Father’s Mustache Wax

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Founded in 1886, the Colonial Dames company is believed to be one of the oldest skin care cosmetic companies in the country.

Having been owned and operated by the same family for 4 generations, this company makes skin care products for both women and men.

Father’s Mustache wax is one of their more popular men’s products.

Features of This Product:

  • Neutral shade for all mustache colors.
  • Leak proof stick.
  • Applies like chap stick.

Father's Mustache Wax

Unlike many other mustache waxes that come in a tin or a tube that you squeeze the wax out of, Father´s Mustache Wax comes in a stick like chap stick (or a glue stick).

You simply rub it on your mustache, work it in within your fingers and then style and shape your stache any way you like.

What Do The Customers Say

Reviews and ratings for Father’s Mustache Wax are good with most users really liking this wax.

Some negative comments have to do with the way it smells. The aroma of this wax does not seem to be very appealing for everyone.

However, for those who don´t mind the smell or don’t notice it, this wax seems to have many features that they enjoy including:

Blends Invisibly: Users really like the fact that when this mustache wax says neutral, it really is neutral and blends into your mustache giving it an invisible hold.

Some other waxes dry white, or have colors that do not quite match your stache color, leaving it looking darker than it actually is.

Easy to Apply: Many men find it easy to apply since you simply roll up the stick, and then rub it on your mustache. You then work the wax into the mustache hairs and style it the way you like.

Medium/Firm Hold: This wax is firm enough to hold the hairs in place but it doesn’t feel like glue.

However, users do point out that if you curl the ends of your stache, this wax won’t hold the curl as well as a firmer wax will.

No Heavy Build-Up: It washes out easily, leaving behind no heavy build up to make your stache look dirty.


While not one of the most well known mustache waxes, Father’s Mustache wax has its own unique following and meets the needs of many consumers.

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