Choosing The Best Bathrobe for the Man in Your Life

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If you are looking for a gift that can be both practical or romantic for any man, then choosing a great bathrobe might be just the right gift to give.

Best of all, a bathrobe can be given for any gift giving occasion or for no special occasion at all.

Here is a look at some of the best bathrobes we could find.

Arus Men’s Hood’ N Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Bathrobe

Arus Men's Hood' N Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Bathrobe

The Arus Men’s Hood’ N Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish bathrobe is ideal for those

winter months in colder climates when a man wants to stay warm after a bath, but still look good.

Features of this bathrobe include:

  • Comes in sizes small/Petite, small/medium, Large, X large, XX large.
  • Colors include: Black, Burgundy, Chestnut brown, Hunter green, Navy blue and White.
  • 100% Turkish cotton.
  • Ankle length with hood.
  • Wide cut with patch pockets and belt.

This is a super nice robe that any man would love to own especially if they live in a cooler climate.

In fact, this robe looks so great that the only problem which might occur is the guy not actually getting out of the robe to get dressed on those days off!

It’s pretty easy to picture a romantic evening in front of the fire or just in a bedroom lit with candles and your guy wearing this robe.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this Arus Hooded Turkish Bathrobe are extremely positive with the only complaint being that this robe is too heavy for some people’s liking.

People who purchased this robe really liked it and found it to be great when using a hot tub or when simply wanting to keep warm. Adjectives men use to describe this bathrobe include:

  • Thick
  • Soft
  • Absorbent
  • Durable

Users also state that it is roomy and has a nice long belt, making it easy to tie.
They also state that this robe launders well and washing it with a s softener makes it feel luxurious.

Del Rossa’s Men’s Water Absorbent 15 Ounce Fleece Robe

Del Rossa's Men's Water Absorbent Fleece Robe

The del Rossa’s Men’s Water Absorbent 15 Ounce Fleece Robe not only is a great looking bathrobe

but is so soft and cuddly that when wearing it, the man will find himself being cuddled up since this robe is as soft as a child’s teddy bear.

bathrobe, but is so soft and cuddly that when wearing it, the man will find himself being cuddled up since this robe is as soft as a child’s teddy bear.

Features of this robe include:

  • Sizes: small/medium, Large/X large, X large 2 X, 3X/4X (See Amazon for more exact sizing chart.)
  • Colors include: Navy/black, Black/steel, Steel/black, Black/Blue, Burgundy/Black.
  • Premium microfiber fleece.

If your man has difficulty finding a bathrobe to fit him due to his height or girth, that shouldn’t be a problem with this one as this robe is actually longer than what it is shown in the picture and comes in sizes up to 4X.

In addition, the sizes run somewhat big so there should be plenty of room for even a nice big and tall man to wear this robe comfortably.

However, since this product is microfiber fleece, it will pick up animal hair easily so you might want to have a lint brush on hand if you own pets.

What the Reviews Say

Ratings and reviews are extremely positive and most consumers really love this robe and find it to be incredibly comfortable.

There are however a few people who did find a couple of things about this bathrobe they were less than thrilled with. The length of the bathrobe was an issue for some who wanted a knee length robe and discovered that this one is actually somewhat longer.

However, for the most part users were thrilled with it and used these adjectives to describe it:

  • Soft and Plush
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Thick
  • Luxurious

Consumers felt this robe was ideal for colder climates or simply to wear when enjoying a relaxing evening at home or Sunday morning breakfast as it kept them comfortable and warm while still looking attractive.

Men´s Terry Cloth Bathrobe (Eco comfort Texere Eco Friendly Bamboo Viscose)

Men´s Terry Cloth Bathrobe

For those men who are environmentally conscious, this Men’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe EcoFriendly Bamboo Viscose bathrobe just might fit the bill as it is mainly made of sustainable bamboo.

Features of this bathrobe include:

  • Comes in sizes small/medium and large/Extra large.
  • Natural white color.
  • 70% Bamboo Viscose- 30% cotton.
  • No dyes or Chemical paints.
  • Certified Phthalates Free.
  • Shawl collar, 2 Patch pockets, belt with loops, Kimono style sleeves.

This is a comfortable and roomy looking robe. In fact, it looks a lot like one that you might find in spas and high class motel rooms.

While it only comes in white, it does have a nice small trim of color that adds a bit of flair.

Check out bigger selection of Terry Bathrobes

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this Bamboo viscose bathrobe are exceptionally positive with most men finding this robe to meet their needs perfectly.

A few users feel that it could be a tad bit softer and more absorbent, but most users think that it absorbs enough and is soft enough to be comfortable.

Adjectives used to describe it include:

  • Fast Drying
  • Comfortable
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Reasonably absorbent

Users also find both the material and the stitching of this robe to be of a high quality, and the sizing to be right on track.

Noble Mount Men’s Premium 100% Cotton Flannel Robe

Noble Mount Mens Premium 100% Cotton Flannel Robe

The Noble Mount men’s Premium 100% cotton flannel robe is the perfect robe for relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Particularly for those real down to earth or country gents there is nothing more comfortable than good quality flannel.

Features of this robe include:

  • Sizes: Small/ Medium and Large/X large.
  • Colors include: Black/burgundy, Black/blue, Java, Midnight blue, Black/beige, Black/Green plaid, Black/Brown Tone, Denim tone, Black/red plaid.
  • 100% cotton flannel.
  • Shawl collar, Waist tie with 2 loops, 2 front pockets.
  • Brushed flannel.

This plaid style bathrobe is roomy, comfortable and great for casually lounging around the house as well as after baths.

This is not an overly heavy robe but is plenty warm for cooler temperatures especially if wearing it with flannel pajamas.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews and ratings for this noble flannel robe are very positive. People who purchased it really enjoy wearing it. Adjectives used to describe this robe include:

  • Nice and soft
  • Warm
  • Comfortable

Consumers also feel that it is made from good quality material and has nice stitching. It is made to be durable and should last for several years with proper care.

Intimo Men’s Classic Silk Robe

Intimo Men's Classic Silk Robe

For men who really enjoy a touch of elegance, this Intimo Men’s Classic Silk robe is an ideal choice for those men who are debonair and romantic.

Features of this robe include:

  • Comes in sizes: small, medium, large, X large, and XX large.
  • Colors include: Black, red, navy, and maroon.
  • Machine Wash on gentle cycle in cold water and hang to dry or dry clean to keep robe looking good.
  • Classic style robe with belt and two pockets.

This men’s silk robe is modern and attractive. However, you do need to keep in mind that because this robe and the accompanying belt are silk, you will have to double knot the belt to keep the robe closed.

This robe is sure to set the tone for a romantic evening and makes a very romantic and sexy Christmas or Valentine’s gift, though it is also great for birthdays or just as a regular non occasional gift.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews and ratings for this beautiful silk men’s bathrobe are very positive with the only real complaint being that this robe tends to run a bit larger than you might think.
Other than that, the consumers like this robe and feel it is perfect for summer or to wear in warmer climates.

Adjectives used to describe this robe include:

  • Gorgeous
  • Luxurious
  • Wonderful texture

Consumers feel that this robe is made from good quality silk, it has excellent craftsmanship and is made to last.

They also think it it is perfect for summer wear and love the fact that it feels cool against the skin on hot nights.

Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe, Long Hooded Bathrobe


The DelRossa Men’s Fleece Robe comes in sizes small/medium, Large/XLarge, X Large/XX Large and XXX Large/XXXX large as well as in several different colors and prints.

It is made of thick polar fleece, with a built in hood, two large pockets and double belt loops.

Some of its colors look extremely rich lending this robe an added look of warmth and even sophistication. It is also machine washable.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for the Del Rossa men’s long hooded fleece bathrobe are very positive with users finding several features of this robe they really love.

These features include:

  • Super Soft: Almost every consumer who reviewed this robe commented on how incredibly soft it was stating that they liked the feel of this luxurious softness next to their skin.
  • Comfortable to Wear: People find this robe comfortable to wear, especially in areas where the temperatures may be quite cold. Consumers also like the fact that this robe is nice and long and has two large pockets.
  • Love that there is a Size for Larger Individuals: Many users were larger size men who love the fact that this robe comes in larger sizes to cover their more manly form.

Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe, Contrasting Shawl Collar Bathrobe


This Del Rossa Men’s Fleece robe with a contrasting shawl collar does come in limited sizes allowing consumers to choose between small/medium or Large and X large.

You can also choose from 3 colors such as steel/black, black/steel and Navy/black. Made from 15 ounce fleece, this bathrobe is machine washable. It also has a large shawl collar, two patch pockets and a matching tie belt.

What the Reviews Say

Consumers very much like this bathrobe and find several features they love including:

Comfortable, roomy fit: It has a comfortable roomy fit that allows them to feel cocooned in the soft warmth of this fleece.

Good Length: For those who aren’t looking for an ankle length robe, people like the length of this robe that falls between their knee and mid-calf.

Well Made: It is extremely well made and durable.

Great Looking: Most consumers find it to be extremely good looking, which makes them enjoy wearing it all the more often.

Del Rossa Men’s Flannel Robe Soft Cotton Bathrobe Robe


This Del Rossa Men’s Flannel Bathrobe comes in several different sizes including small, medium, Large, X Large, XX large and XXX large. Made from 100% cotton with a wide shawl collar and 2 large pockets, this robe has both an inside tie and a matching belt.

It comes in a wide number of designs and colors as well and is perfect for those users who want a warm comfortable bathrobe, but don’t have the need for a heavier fleece robe.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this flannel bathrobe are very good with many consumers finding several things that they really liked about it including:

Soft and Light Weight: It is soft and comfortable without feeling overly heavily to the person who is wearing it, while still allowing them to feel comfortable in the softness of the fabric.

Nice Length: Users like its length. It is neither so long that they feel as though they will trip over it when walking, nor so short that they worry about showing more than they want if they sit down without wearing anything beneath the robe.

Well Constructed: Consumers feel that it is extremely well constructed. It has a nice roomy fit without feeling oversized and the seams are well sewn so most users don’t feel as though the robe is going to fall apart in the wash.

Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe, Sweatshirt Style Hooded Bathrobe


This Del Rossa men’s Cotton Sweatshirt Style Hooded bathrobe is the perfect robe for those men who are more comfortable in sweats that in other styles of clothing.

It is currently available in large/Xlarge and has a cotton exterior and polyester interior. It comes in 4 unique colors including dark heather gray, Midnight blue, Black and red.

Also, it has 2 pockets, a tie belt, a hood and banded cuffs. It is machine washable on the cool water setting and can be dried on low heat.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews are very good with users´feedback focusing on the following pros:

Comfortable and Roomy: Consumers say that it is extremely comfortable and roomy giving them plenty of room to move around.

Warm: Most of them find that it is warm without being overly warm, making it a perfect robe to wear all year round.

Durable: It holds up extremely well and should last people for several years, becoming a favorite robe over time.

Well Made: Users mention it is extremely well made with good stitching which only adds to the overall comfort and use of this robe.

Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe, Lightweight Woven Bathrobe


Not all men live in the type of climate where heavy warm robes are necessary. For those men who don’t need the warmth of heavier fleece, this Del Rossa Men’s lightweight cotton woven bathrobe meets their needs.

It comes in several sizes including small, Medium, large, X large, XX large and XXX large as well as in several great colors and prints.

This lounge robe is 100% cotton and machine washable. Special features include a shawl collar, belt, 2 large pockets, contrasting piping, an inside tie for added security and a matching belt.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this product are quite good with users talking about the following advantages:

Made of Soft Cotton: They really like that it is made of extremely soft cotton which makes the robe all the more comfortable.

Inner tie: Several users have mentioned that the inner tie helps them feel secure that their robe won’t accidentally come open at an inopportune moment.

Length: They also tend to like its slightly longer length and the robe doesn’t shrink when washed and dried.

Made in the USA: People really like the fact that this product is made in USA.

Del Rossa Men’s Flannel Robe


This Del Rossa Men’s flannel robe comes in three sizes small, medium and large as well as several multi-colored plaids.
It is made of 100% cotton lightweight flannel, with a nice wide shawl collar, 2 large pockets, an inner tie and a matching belt.

This is the perfect lightweight robe for spring or fall or for those living in slightly warmer climates.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this robe are very positive with users commenting upon several features they really enjoy including:

Casual, Comfortable and Roomy: Consumers say that it is casual, comfortable and roomy, which is exactly what they want in a bathrobe.

Soft: It is soft and warm without being overly warm.

Well Cut: It is also extremely well cut, well made and durable.

Bathrobes make a perfectly romantic and functional gift for any man, and giving one to the man in your life is sure to put a smile on his face and make for many nights of pleasant dreams.

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