How To Clean An Electric Shaver

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Electric razor The odds are that you have at least one electric shaver in your bathroom at home. If you do, you understand exactly how important it is to keep your device clean so it lasts you years to come.

The fact is that we often ignore maintenance of our personal devices such as computers e.t.c but believe me when I say that devices like electric razors do require regular clean up and lubrication, otherwise you will end up shortening the life of the machine for which you have paid a good amount of money.

Here are some basic steps of how to clean your electric shaver and keep it running in a good condition:

Step 1

Gather some cleaning products. For example, you will need a soft brush (such as an old toothbrush), some lubricant for the razor and a little alcohol. If you have an electrical contact cleaner, then use it to clean sensitive electrical components.

Step 2

It may sound obvious but make sure you have the shaver unplugged before you start cleaning it. Remember that electricity and water do not mix, so you should remove the battery and disconnect the power cord plug.

Step 3

Inspect the shaver. Check for cracks and see if the main head as well as all the parts are in a good condition. Also, check the charging cable since sometimes we tend to use these devices with the cable all curled up. However, this can damage the cable in the long run.

Step 4

Disassemble the shaver carefully, remembering which part was removed from where and how. Remove the shaving head and clean any debris that may be inside it. You may be surprised to see how much dirt gathers in this area.

Be careful not to damage anything that is necessary for proper operation. There are very small pieces and mechanical equipment inside the head, so remove or clean all the dirt and hair residue very gently.

Some electric shavers are washable under tap, so it is quite simple to wash them under the running water.

Step 5

Place the head in a small container filled with alcohol or soap and warm water, either will work. You can get more electric razor cleaning products from the same place you bought your shaver, but alcohol or liquid soap are much cheaper.

While the head is soaked in them, use the brush that comes with your razor or a toothbrush which should be of soft bristles, and gently remove the dirt.

Step 6

When you have finished the cleaning, take a moment to check any possible corrosion on the electrical connections. If there is corrosion, then spray it with a cleaner and clean the electrical contacts.

Now remove any leftover cleaning solution from the head and let it dry. After the head is completely dry, clean off any dirt and inspect again to ensure that there is no damage to the head.

Step 7

When everything is clean and dry, carefully reassemble your shaver ensuring all the pieces go back in their places. Remember not to force any of the pieces into their slots because if it requires force, it could be that you are not placing it in the correct spot.

Step 8

Now we get to the most important part of lubrication. After you have assembled the electric razor, spray some lubricant on the edge of the head or check out the instructions which come with your shaver to find the areas which you have to lubricate.

This will help to reduce friction between the blades and the head, which in turn will give you a closer shave and prolong the life of your shaver. Whatever else you do or you don´t do, keep in mind that you must always take some time to lubricate the shaver.

Step 9

Lastly, test the razor by turning it on and making sure everything is working well and that the blades are moving smoothly. If you hear any unusual sound, it could be that you have not put the parts in their place. In this case, open it again carefully and check again.

If your razor did not come with the owner´s manual, you can download it from the net to ensure that you have reassembled it correctly.

All in all, these were some steps and tips to clean your electric shaver in the right way and prolong its life for as much as possible.

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