Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush Review

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Founded in Sheffield, England, in 1988, the Edwin Jagger company was born. This family’s owned and operated business has helped to make old fashioned Double Edge shaving trendy once again by manufacturing a variety of well made high end shaving soaps, creams, brushes and razors.

Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush

The Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush is one of this company’s high quality shaving brushes and sports the following features:

  • Large bristled brush with a medium size handle.
  • Brush’s handle and the accompanied drip stand are Faux Ebony.
  • Brush softens and lifts beard hair to make shaving close and easier.
  • Handmade in England.

The Edwin Jagger Large silver tip badger shaving brush is designed to make shaving more luxurious and fun. Its bristles are slightly stiff, but the tips that hold the water and are used to distribute the lather to the face are incredibly soft.

This product should last the user for several years if properly cared for. Proper care consists of rinsing the brush thoroughly in warm water and immediately placing it in a drip stand to dry. Laying it on its side or standing it with the bristles upright will shorten its useful life.

Who is this Shaving Brush Mostly Suitable For?

This Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush is not designed for the novice or casual DE shaver. It is designed for those people who enjoy DE shaving and who want to experience the luxury that DE shaving can bring to their life.

People who purchase this brush tend to want the best and most functional shaving equipment money can buy and feel that this product takes double edge shaving to the next level.

What the Reviews Say

Ratings and reviews are extremely positive with the vast majority of users feeling that this brush is well worth the price. The only complaint that some men seem to have is that the handle is smaller than what they expected.

However, these are the benefits users do experience from using this brush:

Densely Packed Bristles: Several people find that it has a lot of bristles, all densely packed together, which makes it retain more water and have the ability to create a richer thicker lather so that it transfers more of that lather to the face when preparing for shaving.

Feels Great On the Face: When men use this brush to apply lather to their face, they state that it feels great on the face. One user even described the experience as being “kissed by an angel.” There are no uneven bristles to poke the skin and the tips of the bristles are soft enough to almost massage the face.

Very Little Shedding: Users find that the bristles are attached well, and that this product sheds very little unlike many cheaper brushes on the market.

Users do state that they wish the drip stand that accompanies the brush was better made since the forked area where you set its handle is quite short and causes the bristles that are close to the back of the stand to be squashed against the stand’s back. However, since the stand is an extra, this complaint isn’t considered to be a deal breaker.

While not everyone who uses a shaving brush is going to want to purchase an expensive shaving brush, those who really want to take their shaving experience to the next level find that the Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush has the type of quality they are looking for in a luxury shave.

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