new blades or razors will pay for the Blade Buddy in little time by getting extra shaves you get from each blade.


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