Braun Cruzer 6 Beard And Head Trimmer Review

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The Braun Cruzer 6 beard and head trimmer, which is considered to be the most powerful of the Braun trimmers designed for trimming both the hair on top of your head as well as your beard, comes with an array of features and an ergonomic design.

 braun cruzer 6

However, during my research I came across some things about the product that I am not too happy about which we will discuss them all in detail.

I will give you all the facts leading to a conclusion as to why this trimmer may not be suitable for certain people.

Features At A Glance

  • Powerful dual battery system that adjusts to tough beards.
  • Ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element for more defined beard style.
  • 6 setting adjustable beard comb.
  • 6 setting adjustable hair comb.
  • Travel case.
  • Long battery life; runs 40 minute on an hour’s charge.
  • Fully washable for easy trimmer cleanup.
  • LED indicator light tells you how much charge you have left on the battery.
  • Worldwide voltage 120-240.
  • Trimming Length 1-20 mm.
  • Travel pouch.

So, let´s dive straight into it by taking each one of the features and finding out about its good and not so good points.

Hair Length Settings & Combs

Instead of giving consumers a whole pouch full of combs to match up with various hair lengths, the Braun Cruzer 6 beard and hair trimmer only offers 2 combs; one for trimming the beard and one for trimming the hair.

Combs braun cruzer 6However, each of these combs have 6 adjustable settings that lock in place, so you can choose the exact length you need. This will give you the following results.

  • 6 setting adjustable beard comb  (1-11mm)
  • 6 setting adjustable hair comb (10-20mm)
  • Trimming Length 1-20 mm

Braun cruzer 6 combsNow if you are like me, you must be doing a quick maths that how 6 settings can be 1-11 mm and that´s the first downside. It´s not such a serious problem but for some very precise beard trimming, it can become one. The settings jump 1-3-5 etc. and if you are fussy like me, you would be wishing for those missing numbers, 2-4-6. ( Damn, if only I had number 4, I could look like  Clooney.)

Unfortunately, there is no solution to that if you go for this trimmer but remember we are only talking about 1 mm difference.

There is of course another setting and that is to use the trimmer without any comb. This will cut pretty close but won’t be the same as shaving. I often use my trimmer without any guard for my body hair and it does a pretty good job.

Another trick that I use to get a close shave is to use it without the comb, stretch the skin a little and shave against the direction of hair gowth.

The second comb is useful if you are into doing your own haircut. BUT if your hair is very dense and curly, you might have problem because the motor is a little underpowered. We will talk more about that in the Battery and Power section of the review.

During my research I went through tons of user reviews all over the web, I discovered that the majority of the people did not have any problems trimming their head hair.

Still, there are some isolated instances where users have reported that the teeth of the comb broke. Of course, if one or two prongs break, it will make it difficult to trim your hair and it becomes more serious discovering that the Braun guarantee does not cover combs, which means you will have to buy one.

I think it is very hard to make a general assessment of the problem based on just a handful of users as opposed to hundreds of others which didn´t have any such problem. But my job would not be complete unless I brought this to your notice before you reach a buying decision.

The only comment I would make is that a world renowned company like Braun would not let it go even when they hear about very few complaints and would have addressed the problem soon after it was reported. So, if you do decide to buy, my suggestion would be to store them in a safe place and avoid applying pressure while trimming.

Blades, Cleaning & Maintenance

The Cruzer 6 comes with an ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element for more defined beard style and it is fully washable for an easy trimmer cleanup. As the trimmer is completely sealed, you can simply rinse it off under the tap after each use and clear out all the hairs from the chamber.

For a good maintenance, it comes with a normal machine oil and it is advisable to put a few drops of oil on the blades which would keep them in great shape for a long time.

Battery, Power & Cord

The Cruzer 6 uses a dual NiMH battery for added runtime and power, running for about 40 minutes on an hours charge.

While it is a cordless trimmer, you can use it with the charging cord for those quick trim ups while the Cruzer is charging.

The Braun Cruzer 6 is set up to handle both 120 and 240 volts when charging and is fully waterproof so that it can be used in or out of the shower. It also has a low charge indicator that lets you know how much charge is left on the trimmer.

As I had mentioned above, some users felt that the trimmer is underpowered. There were some mixed reviews on the subject, with some mentioning that not only did this trimmer have difficulty cutting through coarse, wiry, thicker hair or beards but that they also felt it took several passes to get all the hair trimmed and make them look well groomed.

This is something that cannot be overlooked, so if you intend using it to have a haircut and your hair is thick and very curly, this is probably not the appropriate trimmer for you. You will be much better off going for a much higher powered hair clipper and my suggestion would be the Andis T Outliner.

However, the comments about taking several passes to trim were not so alarming to me. As we all know, our hair grow in different directions and any trimmer is most effective when it catches the hair against the direction of hair growth. So, passing it in different directions will ensure it catches all the hair. It is almost impossible to pass the trimmer once and expect that you have finished your trimming job.

There are hundreds of videos of guys trimming beards and you will never see someone just passing it once and stopping there. It always takes few passes to get an even trim, so I really wouldn´t worry about it.

Additional Features

Braun cruzer precision trimmerThe Precision Trimmer: The Braun Cruzer 6 comes with a brilliant invention called the precision trimmer. I must say this is my favorite part of the device. It´s a smaller trimmer which is riding piggy back on the trimmer´s body.

It slides in and out as needed and is really useful for areas like under the nose and even ear hair trimming. Using this, you can easily define lines and it´s ideal for precise contouring.

Style: It is light weight and has a modern ergonomic design with a rubberized grip which makes it easy to handle.

Trims wet or dry hair: As it is washable, you could easily trim your hair in the shower.


Consumer Reviews & Ratings

Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages users found in this trimmer.
Reviews for the Braun Cruzer run from average to good.

While many people like this beard and hair trimmer, others find it lacking in one or two areas and that the trimmer does not meet entirely their needs. Some felt that whilst it´s good for trimming and maintaining beard, it lacks the power to use it for haircuts.

Some users felt that the 6 comb settings were not enough to meet their needs and they would have liked to see the settings with increments of 1, giving them more precise measurements instead of the odd numbers.


Many people like the Braun Cruzer beard and hair trimmer and feel that this trimmer has many advantages including:

  • Powerful dual battery system that adjusts to tough beards.
  • The Light weight ergonomic design makes this trimmer less tiring to use, especially when having to keep arms raised to trim your hair.
  • Users also like the fact that this trimmer only needs to be charged for a short time before using and you can even use it with the cord plugged in while charging if you need to do a quick trim.
  • This trimmer seems to do a great job cutting precise lines that many users want.
  • Can be used to trim beards as well as hair.
  • Quiet operation is another feature that most users really like when using this trimmer.


Several users mentioned what they considered distinct disadvantages when using this beard and hair trimmer. These disadvantages were:

  • When you use this trimmer to cut thick hair, you need to stop in between to clean the trimmer.
  • Some users do not like the fact that this mid-priced trimmer does not have replaceable batteries. Once the batteries die, you are forced to dispose of the trimmer and buy another one.
  • Motor is underpowered.
  • Not great for manscaping.

Dimensions & Storage

The dimensions of this trimmer is 6.1” x 2.2” x 8.7” and weighs about 1 pound.
Trimmer width                     32 mm
Precision trimmer width   16 mm
Shipping Weight                  15.2 Ounces

Comes with a travel pouch making the storage convenient.

What´s In The Box

When you purchase the Braun Cruzer 6 beard and head trimmer, you should get:

  • The Braun trimmer
  • 1 adjustable beard comb
  • 1 adjustable hair comb
  • Travel pouch
  • Charging cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Small bottle of oil

Price & Warranty

The Braun Cruzer 6 is a mid priced trimmer whose price is around the same as many other trimmers on today’s market.

Braun also offers a two years warranty for the product.


In all fairness, I would say that The Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Hair trimmer is not for everyone. While some people may find this trimmer completely unsuitable for their needs, others would feel that this is a quality trimmer that gets the job done, leaving them with professional looking trimmed hair and beard.

This trimmer does seem to work better for people who groom often and don’t let their hair grow too long. All in all, it is ideal for beard trimming and perhaps not so great for hair cutting needs.

From above, it´s easy to conclude that the Braun 6 beard and hair trimmer is an adequate trimmer that will meet the needs of some, but not all men.

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