How To Grow Facial Hair Faster And Fix A Patchy Beard

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Not everyone who wants to grow a beard has an easy time accomplishing that goal.

Genetics, hormones and even the food you eat may be causing a slow or even patchy facial hair growth which can make growing a beard or mustache a difficult and sometimes a seemingly impossible task.

I can very well relate to the feeling of frustration wanting to have a beard or mustache and having to wait days or even weeks seeing that patchy look which you finally end up shaving.

You really can’t do anything about your genetic make-up and while most men hesitate to indulge in a testosterone therapy in order to grow that great looking facial hair fast and more easily.

The good news is that there are some ways you can boost your facial hair growth and here are some basic tips to help you get a fuller beard.

Start by Eating Healthier

This may sound too obvious and often overlooked but I cannot over emphasize its importance. A simple fact is that the ability to grow facial hair is directly linked to your health.

The healthier and more fit you are, the faster you will be able to grow healthy facial hair. Good health starts by eating healthy foods that increase your circulation, improve your immune system and generally your overall health.

healthy foodsSo, start on a diet of lean meat and plenty of vitamin enriched fruits and vegetables, especially those foods that contain Vitamins A, B complex, C and E. Just as your body needs vitamins to function properly, your hair also needs certain vitamins to grow and if you are not getting enough of those healthy vitamins, then you might face a difficulty growing your beard as fast and evenly as you would like to.

Keep in mind that organic foods are the ones that will benefit your system more and keep it free from harmful substances.

Lack of biotin in your body can lead to hair loss. It is still not proven that maintaining the required level of biotin will actually help your hair growth but lack of it can certainly cause loss of hair. Biotin can be found in carrots, caulifower, eggs, liver, fish and many other food items.

Along with adding healthy foods to your diet, you should also make sure that you drink enough water. Staying well hydrated helps improve skin health and the healthier your skin gets, the better and faster that hair grows.

You should also avoid simple carbohydrates and sugar as this affects the health of your body and in turn the pace of your hair growth.

Selection of Beard Growth Supplements

Give Your Beard Time

This is probably the biggest issue for most men. We just don´t have enough patience to give our beards a chance to grow. I have a full and dense beard but for the first 3 to 4 weeks it looks extremely patchy.

As we all know, some hair follicles are slower in growth and most of us give it about couple of weeks, and if we still see those patches and get tired of the itchy feeling, we rush to grab a razor while cursing our genetics or testosterone levels.

The best way to handle such situation is to keep trimming your faster growing hair to avoid that patchy look and give a chance to form an even growth. On average, I would suggest refraining from shaving for at least 4 weeks, and it can easily go up to 8 weeks depending on your growth.

Stop Smoking

Smoking depresses the immune system and makes it less able to function. When your immune system is weak, it affects every organ of your body, including the skin, and its ability to produce and maintain healthy hair follicles.

Smokers also need to get a lot more vitamins than non smokers because smoking suppresses or even destroys the vitamins in your body.

Get Adequate Amounts of Sleep and Exercise

Sleep is necessary for the body to repair and refresh itself and to maintain its health. Getting the right amount of sleep can actually help to stimulate new hair growth and help the hair that you already have to grow faster.

Along with sleep, proper exercise can also boost hair growth by helping to strengthen the immune system and improve circulation throughout your body. Remember that in order for your hair to grow, the hair follicles need to get a fresh blood supply which provides oxygen necessary to help your hair grow.

Healthy sleep and exercise will also keep your stress level under control. Stress is well known to be a major cause of hair loss.

Take Care of Your Skin

In order to grow faster and thicker hair, the skin on which your hair grows needs to be healthier. Make sure that you wash your face at least twice day with a non drying skin cleanser and warm but not hot water.

If necessary, moisturize the skin to help it stay hydrated and keep it from drying out, and make sure you exfoliate at least once a week to remove those dead skin cells so that your skin can breathe.

Keep Your Facial Hair Healthy


Beards and mustaches tend to be more coarse and brittle than the hair on your head, so the more brittle your hair is, the higher the tendency it has to break and split.

Hair that continually breaks off simply doesn’t appear to grow fast because as the hair length grows, it keeps breaking off usually at the same point.

Using a conditioning beard oil and mustache wax to keep your facial hair healthy and soft will make your facial hair more pliable and less brittle, which means there will be less breakage and the hair will be able to grow longer simply because the ends aren’t constantly breaking off.

Do keep in mind though that there is no magic formula for stimulating facial hair growth, but by maintaining the health of your skin and facial hair, you should see better results.

There are number of products in the market which claim to help the hair growth. I would not like to recommend any of them as I am not a keen supporter of such products. Apart from the fact that they may not work and cost you money, they may have certain chemicals which can actually damage your skin and follicles. My only advice would be to carefully check the ingredients before you buy any hair growth creams.

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