Gift Ideas For Men With Beard and Mustache

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Most people have a difficult time purchasing gifts for men whether it´s their brother, father, husband or boyfriend. However, if the man on your shopping list sports a beard, mustache or both, then getting him the perfect gift should be relatively simple. Having sported a beard for many years, I have put together a list which may spark more ideas and help you decide.

Design Your Own Gift For a Beard and Mustache Man

Depending on your budget, if you really want to wow the bearded and mustached man, you can design your own personalized gift simply by buying a small attractive tote or basket and filling it up with all or some of these beard and stache care supplies. You can include:

  • A nice beard trimmer. A beard trimmer makes an excellent gift which can last for years and will give the beard a well groomed look. You can also see some of the top beard trimmers here. Alternatively, just browse our site where you can read detailed reviews of recommended trimmers.
  • A safety razor and blades. Any man who sports a beard would also need a safety razor. Although some trimmers can also do the edging work, it never comes out as close shaved as with a safety razor. You can find some of the top safety razors here.
  • Beard and mustache shampoo and conditioner. Beard grooming is never complete without the use of a good beard shampoo and conditioner. Not only will they manage the coarser hair better, giving it a softer and refreshed feeling but they will also protect the skin below from irritations since they are rich in softening and astringent ingredients.
  • Beard oil. There is such a wide variety of beard oils available and it depends a lot on each person’s personal choice. Some also come with a pleasant scent. A beard oil is good for conditioning the beard while also keeping away dandruff and preventing skin from irritations.
  • Mustache wax. Whether a man has a beard and mustache or just a mustache alone, it is recommended that he use a mustache wax to keep the hair in place. Especially if he is growing a mustache, the wax helps to keep his hair in shape or educate the hair to grow in a certain direction.
  • Beard Wax. You may be surprised to find that a beard wax is not always the same as a mustache wax. To see some of the fine quality beard waxes, click here and we have provided you with reviews for each one.
  • Mustache Comb. It´s a handy little tool to carry in the pocket for a man who takes his mustache seriously. A well combed mustache can give the man a well groomed look as opposed to a scruffy mustache with hair covering the upper lip.


Here are a few different priced gift ideas for bearded men. I have broken them down into price range to make the selection easier.


Gifts For $10.00 or Less

If you are looking for an inexpensive exchange gift or stocking stuffer for men with beard and mustache, then one of these inexpensive items may be perfect to give as a gift.

Clubman Pinaud Mustache Kit

GiftsThis kit sells for under $10.00 and includes a mustache trimmer, scissors, brush, mustache wax and a grooming comb all in one nice looking black travel case. Perfect for use when traveling.

The normal beard trimmers are a bit awkward to use for trimming a mustache, so a trimmer specifically for a mustache comes very handy in this kit. Equally, mustache wax is useful to give you a well groomed look.

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A Good Beard and Mustache Comb

There are several well made beard and mustache combs including folding “switchblade” style combs that make perfect inexpensive gifts for bearded and mustached guys.

In case you are not aware, beard combs are specially designed with rounded polished teeth. A normal comb´s teeth can be too sharp and may scratch the skin. Also, I would not suggest you buy a low priced comb/scissors kit. I have tried it and the scissors quality is not up to mark and the teeth of the comb can break easily.

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 Nose and Ear Trimmer

Andis nose ear trimmerThis may not be related to beards but no man should be without a nose trimmer. They come in a wide range of prices.

Here is one made by  a well known company for grooming products. It is priced very reasonably for under $10 and gets lot of satisfied customer reviews. It would make a great gift for men.

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Gift For $20.00 or Less

For those who are still looking for an inexpensive gift for a man with beard and/or mustache, then these gifts should be met with some enthusiasm:

Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Wahl groomsman beard and mustache trimmerThis trimmer comes with a 6 position beard comb, 3 individual guide combs, a charger, a storage stand, a cleaning brush and a travel case.

You can use it corded or cordless and comes with stay sharp blades, making it completely maintenance free. It has hundreds of positive reviews spread all over the net.

You can get all of the above for under $20.00 which is a pretty good value and will make a great gift.

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Beardsley Ultra Beard Shampoo

Perfect for cleaning and softening even the coarsest beard hair this beard shampoo leaves the facial hair feeling fresh and has a pleasant cantaloupe scent smell.

Also, it is a good product to use if you are starting to grow your beard, which may be giving some itchy feeling.

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Beard Conditioners and Balms

Beard ConditionerThere are also several excellent beard conditioners and balms that make great gifts for the man who wants to keep his beard soft and healthy.

These products help to prevent the itching which is usually caused by new growth. Best to go for a natural product without the use of harsh chemicals or preservatives.
Here you will see a wide range mostly under $20.

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Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

Along with beard shampoos and oils, there is a number of different brands of mustache waxes that will allow that man with a stache to style it in any manner he pleases.

This particular brand is just under $20 and a popular choice. It is very easy to apply and one application in the morning should last you the whole day.

A word of warning from my experience, do not go for low quality waxes as they can give you problems in humid or hot conditions.

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Gifts For $50.00 Or Less

If you are looking for a little higher quality and priced gift, there are plenty to be found. Here is a look at a few ideas that may be of interest:

Beard Trimmers

Wahl Peanut TrimmerWahl offers a great quality and a number of reasonably priced trimmers for under $50.00, including the ever popular Wahl peanut. At only 4 inches long and weighing only 4 ounces, the Wahl peanut is perfect for any bearded and mustache man on the go.

You can also browse our beard trimmer reviews where you will find several other brands that offer high quality trimmers for $50.00 or under. Our recommendations include Andis Professional and Philips Norelco.

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Safety Razor

Parket 99R safety razorBeard grooming is not complete without the use of a safety razor. For shaping and edging on the cheeks and the neck, a razor is a must. Some people just use the throw away kind but a nice gift would be to buy a quality safety razor.

Some of the best safety razors available at a reasonable price are:

Parker 99R Safety Razor is a popular choice at a good price and with excellent reviews. It has a brass frame, giving it a classy look. The textured designed handle adds to its elegance while the butterfly open design makes it easy to replace blades.

Merkur Double Edge Razor unquestionably gives a high quality shaving experience. It comes with a longer handle than the normal razors, which is useful for people with larger hands. The chrome finish and textured handle gives it a superb look for a gift.


Finally, if you design your own personalized gift with a selection of different products or an individual item, make sure that the quality of each product is above average so that he gets one of the greatest gifts ever.
Also, check the terms of guarantee and the refund policy just in case he would like to change it for another product.

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