Edwin Jagger DE8 Double Edge Safety Razor Review

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The Edwin Jagger Company is a family owned business that opened in Sheffield, England in 1988. In just two decades, this company went from a virtually unknown company to one of the most popular brands of men’s grooming products in the world.

Edwin Jagger DE8Double Edge Safety Razor Review

This Edwin Jagger DE8 Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor is just one of the reasons this company has experienced such a rapid growth in popularity in such a short period of time.

Product Features

The Edwin Jagger DE8has several features that makes it ideal for both those people who are new to using safety razors and more experienced users.

These features include:

This Razor fits all standard sized blades: Since this product fits all standard sized blades, you can use the brand of blade you like best and this razor will give you the best possible shave.

Closed Comb Edge: The closed comb edge helps to reduce the likelihood of nicks and cuts when shaving, making it great for those learning how to properly shave using a safety razor.

Highly Polished Chrome Finish: It has a highly polished chrome finish over a brass tubular handle making this product both durable and great looking.

Angled Head: Its angled head makes it easier to get the close shave you want.
3.7 inch length razor and 3.3 inch handle: That makes it an averaged sized razor that is easy for most people to handle.

User Reviews

Reviews for the Edwin Jagger DE8 Double Edge Safety Razorare exceptionally good and users find many advantages when using it.

People really like the looks of this product finding it to have a kind of old fashioned classic look. They feel it is made from good quality material, and the chrome finish is bright and durable.

It is easy to change blades and users find the angled head great. This razor is perfectly balanced and weighted so that it glides across the skin effortlessly and gives a comfortably close shave.

Users also find it easy to clean. Most of them say that this DE is perfect for beginners as it is less aggressive than many other razors.

While most users have reviewed that the chrome plating is of an exceptional quality and extremely durable, there were very few others who have mentioned that the chrome plating corrodes.

Since the plating issue seems to have affected only very few razors, this may be an issue of these products slipping past quality control. Besides, a reputable company like this would never let such a problem linger on without taking care of this issue.

In conclusion, Edwin Jagger DE8 Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razorhas proven itself to be a high quality razor that sells for a reasonable price and with care it can last for several years of close shaving.

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