Dos And Don’ts When Cleansing Dry Facial Skin

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Skin hydrationAlthough we know how important face cleansing for our daily skin care is, we quite often neglect to do things or we just do them incorrectly.

Dry skin can often feel itchy and react with a rash or other forms of irritation. Also, pollution, bacteria, makeup, dead cells and sebum daily affect dry skin’s health negatively.

If we do not remove the above from the skin, it can lose its brightness and softness, get irritated and red, and over time (often times very fast) experience visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Therefore, we have many good reasons for not neglecting our daily face cleansing provided that the process and the products we use are suitable for the type of skin we have and its special needs.

When it comes to cleansing dry face skin, here are the dos and don’ts you should keep in mind in order to avoid irritation and prevent premature aging.


  1. Choose gentle cleansing products that respect the pH of your skin and do not disturb its natural balance. Harsh cleansing agents remove the natural oils from the outer layer of your complexion, leading to dry skin that is more vulnerable to irritation. Also, make sure that the product of your choice does not contain alcohol or synthetic fragrance because both are drying ingredients.
  2. Look for facial cleansers that contain moisturizing agents such as glycerin or pro-vitamin B5. After cleansing, your skin needs to be soft and smooth and not rough, dry or itchy.
  3. Use a small amount of product when cleansing the face because if you use a lot, you will need more time to rinse it off and excessive contact with the water can dry the skin. Cleansers with pumps or handy to use squeeze tubes can help you have more control over the amount you need each time. Once you get the amount you want, apply on your face and massage the skin gently with your fingertips. If you are used to wearing a lot of makeup, you should find a cleanser that is not only gentle but good at removing makeup fast without drying out the skin. A great natural oil to remove makeup is jojoba oil which is good for the skin of both men and women.
  4. The secret to keep dry and sensitive skin smooth is applying gentle movements. Never rub your skin, just dab. Also, always use a hydrating serum after cleansing and a good moisturizer for dry skin.


  1. Avoid intense exfoliating. The main reason we exfoliate is to remove the dead cells from the skin’s surface. By choosing aggressive exfoliating products and rubbing the skin, all you will manage is to damage the surface, so your skin will become more vulnerable to irritation. Thus, especially for dry skin, choose gentle exfoliators like exfoliating products that contain AHAs. These natural acids exfoliate gently while at the same time improve the skin’s hydration levels. Exfoliating once a week is enough for deep cleansing and revitalizing dry skin types.
  2. Avoid face cleansing your face too often and stay away from hot water. Water is essential for good skin health, that´s why we make sure to maintain the lower layers of the skin with adequate moisture levels. On the other hand, frequent contact with the water -particularly when it’s hot- removes the lipids from the outer layer, resulting in dry skin. Therefore, you need to wash your face with lukewarm water and finish the cleansing procedure as fast as you can.

In conclusion, these were some dos and don’ts to cleanse dry facial skin, avoiding irritation and keeping it hydrated.

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