Face Mist Spray Benefits For The Skin

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Face mist spray is one of those products that people may not think that it is so important for their skin care as face moisturizers or serums, but it is a really beneficial skin care product for all types of skin and especially useful not only for those hot summer months but for colder months as well.

Consisting of enhanced formulas, face mist sprays refresh, protect and moisturize the skin during the day and even during the night. In my case, face mists are great for hydrating the skin nicely before applying my serum and they often replace toners while a lot of women use them before applying makeup. 

In this article, we will have a look at the face mist spray benefits for skin as well as its uses. 

What is a Face Mist?

A face mist spray is a formulation based on the beneficial properties of healing waters which have a soothing, stimulating and rejuvenating function. 

A lot of these mist sprays are also often enhanced with a particular ingredient that is good for a specific type of skin, for example rose facial mist for mature or dry types of skin, cucumber face mist for all types of skin or lavender face mist for acne prone or oily skin.​​​​

They also contain various plant extracts that are good for soothing and refreshing the skin such as aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, geranium and others. 

How to Choose the Best Face Mist

Face mist sprays are normally gentle formulations that combine light and skin beneficial ingredients which do not irritate the skin. 

Nevertheless, it is always better to look for products that contain natural or organic ingredients which are good for your type of skin and are free of harmful chemicals. 

So, if you just want some extra hydration for your skin, you can go for a simple Thermal water spray like the one that Avene or other companies offer, but if you need to deal with some unpleasant effects of your skin type or condition, you need to look for a more specialized product which contains ingredients that help improve your skin condition and are right for your skin type.

Also, some companies offer small bottles to try out which are also very handy for travelling or keeping them in your bag. 

How to Use Face Mist Spray and Is it Good for Oily and Dry Skin?

Initially, face mist sprays with thermal water intended to intensively hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier in order to relieve skin irritation. 

​But, over time, beauty companies have discovered that adding other valuable ingredients to those hydrating and toning formulas such as sunscreen filters, vitamins as well as soothing or antioxidant components provides enhanced function as well as protection from oxidative stress and therefore premature skin aging.

Especially during those hours of the day that our skin is exposed to factors that negatively affect its protective barrier such as the sun, air pollution and temperature fluctuations, face mist sprays refresh the skin, stimulating it and protecting It against those adverse conditions. 

Face mist products are easy to use as long as they are sprayed close to your face or from a short distance. Generally, they are suitable for all types of skin but there are specialized products that are designed for a specific type of skin in mind. 

So, let’s see now in detail the face mist spray benefits for skin:


Soothing and moisturizing function

Redness and irritation is an indication of the disruption of the skin barrier. Just think of the skin barrier as a defensive wall which protects your skin from all those threats such as environmental pollution, sun and even bacteria. 

Face mist products that have these properties and are beneficial for all types of skin are Thermal Water Sprays which are rich in minerals and other trace elements that balance, strengthen and protect its cells from external attacks. They also have soothing, skin relieving and softening properties while they are great for promoting heal in sun damaged skin as well.

There are different thermal water sprays offered by reputable companies today such as Eau ThermaleAvène Thermal Spring Water, evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray and a lot of others. You can have a look at the best thermal water sprays. 


Hydration and sun protection

Daily exposure to ultraviolet and infrared sun rays is one of the factors that contributes to the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin and the disruption of the stratum corneum barrier. 

To maintain water hydration in the skin at normal levels, intensive hydration and protection is needed which is offered by day creams in combination with specialized sunscreens. 

But, as experts say, in order to retain sun protection, we need to renew our sunscreen every two hours, which is often times impossible if we are out in the street. In this case, SPF Face mist sprayscome handyin offering enhanced sun protection and hydration. In order to benefit from the full spectrum of the sunscreen filters of those formulas, you need to spray your face at least four times.

Use a face mist with SPF by spraying 20 centimeters away from the face and allow one second each time for it to dry before reapplication.


Protection against environmental pollution

Our skin has pores, so all those environmental pollutants such as smog, dust, gases and others penetrate into the stratum corneum and gradually weaken the skin barrier, which leads to premature aging. 

Specialized face mist sprays contain antioxidant ingredients mainly of plant origin that protect against dehydration and urban pollution. Dandelion is a good natural ingredient to enhance protection against environmental skin threats. 


Enhanced hydration

Prolonged exposure of the skin to water removes the natural lipids from the stratum corneumso that it is no longer able to retain moisture, leading to dehydration. Instructions on the bottles of mist sprays thatcontain only water recommend a gentle dabbing of the skin with a pad after a few minutes in order to prevent water evaporation. 

In this case, a hydrating face mist that contains antioxidant photophenols and plant glycerin is great for softening and preventing loss of hydration in the skin, but if your skin is dry, you should look for an enhanced hydrating mist such as a Coconut Milk Mist. 


Makes makeup more durable and natural looking

Before applying makeup, a facial mist can moisturize, smooth and keep moisture on the surface of the skin, thus creating the ideal environment for makeup application. After makeup application, it makes foundation look natural and stay on the skin longer.

MAC Fix+ Skin Refresher/Finishing Mist contains vitamins and minerals, and is enhanced with skin calming ingredients such as green tea and chamomile. Users love using this mist to finish their makeup and add radiance to their face. 


Reduces Oiliness in the face

Oiliness especially in the T-Zone as well as enlarged skin pores are two of the things that people with oily skin have to deal with daily. In this case, a face mist that purifies the pores, keeping them clean, releasing excess sebum and preventing breakouts is what it is really needed. 

Witch Hazel in one of those ingredients that help with oily and acne prone skin. Have a look at some great options of face mist products for oily skin to fight oiliness, rejuvenate the skin and keep it feeling fresh and clean. 

Lavender Face Mist Benefits for Skin

Lavender is a plant ingredient with many beneficial properties for the skin. It is good for acne prone skin and can be used for inflammatory skin conditions as well as to heal sunburn. 

​A good quality lavender face mist is suitable for calming, toning and soothing the complexion as well as relieving and hydrating dry skin. Jurlique Hydrating Mist with Lavender is wonderfully relaxing, soothing and great for oily skin as well.

Cucumber Face Mist Benefits

Cucumber is great for cooling, toning and re-energizing the skin. When it is combined with other natural ingredients, it works great for all types of skin including sensitive skin.

​Mario Badescu Skin Care Facial Spray with Aloe,Cucumber And Green Tea gathers some great users´ reviews.

Rose Face Mist Benefits

Rose is a wonderful natural ingredient with many benefits for the skin. A quality rose face mist such as HD Beauty Rose Water Calming Face Toner and Mist, which also contains aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, Witch Hazel and green tea, works great for hydrating the skin as well as brightening and soothing it but it also has some anti-aging benefits. 

All in all, face mist spray benefits for skin make it a great skin care staple for all types of skin and especially sensitive skin, but you always need to check the full list of ingredients so they are gentle enough as well as plant based and beneficial for your skin type and condition. 

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