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While facial hair is becoming more popular among men, the same can’t be said for the hair on the head. Today, many men are choosing to shave off that full head of hair and go with a baldpate.

This look can be incredibly appealing and even sexy on those men with a good shaped head, keeping that head hair free takes a bit of work and the right tools.

While we will leave the actual work of keeping that head free of hair entirely up to you, we will offer a look at some of the best and most popular head shavers for men.

Headblade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

The Headblade ATX All Terrain Head Razor looks a bit like a toy car, but this head shaver doesn’t play around when it comes to giving your scalp that close shave you are looking for.

Features of this head razor include:

  • New Multiblade technology that has a flow through design to give you the most close and even head shave possible.
  • This razor is effective for shaving the head, face, body and legs.
  • Faster and more efficient than most head shavers on the market.
  • Comes with HB4 blades and is compatible with HB6 blades as well.

The Headblade ATX looks a lot like miniature and rather funny looking sports car, but the makers of this head razor urges you to look past the looks of this head shaver and see how those funny looks relate to a serious shaving experience.

The wheels help to glide this razor over your head while the floating blade adjusts to the contours of the head making it possible to shave even in those little indentions and nooks and crannies.

What the Reviews Say

While a few users feel that the Headblade Sport is better suited to their specific needs, most users find they get an incredibly close head shave using the Headblade ATX. Benefits users enjoy when using this razor include:

  • Easy to Keep a Firm Grip- Many head shavers really don’t have enough space for men with larger hands to get a good grip on their head shaver, resulting in missed areas, and a higher potential for accidents. So, users really appreciate the large area for gripping on this one stating it gives them better control when shaving their head or even their face.
  • Fast and Close Shave- Users also enjoy the fact that this razor gives them a fast, close shave when shaving their head or face. Some can’t believe how much faster the head shaving process goes.
  • Easy to Clean- Users also appreciate that it is easy to clean once they are done using it. A good rinse will usually remove all the loose hairs from the shaver, then just shake it off and leave to dry.

SS Bald Eagle Shaver by Skull Shaver

The SS Bald Eagle Electric Shaver by Skull Shaver is just one of the head shavers in this company’s line-up, though judging from the number of reviews, it is extremely popular.

Features of this shaver include:

  • Designed for bald head and face shaving.
  • Large swirling shaver head with 5 rotary cutters.
  • Easy to clean head.
  • Rechargeable cordless operation.
  • Dry/wet shave.
  • Supports 110-220Volts.

The handle of this shaver comfortably fits the palm of most men’s hands, allowing for better control when shaving. This is a battery operated head shaver, so make sure it is sufficiently charged before you begin shaving.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews are good although users are quick to point out that this shaver does not give you as close of a shave as a blade style head shaver would. However, they still find it useful if used on a regular basis to keep that hairless look and style.

Benefits of the Skull and Face Electric Shaver include:

  • Easy to Use- Users find that this skull and face shaver is extremely easy to use, which is a real plus for those men who want to get their head shaved and get on their way in hurry.
  • Great When Traveling- Users also like the fact that it is ideal for traveling. With its ability to be used with both 110 and 220 voltages, this shaver can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Users do feel that it is a tad more difficult to clean, but many feel the extra effort is worth it, considering the shave they get.

If you are looking to sport that trendy and sexy bald look, then finding the right head shaver for men is the first step in successfully creating this increasingly popular look..

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