Feather Double Edge Razor Blades Review

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According to the Feather razor company, Feather razor blades are the sharpest razor blades on the planet, and judging from all the positive and negative reviews across the net, the company may just be correct.

But I would like to dig deeper into the controversy going on about feather blades being too sharp and cutting easily.

I have been a user of feather blades and never have I cut myself. On the contrary, I have cut myself with other blades which are a lot less sharp.

If you think about it, it´s easier to cut yourself with a blunt or a dull blade than a sharp one. The reason is that if you are using a sharp blade, you don´t need to apply pressure, whereas using a less sharp blade will make you press harder to get a close shave. It´s usually the pressure that gives you nicks and cuts.

The other factor to take into account is the preparation of your skin. If you have not lathered the skin well, you are more likely to cut yourself regardless of the kind of blade you are using (feather or any other blade.)

Shaving can be much more fun if you follow the correct process of lathering the skin, using the correct tools, shaving in short passes and always following the growth of your hair.

If the correct process and technique is followed, you should not have any problem with Feather blades. So, in reality there is no need to fear these blades as some do.

If you have not tried them, there are smaller packs available to try. You may love it as I do. I have reviewed three different size packages of feather double edge razor blades to meet everyone´s needs.

Their features include:

  • Imported from Japan.
  • Platinum coated double edge stainless steel blades.
  • Sharp, smooth and comfortable.


100 Feather Razor Blades New Hi-Stainless Double Edge

100 Feather Razor Blades New Hi-Stainless Double Edge

This package of 100 Feather Razor blades comes in ten packages of 10 razor blades in each package.

Depending on how many shaves you get from one blade, this package may well last most users a year or more.

Feather Double Edge Blade 30 Count

Feather Double Edge 30 Count

This 30 count of Feather double edge blades come in six packages of 5 blades per pack which are perfect for those people who have never used Feather blades and want to give them a fair try.

These 30 blades should be enough for you to shave with them for a few months to determine if they are right for you.

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades 50 Counts

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades 50 Counts

The Feather 50 count package of blades is perfect for those people who like and know how to use feather blades for their shaving needs, but don’t want to try to store 100 blades in their medicine chest, or a drawer in their home.

These blades come in 10 packages of 5 blades per pack.

User Reviews

The reviews for all three different size packages of Feather razor blades are extremely good and these blades receive exceptionally high ratings. Strangely enough, for the 30 count package, some users stated that the blades they received were exceptionally dull, a problem that did not seem to come up with either the 100 or 50 count package.

However, overall the vast majority of people found the following benefits using these razor blades:

  • Extremely Smooth Shave- Most users state that they get an extremely smooth shave with little irritation. The lack of irritation is no doubt due to the fact that these blades are incredibly sharp and therefore you can really allow the razor to glide down your face without applying any pressure.
  • One Blade Lasts A Long Time- Due to their sharpness, most people find that a single blade lasts for several shaves with some of them stating that they can easily shave for up to 5 days using a single blade.

Overall, men really like Feather blades, finding that their sharpness delivers exactly the kind of shave they need.

However, it also seems as though the sharpness of these double edge blades also presents a two edge sword so to speak, as some people feel that they may be a little too sharp.

This could be because they are use to duller blades that require them to apply pressure to their razor when shaving to get a close shave. Obviously which can result in nicks and cuts when the same pressure is applied using these sharp razors.

For anyone who likes a sharper blade when shaving, any of these Feather razor blades should easily meet their needs.


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