Grave Before Shave Beard Pack Review

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The Grave Before Shave Beard Pack is designed for those bearded men who travel a lot as well as for those new at beard growing who are looking to try a variety of beard products and don’t want full size bars of soap or bottles of beard oils.Grave before save beard pack

It is also great for those men looking to gift themselves or their friends with something a little special.
This beard pack contains of items to help you care for your beard which are:

  • 1 oz. bottle of ‘Grave Before Shave’ Viking Blend Beard Oil.
  • 1 oz bottle of ‘Grave Before Shave’ Bay Rum beard oil.
  • 1.25 ounce travel size of grandpa’s pine tar soap.
  • 1 novelty switch blade comb.

The Switchblade Comb

The switchblade comb that comes as part of this pack is more a fun novelty item than a serious beard comb. It is somewhat flimsy and may not stand up to long and thick grown beards.

However, it is a great conversation piece and just makes this beard pack a little more fun. You should really enjoy this comb as long as you don’t expect it to be of the high quality you will get in the other products contained in this kit.

Before we tell you what actual users think of this beard pack, we thought you might like to know a little more about each item that is included in this pack.

The Beard Oils

Both beard oils are made by ‘Grave before shave’ and contain all natural ingredients. The 1 ounce bottles come with an eye dropper and you simply put a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then rub them through your beard to work the oil into it.

The purpose of these beard oils are to condition your beard and help it remain healthy and soft. They also help to protect the skin under the beard and keep it from drying out, thus preventing that dreaded beard itch and beard dandruff.

Although these products are rich in oils, they shouldn’t leave your beard oily looking unless you use too much of the product at one time. They will, however, leave your beard shining and softer.

Grandpa’s Tar Soap

Grandpa’s pine tar soap is designed for all over bathing, shampooing and beard washing. This product has been around since the late 1800’s and has an extremely manly smell that many men like. This soap will help to soften the beard. It creates a great lather and is good at treating skin irritations including dry skin and dandruff.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews for this ‘Grave Before Shave’ Beard Pack are extremely good with most users really liking the selection of the products in this pack.

Some people feel that its price is a bit expensive, but they overall feel it suits their needs perfectly and makes for a great gift to anyone who has a beard. Here are some of the various types of comments users made about this product.

Pine Tar Soap has a Manly Scent: There were several men who commented on the soap and most liked the fact that not only does it lather, clean well and rinse off without leaving any residue, but it actually has a very manly scent.

Several also stated that they would purchase full size bars of this soap after finishing the travel size in this package.

The Viking Blend Beard Oil:  While most users liked the fact that this beard oil made their beard softer, less frizzy and with a nice shine, they did not find it had much scent to it, and tended to prefer the more obvious and manly scent of the Bay rum oil.

However, since this beard oil doesn’t seem to have much scent, it would be perfect to use when using colognes since no man wants to mix half a dozen of different scents together.

The Bay Rum Beard Oil:  Users tended to sound poetic over the scent of the Bay Rum beard oil, saying that this product really made them feel manly and that the woman in their life loved its scent as well. Like the ‘Viking blend’, this oil helped to keep their beard and their chin skin moisturized, relieved beard itchiness and gave the hair a shine and softer feel.

The Switchblade Comb:  While most people did like the fun of this comb, several felt that since the comb is cheaply made, it did not really belong to this package of otherwise high quality products. Most users felt that the other items in this pack were the real reason for them purchasing this package and that the comb was simply an added fun just like the stickers that come in the package.

Whether you are looking for a useful and interesting gift for a bearded friend or simply some products for your beard that will easily fit into that travel case, this ‘Grave Before Shave’ Beard Pack seems to fit the bill beautifully.

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