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Man using electric razorElectric razors, or razors using electricity to run the blades, have been around since 1928, when Schick came up with his motorized razor.

Providing a smooth, even and fast shave without the need for water or shaving gel, electric razors are today amongst the most common electrical appliances used for personal care.

As with any technology, electric razors too have evolved, and even the worst electric razors offer a better shave than what their predecessors did.

But we want the best electric razor, right? Search for one on the internet, and chances are that you’ll be mobbed by the technical jargon that companies love to confuse their customers with.

Now there is no reason why you should be driven by potentially meaningless figures into buying products that may not only provide you with an unsatisfactory shave, but may also lead to bumps and cuts.

To be honest, there is no one criterion by which even the best electric shavers can be judged, and it therefore becomes important to read through balanced reviews of electric razors in order to gain a good idea of the product. In general, however, they fall into two categories:


  • Foil blade razors – which have a linear blade moving up and down beneath a wire mesh, which is pressed to your skin. The hairs are pushed through the mesh and cut by the rapid movement of the blade.
  • Rotating blade razors – Composed of (usually) three sets of circular blades behind a wire mesh, rotating razors also cut the hair which protrudes through the mesh when the razor is pressed against the skin.


There is no clear answer as to which type of razor performs better. Foil razors are older, while rotating razors were introduced later by Philips-Norelco. It is often claimed that rotating razors have greater number of blades and are hence more thorough, but the survival of foil razors testifies to their popularity.

It is also often asked – are electric razors safe? Electric razors, like all razors, are safe as long as they work properly. In particular, you must ensure that the wire mesh is secure, and there are no electrical issues involved. Again like all razors, it is vital to cleanse the blades periodically, since clogged blades not only reduce efficiency, but can cause the device to malfunction as well.

A third query that arises is whether either of them is as efficient as a normal razor. It is a natural assumption that because of the wire mesh, the efficiency of the shave will be reduced. This is not absolutely true, since technology has progressed to ensure that the best electric razors do manage to reach as close to the skin surface as possible.

However, you should keep in mind that the shaving techniques have to be modified somewhat when shifting to an electric razor, and this may lower efficiency initially.

Efficiency is not the only concern of the travelling professional though – he needs his razor to be water-resistant and to be able to survive for long without charging cables. Like any electrical appliance, electric razors are not capable of surviving a plunge in the bathtub, but many of the best electric razors do survive the onslaught of running water amicably.

Battery times differ widely, and you should ideally go through the reviews of electric razor carefully to determine what the battery life is in reality, unless you want to find yourself doing acrobatics with a plug point about a mile away from the bathroom.

As you may have guessed, a wrong choice with regard to any of the above criteria can have serious repercussions for your appearance and your health, not to mention your reputation as a well-groomed person.

This site, therefore gives you some of the best collection of unbiased electric razor reviews, facts and tips that will help you cut through market jargon to choose wisely when purchasing a new electric razor.

Further, I understand that it takes some effort to figure out how to use any appliance, and therefore, I try to provide all possible information regarding the methods of shaving and precautions to be taken to ensure a safe and comfortable shave.

Have a great day – and a great shave to start it off with!


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