Conair GMT900 iStubble And Facial Trimmer Review

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One of the current and most popular trends in men’s beards is the rugged 5 o’clock shadow look that all the ladies seem to love. However, finding a trimmer that can give you that realistic, but well groomed stubble look can often be difficult.

Conair iStubble beard trimmer review

Conair iStubble and facial trimmer seems to have solved this problem. But, just how well does this trimmer perform and can it be used for people who love their mustaches, goatees and full beards as well as that 5 o’clock shadow? This review will help you discover the answers to these questions.

During my research, I kept coming across two models, Conair GMT900 and GMT900R and nowhere I could find any explanation about the difference between the two. I contacted Conair and they promptly replied saying that there is no difference and the “R” is only to indicate the revised packing.

Before we get into the detailed review, it´s important to note that if you are sporting a LONG beard, this trimmer is NOT the right one for you. If you see the chart below, the maximum cutting length is 5 mm which, as we know, is too short to maintain a longer beard or goatee.
The Conair iStubble and facial trimmer is especially designed for men who want to maintain that stubble look.

Here is a quick video to get to know this trimmer´s basic features before you read them in full detail.


Features At A Glance

  • Comes in both a standard and bonus trimmer package.
  • Both packages have the same trimmer and use advanced blade technology with a floating contour head.
  • This trimmer can be used for short whiskers, beards, goatees and mustaches.
  • Has an electric length control that offers 15 different length settings.
  • Comes with a dual battery system.
  • Metronomic design won’t tire you out.
  • LCD setting let’s you know when your trimmer needs charging.
  • Cordless operation.
  • The Bonus iStubble and Facial trimmer comes with a nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer as well as 2 attachments and a carry case.

Hair Length Settings & Combs

This trimmer is designed to cut facial hair between 0.4mm and 5mm although you can get a closer cut by lifting back the guard. The trimming comb can be neatly folded back for you to use the blade directly for a very close shave, giving you a zero setting.

Using it without the guide comb, it is ideal for shaping and cleaning the neck area. It won´t give you a clean shave like an electric shaver, but it comes pretty close.

The iStubble does not come with any combs, however it does have a built in length control that allows you to chose from 15 different length settings. I like that option as it saves you from carrying various combs when you are travelling or even for storing.

As you will see from the following breakdown of measurements, it gives you a wide choice to set the trimmer precisely at your required length.

1 – 0.4 mmConair iStubble blades
2 – 0.6 mm
3 – 0.8 mm
4 – 1    mm
5 – 1.4 mm
6 – 1.6 mm
7 – 1.8 mm
8 – 2    mm
9 – 2.5 mm
10 – 3    mm
11 – 3.5 mm
12 – 4    mm
13 – 4.5 mm
14 – 5    mm

Blades, Cleaning & Maintenance

The reviews are very positive about the quality of blades and a great majority says that unlike other trimmers, one doesn´t have to pass the trimmer back and forth to get an even trim.

The iStubble comes with a stainless steel blade that needs little or no maintenance. The manufacturers recommend to oil the blades occasionally. Use just a couple of drops of oil, run the machine for a few seconds and wipe it well after that.

The floating contour head gives you an even shave while following the contours of each individual face. This comes very handy for under the chin area to help you get a consistent length.

Cleaning the trimmer can be easily done with a brush or it can be rinsed under the tap.

Battery, Power & Cord

The iStubble and Facial trimmer uses a NI-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydrite) dual battery system. The input of the power charger is 100-240 volts.

You need to charge for 16 hours before the first use and after that, 90 minutes of charge will give you 45 minutes of trimming time.

The Conair iStubble and Facial Trimmer is completely cordless for more convenient trimming.

 I had a little laugh watching this video. It goes more into details but a bit long. If you have 12 minutes, you may want to see it even if it´s just to have a few laughs.

Additional Features

The iStubble has several additional features that some users may find useful. These features include a floating cutting head which follows the contours of your face for a more even trim. It also has an LCD indicator that shows both the setting you have locked in and the amount of power left on your battery.

It has a modern ergonomic design and doesn´t give that plasticy feel. One can sense the quality just by looking at it and its wide range of features go beyond lots of the other trimmers.

What´s In The Box

When you purchase the iStubble you will get:

>> The trimmer

>>  Charger

>>  Carry case

>>  Oil lubricant bottle

Consumer Reviews & Ratings

Consumer reviews for the Conair iStubble and facial trimmer are good. Many users of this trimmer find it serves their needs extremely well. However, some users did find some disadvantages that bears thinking about. These disadvantages include:

>> This trimmer makes it difficult to trim under your nose.

>> A small minority of users found the battery life extremely short.

What Users Saw as Advantages of the iStubble Facial Trimmer

As mentioned before, many users really like it and feel it did what it was designed to do. Here is a list of the advantages those users saw:

>> Gives a perfect 5 o’clock shadow look.

>> Easy to use.

>> Glides smoothly with no pulling.

>> Easy to adjust length settings.

Ratings for the iStubble are not just good, but great. There are hundreds of reviews for this trimmer scattered over the internet and they all give consistently good ratings overall.


There are several pros that make that iStubble worth considering:

  • Cuts fast and clean.
  • Doesn’t pull or irritate skin.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adjustable lengths are easy to set.
  • Digital display gives settings and power left.
  • Good price.


  • Battery life is shorter than normal.
  • Hinges on the guard are made of plastic and can break easily.
  • Not good for longer beards.

Dimensions & Storage

This is a small trimmer measuring only 3.5” X 7.2” X11” and weighing 14.4 ounces. Its small lightweight size makes it easy to hold and use even for fairly long periods of time.

The iStubble cuts a path of about 4cm with guard on.

It also comes with a soft carry case that helps to keep the trimmer clean and protects it when traveling.

Price & Warranty

While this isn’t the lowest priced trimmer on the market, it does run at the lower end of the mid-priced trimmers that are available on the market.

The Conair iStubble comes with a 2 year limited warranty. This is a fairly lengthy warranty when you consider the price of this trimmer.


Overall, there are far more pros than cons when purchasing Conair iStubble and facial trimmer. While not everyone found this trimmer to be exactly what they were looking for, a vast majority of users really like it and said they would recommend it to others.

It appears that those people who have purchased it primarily for keeping the stubble look are the most satisfied with the way it performs.

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