How Do Women See A Man’s Beard?

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How women see bearded menOk, let’s start with the realization that bearded men just take a great pride in their beards.

Most of them love believing that having a beard is such a profound sign of their manhood that makes them irresistible.
But what do actually women see in men’s beards? Have you ever thought about it?

So, let’s peep into a female mind and see what women think about men with beards.

I wonder how he would look like without a beard

Especially when women see a long, bushy, thick or even a normal beard, there is no way that they won’t even once think of how that man would look like without a beard.

Apart from those times that you see a bearded man and you think that this is the ultimate look because maybe this man has an innate charm, in most of the other cases, women always have this question mark in their head of how the man would look without the beard.

While women may easily decide on which look they like more on men, men themselves, are often fearful of shaving their beard and make such a big change on their appearance which makes them look like featherless chickens as they believe. Some of them also create a sentimental or even narcissistic bond to it.

Would he shave his beard for me?

Women who are feeling insecure relating to the strength and truthfulness of their companion’s feelings and are aware of the high level of their man’s attachment to their beard, would have probably thought of the above question once to themselves. Shaving off a man’s beard who was even born with a beard on his face probably equals to those women with a strong verification of their man’s love towards them. Still, even if your man doesn’t accept to shave off his beard, don’t conclude that he doesn’t love you, he just loves his beard hairs more.. joking 🙂

How long does it take him to groom his beard?

Seeing a perfectly well groomed beard might trigger in some women’s mind the question: “How much time does he spend to groom it? I hope that it’s not more than what it takes me to put on my makeup and make my hair” Let’s face it, women like men who take care of their appearance but they no way like men who spend more time in doing so than a woman. Because a woman is born a champion in this field.

As a woman you can imagine yourself being late and the man waiting for you, right? “It happens all the time!” you would say. But can you think of the opposite happening which is a woman waiting for the man to finish with his mirror rituals? Yes, yes, yes say it: “Oh God what a nightmare!”

I love that sexy stubble look!

On some men, that stubble looks too irresistible. I don’t know exactly why it looks so attractive. Maybe because it gives the impression of a man that gave up on those conventional every day shaving rituals and succumbed to the joy of living outside the box. Maybe it’s just the overlook of a stubble beard that looks nice on most men. Who knows!

Oh..No! Not that Hedgehog feel on my Skin Again!

At a certain point of the beard growing process, some hairs can irritate women’s skin and even trigger some redness. Most women have gone through this phase and while in the beginning it feels like sort of wild, after some applications, it feels rather harsh and can be irritating. Of course in the case of already grown beards, women don’t have to deal with such a problem. This is our last chance, women, let’s pray for his hair to grow fast!

It all depends on the length

Different styles and lengths of beard may have their own loyal fans. While most women prefer short beards, normal beards and goatees there may be a few others that think that the longer the better.

In this case, the personal preference is the only criteria for a woman to like a certain style or length more than the others. And of course it all depends on how good and suitable those styles and lengths look on each man’s face.

Great! I know what gift I will buy him

Having a beard gives various gift ideas for men with a beard or a mustache to women. So, if you have become friends with his beard, you can buy him various products like a good trimmer, beard oils & waxes, soaps & creams, brushes & scissors which he will certainly love.

But if he hasn’t yet become a stable supporter of the beard look, you can go for various shaving options like a shaver, shaving kits &sets, bowls &mugs, pretty looking razors and many other grooming tools.

In conclusion, these are some thoughts that women have when it has to do with bearded men. Apart from the above interpretations, women like beards when they look good on men and are nicely taken care of because they can boost even more a man’s charm.

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