How To Maintain A Handsome Looking Beard

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Congratulations! You’ve managed to grow out that beard, gotten it shaped as well as styled and you are looking good. That was the easy part.

Now comes the more difficult part which is maintaining that beard and keeping it looking as nice as it did when you first got it styled.

Maintaining your beard is much more than simply combing it neatly every morning and trimming it as needed.

It also means keeping those chin whiskers soft, healthy and free of beard dander. Here are some beard maintenance tips that you may find helpful in keeping that masculine facial hair healthy and beautiful.

Assembling A Beard Maintenance Kit

The best way to keep the beard looking good is to have everything you will need to keep it clean, trimmed and healthy on hand. Assembling a beard maintenance kit where you can keep all the tools and products you are going to use, will help to ensure that you have everything you need any time you need it. A good beard trimming kit should include:

Fine tooth comb that is flexible and durable- Beards can be coarse and oftentimes curling which makes for a lot of broken comb teeth unless you buy a high quality and flexible comb to meet your beard trimming needs.

Scissors and/or a beard trimmer- While it is possible to maintain a nice looking beard with either just a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer, both of these tools are helpful and it is advisable to have both in you beard maintenance kit.

Safety Razor-  If you need to do any outlining of your beard or mustache, you will also need a good quality safety razor. I always outline my beard to give it a clean look and use my Muhle Safety Razor which gives me great results.

Beard Shampoo- While it is entirely possible to shampoo your beard with a regular shampoo or a dandruff shampoo, you might want to consider investing in a good beard shampoo that also contains ingredients which condition your skin.

One of the main reasons that men end up shaving off a good looking beard is because the skin beneath the beard begins to itch and sometimes even becomes inflamed. By using a beard shampoo that conditions the skin under the beard as well as the beard, you can reduce or entirely eliminate that dreaded beard itch.

Beard conditioner- If you want to get close to the woman in your life, or even be able to hug your children and have them enjoy it, then you are going to want a beard that is soft and doesn’t scratch the sensitive skin of the people you love. A good beard conditioner won’t only make your beard softer, but will also keep it from tangling and make it easier to comb.

Beard oil or Beard wax- A beard oil and a good quality beard wax further condition your beard and keep it soft and manageable. In addition, beard wax is normally used for styling your beard and mustach.

 Simple Beard Maintenance Steps


Once you have the right tools, maintaining your beard isn’t really that difficult. It is simply a matter of keeping it clean and conditioned, combing and trimming it whenever the need arises.

Just how often you will need to trim your beard will depend mostly on how fast your facial hair grows and the style of beard that you choose.

Obviously if your beard is little more than stubble, then you may need to trim it every few days while a longer slow growing beard may only need to be trimmed every couple of weeks or once a month.

Start by combing your hair well so that there are no curled hair on your beard. This will also show you any hair that might be flying out of your beard which clearly need to be trimmed.

Now use you beard trimmer downwards following the grain. If you are new to this process, take a higher setting guard to avoid any mistakes like making it shorter than you would want to. If you are not happy with the results, you can go to a lower setting guard.

To make it look well groomed, keep your chin hair slightly longer than your sides. I usually start with a shorter setting for the sides and move up as I get close to the chin. The smile technique is the best when trimming the edges of the mustache which are falling on the upper lip.

When you have finished with the trimmer, comb your hair again to make sure the beard gives a neat look. If you still see the odd hair sticking out, use your scissors to cut the ends instead of passing the trimmer again.

When it comes to shampooing your beard, a good rule of thumb is to wash your beard as often as you wash your hair. Every couple of days or so should be sufficient unless you have a tendency to sweat a good deal or have a longer beard that tends to catch crumbs and food that miss your mouth. In that case, you may want to consider daily shampooing to keep it looking shinning and clean.

It is also advisable to use a beard conditioner after the shampoo to give it a soft look as well as get rid of any itchy feeling.

You can find some good quality beard oils to give it an even more conditioned look. Just make sure the product does not give you a shiny effect. Also, depending on your preference go for an odorless oil.

The final part of maintaining your beard is to apply a gentle wax which should not be made of any strong ingredients because you would not want to loose that soft feeling. Some waxes don´t hold out very well if you live in a warmer climate, so check the instructions carefully before applying it.

By keeping your beard clean and soft to touch you will be able to wear that beard with pride and just may be surprised by how many admiring glances you receive.

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