How To Prevent Pimples After Shaving Face

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Pimples are a common problem that affects many people. Both men and women face this situation but here we will focus mainly on men’s care and how to prevent pimples after shaving the face.

Normally, the pimples appear due to an irritation of the dermis but they can also be caused by some bad practices and common mistakes that are made before, during and after shaving.

Here, I will explain some simple tips which should prevent these pimples from forming.

How To Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

The skin of a male’s face is more sensitive than the rest of the body. For this reason, it is important to take certain precautions before shaving to prevent shaving pimples on face.

Exfoliate Your Skin

One of the first things you should do is to exfoliate regularly to cleanse the skin and remove any dead cells from the dermis. If you are prone to having pimples, you should choose a gentle exfoliant so that the dermis is not irritated.

It is always best to find a natural product to exfoliate so you are not using harmful chemicals and preservatives on your skin.

You should apply the exfoliant by giving a gentle massage. This process usually lasts about a minute or so and do not overdo the massage since it may cause redness and discomfort to the skin.

Apply Ice Or Something Very Cold

If you usually get many pimples after shaving, in addition to exfoliating, it is advisable to apply ice or a bag of cold water on the face to prevent dilation of the pores. The pimples appear when the pores become dirty which leads to infection.

Clean The Shaving Blades Thoroughly

It is recommended that you follow the shaving routine well by cleaning the blades between uses to avoid possible infections.

This cleaning routine should be followed strictly whether you use a safety razor, straight razor or an electric shaver.

If you have a sensitive skin and prone to get pimples after shaving, it is better to use disposable blades because in general, we don’t always clean the used blades well due to lack of time or simple laziness.

How To Stop Pimples From Forming While You Are Shaving

During shaving, you can follow another series of tips to prevent pimples.

  1. Let shaving cream or foam work: After applying the shaving cream or foam, let it stay on the face for a minute or two before you start shaving. This will soften the skin and will be less irritated when you shave.
  2. Use a sharp blade: It is strongly recommended to use a sharp blade so it passes smoothly over the skin.
  3. Shave in the same direction of hair growth: It may take extra passes to get a good shave if you shave in the direction that the hair grows but its the best way to prevent inflammation of hair follicles.
  4. Use a shaving brush and not hands: Applying shaving cream with your hands will press the hair on your skin. This pushes the dirt into the follicles. It also makes it harder for the blade to produce a clean cut. A shaving brush, on the other hand, will soften the skin better and also give you a gentle exfoliation.
  5. Put a hot towel on your face: you can also put a warm towel on your face because it helps to soften hair and open the pores. But here it is absolutely essential that you have not skipped the earlier step of exfoliation and that you have cleaned your skin well with the help of a good product.
  6. The way you shave: The way you shave is key to avoid pimples. Always make short movements and pass the blade only once. If you still see some hair and need to pass again, you must apply another bit of cream or foam before passing the razor again. And, of course, clean the blade after a few passes so that dirt does not accumulate.
  7. If you use an electric razor: The process, in this case, is little different. You need to have the skin and the hair well dried and the passes should be soft and without any pressure to avoid damaging the skin.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin After Shaving

It is also important that you follow a series of tips after you have finished shaving to protect your skin from the eruption of pimples.

  • Cleanse the face well: You should cleanse the face well, regardless of whether you have used foam or cream. This will eliminate the remains of the product and hair left stuck to the skin.
  • Use aftershave balms: Aftershave balms are very useful to add to your daily shaving routine to reduce shaving pimples. These balms have excellent antiseptic capabilities and fight the bacteria in the pores.
  • Moisturize the skin: The next step is to hydrate the skin well. However, it is important to let a little time pass before you apply hydrating cream or lotion. A minimum of about five minutes gap is recommended.
  • Lotion with alcohol: If you have a serious problem of pimples after shaving, it is recommended that the lotion you use to contain some alcohol. Its application will sting you a bit, but this component prevents the pores from becoming infected resulting in elimination or reduction of pimples. I would not recommend a lotion with alcohol if you have sensitive skin.
  • Tonic or post-shave cream: It is also recommended to use a tonic or a cream that can alleviate the damage caused by shaving, such as redness or irritation. The products that contain aloe vera can be a beneficial option.

The occurrence of pimples should be taken seriously as they can cause you more serious problems if not treated. If you follow the steps given above, you can easily prevent pimples after shaving your face.

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