Step By Step Guide On How to Shave Well

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Shaving is practiced daily by millions of men worldwide (primarily for facial hair) and women (especially in the legs and underarms.)

Usually when talking about shaving we generally refer to facial hair but the concept of shaving can also be for hair appearing on any part of the body.

Types of Shaving

Wet shaving (Safety Razor or Straight Razor)


Wet shaving can be done at the barber shop as well as at home. The barber will use a brush and a soap and may use a straight razor whereas at home we tend to use gel or foam to soften the skin first and more commonly a safety razor.

Now with the availability of modern razors it is very easy to do it at home and within minutes get a good shave.

Wet shaving can also be done using an electric shaver. In the old days, electric shavers were only to be used for dry shaving but modern technology has facilitated us to get a wet shave, too using these machines.

There are also straight razors which can be used for wet shaving but they are harder to use and need some practice. If wrongly used, they can easily give you a nasty cut.

Dry shaving (Electric Razor)

This type of shaving’s great advantage is that we do not need to wet our face before shaving, or use any kind of shaving cream or foam. It only requires an electric razor to get a good shave. However, dry shaving may not give you such a close shave as wet shaving.

How to get the best shave Step by Step

Men shave daily around the world, but what does a good shave consist of and how can we achieve it? To get the best shave quickly and efficiently we have given an easy step by step guide below.

This can also be helpful for our youngsters who have just started with their shaving routine.

Choosing the type of shaving

Undoubtedly, the method of wet shaving works best using blades and razors so that you can get an excellent and longer lasting shave. So, the steps below are based on wet shaving.

Wet your face with warm water

If we can, it is better to shower first since the steam from the hot water will help open the pores of the skin, which will enable us to have a close shave.

If we don’t have that little bit of extra time, we just need to use hot water and wet our entire face for about 2-3 minutes and by doing so, we will open the pores and remove dead skin cells as well as dirt from the skin.

Apply a Gel or Shaving Foam

There are numerous shaving soaps and gels on the market but why should we use one? The gel or foam plays the role of protecting our skin from the direct contact of the blade and lifts facial hair to avoid irritating the skin.

Therefore, we must apply in good quantity, spreading while moving it in circles on the face after which we should wait for 1 to 2 minutes before starting to shave.

Lets start with shaving

First and foremost is to get a good quality safety razor. The difference between a good and a bad razor is huge does not only lie on the quality of shave you will get since a bad quality razor can also easily damage your skin. So, finding a good razor is the best investment you can make, considering that you will be using it every day of your life.

Once you have found that good razor, before you start shaving check its blade to see if it´s in a good condition. Most modern blades now come with a color code and you can tell if the blade has lost the color. If so, you must change it to another because it can not only cut your skin but also give you some skin irritation and a bad shave.

The best way is to shave in the direction of your hair, avoiding to go against the grain which may cause irritation. The only time you should go against the grain is when you cannot catch all of the hair due to the contours of the face.

If you are an experienced shaver, you may want to try the ultimate in shaving and use a good quality open comb safety razor.

Start off by shaving in long strokes to avoid irritation and redness. You will find that stretching your skin with the other hand in the area you are shaving will give you a more regular and comfortable shaving. Periodically, clean the razor under the tap so that there is no accumulation of hair on the blades.

We recommend that you pass the razor on the sides and the neck area first as it is easier to shave there, leaving the chin and the around the lips area for the end. Leaving the foam or gel on the chin area helps to make it more soft and smooth to shave.

If you have a mustache, rolling the tongue under the upper lip will raise that area, thus making it easier to shave.

Finally, check the area under the nose as some hairs often remain uncut and pass your razor again over such areas. Also, it is important to check before finishing that your side burns are are at an equal length. This is easily done, judging the distance from your ear lobes.

When you have finished shaving, do not wipe the blade with towels. It is better to stir and shake the razor under the tap to remove any hair stuck in it.

Wash your face with cold water and dry off with a towel or tissue

When you’ve finished shaving, wash your face to remove the remaining foam and any loose hair. Make sure that the water is more or less cold to close the pores and soothe the skin. Then, dry off with a towel lightly and without pressure, especially if you have  an acne prone skin. Use a tissue as this prevents acne rub passing to other areas.

Apply an Aftershave Lotion

Especially recommended for people with sensitive skin (although I recommend it to all) is the use of an after shave product. This will soothe the skin and leave a good smell in your face.

You should avoid an after shave which contains alcohol because that will irritate your skin. There are also specific products available for people with sensitive skin.

Congratulations, you’ve just had a GREAT SHAVE!

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