How To Extend The Life Of Your Razor Blades

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61hOSj+tn+L._SL1500_In the current state of economy, some of us have to tighten our belts and try to save wherever we can.

Shaving is a daily routine which we can´t stop but we can surely find ways to cut down on the costs of shaving products.

One of the ways is to increase the life of your razor blades. Instead of using a blade once and throwing it away, if we can get three or four shaves out of it, we are reducing this expense considerably.

Lots of people believe that if you go for very sharp blades, they would last you longer. This is only true up to a certain degree.

What you should also consider is that if the blade is very sharp, it will also have very thin edges which will make it easier to deteriorate faster unless you follow few simple rules to maintain its sharpness.

So, let´s look at some simple tips to have a nice close shave and save some money at the same time by extending the usability of the blades.

Keeping Them Dry

The first one is very basic but often overlooked. Nobody wants to shave with a rusty blade and we all know that moisture causes rust. So, it´s most important to keep the shaving blades dry after you have finished with shaving.

There is a number of ways to dry blades and the most effective and quick method is to dry them with a hair dryer.

If you don’t use the hair dryer and you have a strong pair of lungs, blowing on the blades for a few seconds will also do the job.

Lastly, if none of the above is for you and you are in a rush, just dry the blade with a towel but remember to dry it gently and not rub it hard on the towel.

Almond Or Baby Oil

A gentle application of Almond oil or baby oil will give your shaving blade a protective layer and increase the life of it.

Some people even leave the blades submerged in a small bowl with oil until the next shave and there are also others who give a splash of vinegar to eliminate any mineral residue that may have remained in the blades.

Cleaning With Alcohol

Cleaning them with alcohol after each use will not only help to preserve the blades but also disinfect them in case you cut yourself in the next shave. This step is particularly useful if you suffer from acne or sensitive skin.

The Jeans Trick

To keep your blades sharp, use a pair of old jeans. Run the razor up the jeans for a few times and repeat the process going down the jeans.

The head of the razor should always be in the direction that you are pushing it. To make it more clear, you should be rubbing the back of the blade on the jeans, otherwise passing the razor in the wrong direction will shave your jeans.

The fibers of the trousers will help to sharpen the blades very well.

Store In A Dry Place

Leaving you blades open in the bathroom is the worst place to store them if you want to maintain them in a good condition.

Lots of moisture accumulates in the bathroom which is the enemy of blades.
If you must store them in the bathroom, ensure it is in a closed and dry place, so the humidity does not penetrate.

Disposal Of Used Blades

Lastly, it is extremely important to store your used blades carefully. You must remember that even these used blades are very sharp.

They can all be recycled and there are many safe ways to store and dispose of these sharp objects without causing an injury to anyone.

Your local authorities can inform you regarding the regulations and it is essential to take the time to find out more information on the subject.
Now, you no longer have an excuse for your blades not lasting you at least a few shaves. By following some of the above steps, you will be surprised how many times the same blade can give you great shaves.

If you know of any other tricks, feel free to leave me a message and I will be happy to include it above.

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