How To Make Your Beard Softer And Without Curls

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How to have a soft beardI have had a beard for the most part of my life and during this period I have maintained a full beard, stubble and goatee, so what I will share with you here about how to make your beard softer and without curls is part of my personal experiences.

Growing a beard is like embarking on an exciting journey into unfamiliar territory and like any such trip, you can be sure that this journey will not be without difficulties and challenges.
Most men find that their beard begins to grow, gaining volume and length. However, in some cases, the hair become surprisingly thick and curly and can sometimes cause an uncomfortable itch.

Of course, anyone in this situation would do everything possible to eradicate this problem so that they can have the desired well groomed and soft beard, but people often do not know how to achieve this.

If that is your case, here’s some simple and easy tips to maintain a soft, shiny and healthy beard.

Comb your Beard to Make your Facial Hair Softer

This step must be taken daily as part of your beard grooming routine. You can use combs or brushes specially manufactured for beards and apply gentle movements to comb your beard without breaking the facial hair. Just this simple process will help you have a smoother beard.

As we have said, you can use a comb or brush. The difference between them is that the beard comb is mainly used after using beard balms and waxes. This will help you shape your beard in the style you like.

The beard brush is mainly used after applying oils and lotions in order to distribute them throughout the beard. Also, the brush is highly recommended for full and longer beards.

Dry your Beard

It is important to dry thebeard after washing it with a shampoo and softener followed by the use of a beard oil, lotion or balm for daily use. You can use a hair dryer but make sure that the temperature is not too high and not too close to your beard.

Keeping the dryer close to the face will generate direct heat to your beard which can burn and damage facial hair, so the use of a dryer should be only to remove any moisture.

I know some people that use a hair iron to make their beards straight and smooth. I disagree with this method as it can damage the hair in addition to the risk of burning the face.

Trimming your Beard

Over time, you might get split ends and the tips of your beard hair may become dry (just like head hair) so your beard will need a trim and a touch-up every now and then.

If you are a beginner and you are not experienced in trimming your beard, you can go to your barber who will tell you if you need to trim a little and in what area.

You can also do it by yourself but in the beginning I would suggest using a special pair of beard scissors instead of a trimmer until you are experienced enough to use the trimmer.

Take Care of your Beard Daily

If you have started using products for your beard, you must have already experienced some benefits such as your beard looking and feeling softer and silkier than before.

Using products created specifically for this purpose is the basic requirement for maintaining a well groomed, healthy and soft beard. These products include beard shampoo and softeners for the beard, oils and tonics, balms and lotions.

Beard Oil

Any bearded person would have heard about beard oil and knows that it is a product commonly used to care for the beard. However, the true benefits of beard oil are often unknown to many.

The first thing to be clear about is that beard oil is the first line of defense in the case of beards with thick, dry hair and an itchy feeling.

These oils are specifically formulated to act as a non-rinse conditioner, which keeps the beard perfectly moisturized, soft, shiny and healthy looking.

But beware, some beard oils are heavy and too greasy, which can give the opposite effect to what you need. Your dry, thick beard can end up becoming oily and pasty.

You can use beard oil as many times as you like but in a small amount.

Shampoo and Conditioner for Beard

It is recommended to use a shampoo and beard softener maximum three times a week. If you use these products more often than that, this can result in your facial hair losing its natural oils, leaving it dry and lifeless.

Most shampoos and soaps are designed to keep the beard free from dirt and they will not treat the roughness of a thick beard.

However, conditioners have a softening effect that will make the hair of your beard be hydrated and soft to the touch.

Wash and condition your beard to make it smooth every 2 to 3 days, leaving a gap of few days in between the washes. The reason for this is that your skin anyway produces oil naturally for hydration.

Too often washing can eliminate that natural hydration and leave your beard even drier than it was originally.

If you give your skin the opportunity to do its natural magic and periodically support it with a specific wash and conditioning for hydration, you will be facilitating the recovery of its natural balance and get the best possible results.

All in all, these were some useful tips to make your beard softer and without curls. Following these steps will not only make your beard softer but also better hydrated, healthier and more good looking.

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