How Often You Should Change Your Shaving Blades?

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How often should you change the bladeShaving blades can be our great allies at the time of shaving if they are of good quality but if we keep using old blades it can lead to problems like cuts and skin rash which can be extremely painful.

The first passes with a new blade is a real delight, usually in a single pass we will get a smooth skin without any clogged hairs.

But as the days go by you will feel that it is no longer flowing with the same fluidity as before. You may get some cuts and the hair will begin to get clogged.

The million dollar question is, how often should we change the razor blade?

The truth is that the time to change the blade is relative and there is no exact data which tells us when that right time is to change the blade. Some people end up using the blade for a month and others have to change it within three days.

While there are so many factors which determine the life of blade, such as, thickness of hair, density of the beard, quality of blade etc, it never hurts to remember some things we should look at to see if the blade is coming to the end of it´s life.

The first and the easiest is to see the lubricating band that comes with the blades. This lubricating band allows the blade to slide better, and in many cases have soothing properties and anti-irritants. Aloe Vera is often used as an ingredient to keep the skin smooth and avoid any shaving rash.

Blade manufacturers use the color of the lubricating strip as a guide which tells us when we should change the blade, that is to say, when the color becomes dim, it is the time to change.

I personally disagree a little with that theory, you can always continue to use the blade even though the color of the band has changed but of course, as mentioned earlier, it also depends on your skin and how coarse your beard is.

Another aspect that you must take into account when estimating the duration of your blades is the way in which you shave. If you usually shave against the grain, the blade will wear out quicker than for those that shave in the direction of the hair.

The best and the most reliable method is to feel the sensation on your skin. When you see that even two passes are not enough, or your hair is beginning to get clogged or even worse you end up with cuts, it is definitely time to change it.

You should also avoid leaving the razor damp as that will shorten the life of the blade. The average life of a blade is 5 to 6 uses and that´s how long it last me but I know many people that don´t go pass three uses.

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