Let’s Compare Cella Shaving Cream And Cella Shaving Soap

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If you are looking to experience an old fashioned luxurious wet shave, you are going to want to choose a high quality artisan Shaving soap or shaving cream. Cella Shaving soap or shaving cream certainly fits the bill for those looking for a luxurious old fashioned type of shave.

Handmade and almost completely unchanged since 1899, Cella Shaving cream and Shaving soap have their own following for over 100 years.

The problem for most users is deciding between the Cella Shaving Soap or the Cella Shaving cream since they find that comparing these two products is almost impossible, because they simply can’t tell the difference between the two.

Cella Shaving Cream

Our review and a close comparison of the two will help you decide whether to try the soap or the shaving cream.

The Features

Whoever spends a little time, they will find that the features for the Cella shaving cream and the Cella shaving soap are almost identical. These features include:

  • Both are handmade and imported from Italy.
  • Both have a pleasing Almond Fragrance.
  • Both contain tallow.
  • Both come in a 5.4 ounce container (although you can also buy large blocks of the soap.)
  • Both come in a red plastic container with a screw on lid and the two products even state the exact same thing on the label.

The price works out to about $2 an ounce which I think is quite reasonable for a quality shaving cream like Cella.

I also like the scent which is a sort of mix between Tallow and Almond.

The red tub is a little on the smaller size. I am used to larger tubs but this also does the job quite well. At the same time, the size of the tub makes it easier for traveling.

Cella Shaving Cream Ingredients

In a side by side comparison of the ingredients under both the Cella Shaving Cream and the Cella Shaving soap, it is easy to see that the ingredients are exactly the same and in the exact same order.

Ingredients include: Cocos Nucifera, Tallow, Steric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium and water.

The manufacturers of Cella are actually very smart to manufacture their product as both a shaving soap and a shaving cream since it will grab the attention of those people who prefer one or the other type of shaving products.

What Do The Customers Say?

Reviews for this product are exceptionally good though there were couple of users with sensitive skin that felt some irritation. Still, after going through hundreds of reviews I didn´t come across this problem with the majority of customers.

What users really like in this shaving product includes:

The Use of Tallow and Coconut: Tallow and coconut oil help the razor glide across the skin easily. It also provides a buffer between your skin and the razor.

Good Lather: Cella Shave soap/shave cream does lather rather quickly and easily as well as builds enough lather to provide men with a sense of luxury. Once you load it up on the brush, it will easily last you three passes.

The Scent: While there are a few users who do not like the scent of this shave cream, most users really enjoy its scent and feel that it adds to their shaving experience.

Thick Layer: It provides a nice thick layer of soap giving your skin more than sufficient protection.

Reasonable Price: It comes at a reasonable price and people were happy with the cost per ounce.


Cella Shaving SoapI would recommend this product and overall customer response has been very positive. It has a nice subtle scent and it is very easy to load up.

The company has been been making this cream for over 100 years which speaks a lot in favor of the product.

Let me mention here a comment of one of the users, which I liked, who said that calling it a shaving cream soap would be a good description.

So, if you are considering purchasing Cella shaving cream or shaving soap, you can pick either one since the results would be the same.

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