Dubs Stache Cream Mustache Wax

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Whether your pride in that great mustache has you eager to join in on a “stache competition” or you simply want to impress your friends and co-workers with that great handlebar or Musketeer stache, having a firm mustache wax should give you that masculine and debonaire look.

Features of this wax includes:

Dubs Mustache Wax

Dubs Stache Wax comes in two different styles, one provides a light to medium hold, the other is Dubs Stache cream which is designed for competitions and offers a “firm” hold that keeps your stache end curled and those stray hairs in line all day long.

  • Organic and all natural ingredients.
  • Beeswax mustache wax for men.
  • Competition style wax lasts all day.
  • No Petroleum.
  • Hand made in the U.S.A.

This cream comes out of the tin easily and is simple to work into your stache where it gives you just the right amount of hold.

How To Apply

The Dubs Stache Cream couldn´t be more easy to apply. What I like even more is that it does not require any warming.

Just take a bit out with your nail and rub it between your index finger and the thumb and it´s ready to apply. It is recommended that you apply on one side at a time and spread it evenly using a comb.

What Do the Customers Say

Holds Well: Dubs mustache cream holds exceptionally well. Many users state that it provides all day hold. It holds even in humid environments better than many other waxes consumers have tried.

Conditions as it Holds: Not only does this wax hold well, but it actually conditions while it holds, leaving your stache feeling and looking healthier.

Great Scent: While in the case of most other mustaches waxes, some users like their scent and others don´t, surprisingly almost every man who has used this wax actually liked the smell.

Easy to Open Tin: Customers really like the fact that the lid of this tin screws on rather than slides and has to be pried off. Not only does this screw on lid makes opening the tin easier even with damp hands but it also prevents it from sliding open in your pocket like some other mustache waxes.


The founder of the Dubs Stache wax developed it for his personal use after spending some time trying other brands. He was not happy about the idea of applying waxes full of chemicals. So, he developed this product with organic ingredients.

He maintains an award winning mustache himself, so he produced this strong hold wax which has proven very successful.

It comes at a very reasonable price for such a good quality wax and the users have been very satisfied with it.


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